Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Bountycpa | How Bountycpa Works | How To Sign Up With

About Bountycpa

Bountycpa is a company that is creating solutions to revenue generation for affiliate program.

Bountycpa existed since 2007, and have provided outstanding personalized support for clients. At, they are intimately aware of the rapidly evolving nature of affiliate marketing.

They strive to not only adopt to the industry's pace, but to also position themselves as thought leaders and innovators in affiliate marketing, They know in's and out of the industry and are seriously looking for ways to push affiliate marketing to new levels.

How Bountycpa Works?

How does Bountycpa works? 

Bountycpa is a platform that can help you achieve your financial dreams, works with several advertisers that are willing to pay you for promoting their offers.

Benefits Of Joining

1. Weekly Payouts

2. Offers To Choose From

3. High Paying Offers

4. Dedicated Affiliate Managers

5. Newbie Friendly

6. Accept International Publisher's.

How To Sign Up For Bountycpa Account

How to get a bounty CPA account

I will provide a guide for you to fill out the application, we will hope that you get approved, approval takes 2weeks, I have seen cases of 3-5 days.

How to apply

Here is the link, please provide honest responses (Apply and wait for approval)

Once you are approved you can choose how you want to be paid, wire, direct deposit, PayPal etc.

While applying, you will be asked for your zip code, every city in the world has a zip code, simply Google your city’s zip code

Company name: If you do not have a company replace with your name

Here are 3 questions they will ask and the responses to give

****Explain how you intend to promote our offers: 

* I intend to use PPC, Social media, native ads, contextual ads, email marketing, banner display (don’t use all) to drive targeted traffic to advertise offers

****What is your website/blog address: 

• I do not have one but currently working on one.

****Do NOT submit with yahoo email ID

**** If you are having difficulty applying with a phone, change the browser or use a computer

What if you are denied/rejected ?

Do not feel bad as that is good news… I figured out a trick to get you approved faster. 

Here is what you do , send an email to stating you are legitimate and would love to promote their offers, they will approve you, always check your email . Please do not apply or contact them with yahoo email address.

Note: they are not accepting all countries for the moment, check if your country is available and apply.

Bountycpa In Nigeria

Bountycpa has stop accepting nigerians for the moment ( reasons unknown) so if you are Nigerian, don't apply as you will get an error pop up, same applies for other countries.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Cpa Affiliate Networks

Cpa Affiliate Networks.

Starting Cpa Marketing In Nigeria is easy but knowing the in and out of any Cpa Networks can be a little tough. 

• Finding a Cpa offer
• Applying to your desired Cpa Affiliate Network
• Finding traffic sources to your Cpa offers and making money with it maybe tough or easily but with gradual steps, you will learn.

Cpa Affiliate Networks

After getting approved by maxbounty or Peerfly Cpa Networks or any Cpa account of your choice, you have to choose your method of earning with the Particular Cpa Network either by promoting their offers or through their Cpa affiliate program.

How Does Cpa Affiliate Networks Works?

Cpa affiliate is just like any affiliate program that pays you 5 - 10% of your referrals bonus, This simply means if you refer a person with your Cpa affiliate network Link and the person earns with the Cpa Network, you will receive 5% referral percent earnings.

How To Get Started With Any Cpa Affiliate Networks

Yes, every Cpa Network has it's affiliate program, so i am going to drop this free guide on how to get started with a Cpa Affiliate Network.

First am making use of  Peerfly Cpa Network for this tutorial.

Step 1: Sign Up For a Peerfly Affiliate account and get approved.

Visit your Cpa publisher dashboard and click on the sub - menu button,

Step 2: Click on referrals Button on your screen and you will be provided with your affiliate links and promotional tools.

You can decide to use a text affiliate link or banner Affiliate depending on your choice.

Step 3: Copy your affiliate link and write a review about peerfly on your website and input your affiliate link or banner ad for readers sign up.

Cpa Affiliate Networks Monetize

You can decide to make use of a banner rotator to promote your affiliate link simply:

1. Visit your Cpa affiliate dashboard and click on sub - menu,

2. Click on monetize button,

3. You can choose from banner rotator or any other affiliate monetization you want,

4. Set it up and click generate affiliate code.

Cpa Affiliate Networks Terms

It's good to read up a Cpa affiliate networks terms whenever engaging with any action on any Cpa networks.

Peerfly Cpa Affiliate Networks Terms

They made it clearly that you will earn 5% referral bonus on any publishers that you referred that earns with them for a year.

So what are you waiting for, Join any Cpa affiliate network and make use of it's affiliate program to earn.
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Friday, February 8, 2019

Cpa Offers For Nigerians - And How Much You Can Make With Cpa In Nigeria

Cpa Offers For Nigerians And How To Make Money With Cpa Offers

You are into Cpa Marketing, trying to find Cpa offers meant for a specific target or a country and as a Nigerian you do search for Cpa offers for Nigerians and how to make money with Cpa offers in Nigeria.

Cpa Offers For Nigeria

Cpa Network out there are trying their best to provide Cpa offers for countries that don't have much offers for their country,

You can agree with me as a Cpa marketer that mostly all cpa offers are meant for US, Canada and UK and other top foreign countries, you as a Nigeria, promoting other  countries offers can be extremely tough, sometimes may lead to loss of cash in promoting them as they are hardly to convert.

So what happens if you start promoting Cpa offers for Nigeria, yes can choose for a particular country to promote its offers and make money, Let Me Show You.

How To Find Cpa Offers For Nigeria

Finding Cpa offers for Nigeria and getting started with them kindly:

• Visit your Cpa affiliate dashboard and locate the offers section

• Select your country target - Nigeria, US, UK, etc but we will be using Nigeria offers for this post,

Mainly Cpa offers for Nigeria don't have too many email submit, what they have mostly is Pin Submit, Download but that depends on the Cpa Network that you partner with.

• Next is  the Cpa offer Payout - every Cpa offers has its payout for a successful conversion, so Incase you decided to promote a Cpa offer first check its payout as it can be found beside the Cpa offer name.

After that Click on the Cpa offer that you decide to promote and you will be provided with an affiliate link for tracking the offer.

Cpa Offers You Can Found In Nigeria

• Pin Submit
• Email Submit ( very few )
• Download
• Pin Carrier etc 

It all depends on the Cpa Network that you joined and the offers that  they have.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

How To Make Money With Cpa In Nigeria

Learn how to make money with Cpa In Nigeria as a Cpa marketer.

In my previous post i explained briefly on how to start Cpa Marketing In Nigeria and how to sign up for Peerfly and Maxbounty Cpa Network In Nigeria.

I will be showing you how to make money with Cpa Marketing in Nigeria.

Cpa Marketing,

Cpa which stands for cost per action can be referred to as a type of marketing in which visitors is required to perform some type of action in other for you the affiliates to Make Money.

Cpa Marketing Vs Affiliate Marketing

Cpa Marketing is different from affiliate marketing and far more better than affiliate marketing, see how it works:

In Cpa Marketing no sales is required, you can make money with Cpa once a user / visitor performed an action towards your Cpa offers

• You don't need a product
• You don't have to be an expert
• You don't need to work long hours
• You don't need to spend a fortune

While in Affiliate Marketing, you are meant to have a sale before you can make money, not everyone is good at affiliate marketing but with the right information on affiliate marketing and with the best affiliate program you are good to go.

Getting Started In Making Money With Cpa In Nigeria

First you need a Cpa Account, I will advice you to go for Peerfly although there are many Cpa Network That You can join but I always advise to go for Peerfly Cpa Network.

• A functional website that receives traffic and may serve as a landing page in you promoting your Cpa offers and making money with it - I will advise you use Bluehost Or Namecheap

• Locate Your Niche - I currently have a blog on make money online and mostly I promote Work at Home Cpa offers on my blog

• Choose A traffic source - there are many free ways that you can promote your Offers with any Cpa Network and I have listed them on Traffic Sources For Cpa Offers.

How To Make Money With Cpa In Nigeria Easily

1. Visit Your Affiliate Dashboard, where you will see high top offers.

This is the first set of offers that is found on Peerfly they are regarded as top offers that converts easily.

Below are few other offers you can see on your Cpa affiliate dashboard 

This is a set of offers located on your Cpa affiliate dashboard they are the latest offers that is added into the Cpa Network.

Next is their highest converting offers, the best offers that converts the most on Peerfly Cpa network.

Highest earnings per click - these are offers that pays you very well even for a click through the offers on your Cpa network.

Here is their paused offers on peerfly Cpa network, it shows numbers of cpa offers that are currently paused

Here is last commission earned with your Cpa account on Peerfly.

How To Make Money With Cpa Offers In Nigeria

Step 1: Navigate to your dashboard and click on offers, goto browse offers.

Step 2: Select the category of the offers that you want, 

you can also select the country for your offers Incase if you want to promote for a specific country,

• Choose your banner size and your traffic method of promoting it

Step 3: you are provided with the offers that you choose on step1 and step2 query, click on any offer that you want and you will be provided with:

• Affiliate link to the particular Cpa offer that you click,
• Affiliate Banners and Tools,
• Traffic method allowed for the Cpa offer etc.

Once you read and understand the traffic method being used, Simply make use of my Free traffic sources for Cpa offers.

Anyone can make money with Cpa In Nigeria, what it requires is traffic and the right offers for the traffic.

Although free traffic can slow up but it works great and it converts when targeted on the right offers.

Making money with Cpa is easy, anyone can make money with Cpa Marketing In Nigeria as long as you are on the right track.
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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Peerfly Affiliate Review - How To Sign Up And Get Approved With Peerfly

Peerfly Affiliate

Peerfly Affiliate Review - one of the best Cpa Affiliate Network that anyone can sign up with and make money for themselves as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketers who are into Cpa Marketing should know that Peerfly affiliate is probably one of the best affiliate network anyone can sign up with and make money online as an internet marketer.

With my complete Peerfly Affiliate Review, you will learn how to sign up and get approved with Peerfly affiliate.

How To Sign Up As A Peerfly Affiliate And Get Approved

If you want to apply for a Peerfly Affiliate account, To get Started click on to fill out your application form,

Step 1: Visit

Once you visit Peerfly, click on affiliates and you will be taken to the affiliates application form, you are required to provide a basic information like your:

• Name,

• Email,
• Password,
• Phone Number etc.

Step 2: Share Your Affiliate Marketing Experience

You will be required to share your marketing experience, so you need to provide:
• The url of your website,
• The marketing channel you plan on using with Peerfly-

Their marketing channel include:

1. PPC
2. Organic Search
3. Email/List Marketing
4. Display/Banner
5. PPV/CPV etc 

Offers you are looking for on peerfly

• Debt Coupon
• Work At Home
• Loans and Paydays
• Mobile Offers etc.

Next is your website  URL - add one if you have or you can create one easily with Namecheap Or Bluehost.

Step 3: How You Plan Using Peerfly And Marketing Techniques

Now in this area, I intend using the following channels:

1. PPC ( paid per click) using google AdWords to drive traffic to my offers.

2. Display/Banners: I will advertise my offers using Display / Banner on other website to get traffic to the offers.

3. Incent With Content Locking: I provide a valuable content and lock up a part with reward system for those who click through to submit their email.

4. Email/List Marketing: I will only market to the list that I have built and has given me their approval.

5. Social/ Viral Marketing: I will also promote my offers on social media channels using a Facebook paid ads.

Step 4: Verify Your Email

You need to provide your email address in the bar as peerfly will send you a verification code to your email. Once it is received, click on the link provided in your inbox, copy the code and paste it on the space provided for the link, This will verify your email address.

• Verify Your Photo ID

Upload your photo or use your webcam to snap on instant photo to easily verify your identity.

Final Step 5: Accept Affiliate Terms And Publisher's Terms

Go through the terms and then click on submit application, you are then told that your affiliate application has submitted and you will hear from within 1-3 business

How To Speed Up Your Peerfly Affiliate Approval

1. You must have a functional website or a blog not less than 3 to 6 months old, I Recommend using (Namecheap Or Bluehost).

2. Be sure that your website is updated regularly and that it requires fair traffic.

3. You must have a functional email address.

4. Your phone number must be functional as the support team might contact you to verify that you are the right person before you are approved.

5. You must provide correct information while filling the form.

6. Provide the support staff all the necessary information they might need from you during the phone conversation or email.

7. Never play pranks as it will definitely be detected sooner or later and that could kick you out.

Note: This method of speeding up your approval also applies to Maxbounty Affiliate and other affiliate networks.

Benefits Of Working With Multiple Networks:

1. It improves your experience across various boards.

2. It prevents you from being a great looser in the event if something goes wrong with an affiliate network.

3. It provides multiple streams of income.

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Maxbounty Affiliate Review - How To Get Approved With Maxbounty Cpa Network Easily

Getting Approved With Cpa Network With Ease.

Getting approved into a well paying and reliable Cpa Network can be a very difficult task sometimes. This is because the stringent conditions for getting new people on board. The big gurus don't want to dent their image and reputations as such they try to make their approval process tough so that they are sure of the caliber of people they approve into their program and networks.

How To get approved by maxbounty
Maxbounty Affiliate Review

So if you have been searching for information on how to get approved with maxbounty Cpa Network Easily, this write up is for you. You need to pay adequate attention to every thing we are going to discuss.

How To Get Approved With Maxbounty Affiliate Account Step By Steps.

How To get approved by maxbounty
Join Maxbounty Cpa Network

There are lot people here that getting approved into maxbounty and peerfly is a kin to the camel's head passing through the eye of a needle, there are tips to make it easier for yourself if you follow the steps we are going to show you.

Step 1: Submitting Your Maxbounty Affiliate Application

Before you get approved into maxbounty, you first have to submit an application form it also goes the same way for peerfly and any other Cpa Network out there as well, but in this illustration we are paying more details on getting approved with maxbounty. Goto this link and fill all the application form,

Click on the link that says "Become An Affiliate" or "Join Maxbounty Now" follow the steps making sure your details are accurate as possible, any false information will lead to the disqualification of your application. The basic information that will be required will include : 

• Your Name,
• Company Name ( also same as your name),
• Password and Confirm Password.

Step 2: Adding Contact Form

Contact information contains both your emails, phone number, time zone that you can be reached, instant messenger, and how you heard about them.

Make sure the password is between 8 and 12 characters ( letters, figures, and special characters).

Your email and phone number must be functional, select your time zone and decide when you think you can easily be reached by their affiliate managers. 

Choose your instant messenger ( Aol, MSN, Skype or Yahoo ) and the username of your instant messenger and tell them where you heard about them.

Step 3: Add Address

The following would be needed as it matters a lot in your approval:

• Your Street Address,
• City,
• State / Province,
• Country and Zip Postal Code.

Fill them out making sure all information is correct, in the area of experience, let them know that you are extremely experienced and has received many payments from other networks. They are most of times after the people who have the needed experience to bring success to their offers.

Questions That May Be Asked And Your Answers.

1. Question: What is Your Experience?
Ans: I am extremely experienced and has received many payments

2. Describe Your Past Experience In Affiliate Marketing?
Ans: I have been into affiliate marketing for over 5 years and have worked with affiliate network like Bountycpa, CJ, Peerfly, etc and earned good money promoting their programs and offers. 

3. How Do You Currently Promote Offers?
Ans: I intend to promote offers using:
• Content Marketing
• Email Marketing ( for only pre- approved list)
• Google Ad words
• Facebook Ads

4. What Offers Are You Looking For?
Ans: Cpa

Your website URL?
Then you will need to fill your website url but Incase you don't have, then input your YouTube channel url.

Step 4: Accept Their Terms

The final step is that you accept their terms and conditions. You need to agree that you will not share, trade, sell, or otherwise transfer your account to a third party. You also have to agree that you will not use freelancers, micro jobs sites, or guaranteed lead services to send traffic to maxbounty.

Finally agree to maxbounty Affiliate terms and conditions then click on finish to submit application
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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Free Best Traffic Sources For Cpa Offers 2019

Traffic Sources For Cpa

Cpa simply means Cost Per Action, 

This is an internet based advertising techniques where an affiliate is paid by an advertiser for specific ads in a nutshell, you get paid as an affiliate if someone clicks your link and is directed to the site of the company you are affiliated to where they are required to fill a form perform some specific tasks. 

How much success you derive from this affiliate marketing techniques depends on the people you referred to the traffic site ie: your traffic sources.

If your traffic determine the amount of earning you get with your Cpa offers, How do you ensure the right amount of traffic? Here is the type of traffic to use.

Hidden And Best Traffic Sources For Cpa Offers

1. Social Media

This is a great tool in the hands of people who want to drive insane traffic to their website or blogs. You can adopt this method by using it to drive traffic to your Cpa offers too.

• Start Creating A Fan Page for Attracting the right audience and provide them with useful information they can used to be concerned about the offers, when they are convinced, you can easily drive the traffic to your Cpa offers.

Facebook Advertisement

Log into your Facebook account and click on the link { create an Ad } you may be prompted to use ad creation area. You will find the ads manager button on the top right of your dashboard.

• Select Objective
• Choose Your Audience
• Set Your Budget - Daily or Lifetime
• Schedule Your Ads,
• Optimization & Pricing
• Create Your Ad.

2. Use Media Buys

You need to find the best website in your niche and contact the website owner to make an agreement over placing your ad on his or her blog by placing your link on the website of your choice that people can have access to. By doing so you are drodriv traffic to your offers.

3. Forum Marketing

A forum is a place from all walk of life, it is the perfect platform for meeting the prospective traffic to your Cpa offers.

Without spamming a forum contribute meaningfully to any discussion that is related to your Cpa offers,  if you are considered knowledgeable enough, you should be confident of having many people that will use your link to view the Cpa offers. Thats a good and cheap way to drive traffic to your Cpa offers.

4. Email Marketing

This requires a huge number of people in your mailing list? If you do have. You can tap into your mailing list to drive traffic to your Cpa offers.

5. Answer Platform

You have it in Yahoo, thousands of people make use of this platform daily to get answers to their problems.

To start, open an account on the platform and find any relevant post to your offer. For instance, if you have it related offers, look for IT related questions and provide answers to questions that you are familiar with, if you can showcase your deep knowledge of your choose niche, people will find it easy to buy your idea and commit themselves to your offers. If you want to link to your cpa, there is a resource box on the platform, use it to promote your link and drive free traffic.

6. Image Or Photo Sharing Traffic

This is another relatively unknown traffic source you can use to get more traffic to your Cpa offers. Instagram is known for its  photo sharing capability, it can also be used for generating traffic.

You can leverage the features of Instagram by sharing your images on the platform with a link to your website or blog.

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