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Introduction On Cpa Marketing - Difference Between Cpa And Affiliate Marketing

Cpa Marketing And Affiliate Marketing The Big Difference Between Them.

Affiliate Marketing is said to be you joining a particular affiliate program and partner with them in your promoting their offers and products, whenever a sale is made, you will earn some commission.

But Cpa Marketing is different, Cpa Marketing does not require any sale before you can earn a commission, How? In Cpa Marketing you get paid once you make people complete some actions like the ones I described in my previous post. 

Cpa Network Introduction 

Step 1. 

If you read the earlier post them I'm sure you have the first requirement already.



There are hundreds of CPA networks or maybe thousands online. The CPA network is a function of a middle man between the advertisers and Affiliates.. 

They offers you promote are actually placed on the CPA network by advertisers.. Most times these advertisers are big companies who want to extend their outreach to more customers.. 

Applying to a CPA network is almost like applying for a job offline.. You go through a critical interview process..(Not applicable to all networks though) while some are much easier to scale through..

The network want to be conscious of who is applying, if you really know how everything works and if you ready to work. 

That Which I Can Teach You How To Get Approved On Peerfly Cpa Network Easily - Start Like A Pro For $5.

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They know its quite easy to make money with CPA so they want people that will come on board and work.(Promote offers) it shows you know what to do and how to do it.. 

Of course even offline you can't employ people and have them sitting idle every work day & still choose to pay them at the end of the month.. Ain't possible!

I have vividly forgotten how many CPA networks am registered to; funny right? 

You'll understand later.

But at the moment, I will recommend these five Cpa Network to you..

• Adworkmedia,
• CPAway,
• CPAlead,
• Blackfox & Crakrevenue..

Asides from Crakrevenue, The rest are general CPA networks that deals on offers across several niches. 

Crakrevenue is an Adult CPA network..All Adult. You can make money in a day with Crakrevenue.

Well, let's see how you can start making money asap too.

Hence, just follow me closely.

Now in this first step,

- Visit any or all of the CPA networks I have listed above (remember to put the www & com) in their respective places.. Substitute in for .com if you are visiting blackfox)..

-Make yourself farmiliar with the homepage of the site. You could Check out their faqs..Next,

- Click on sign up (as an affiliate)

You'd be taken to a page where you're to fill some required details..

Now this chapter is very important as it's the info you provide here that will ascertain if you'll be accepted...and I will show you how you could get quick approval as you read on..

• Fill in all the required details correctly. 
• Your country is Nigeria, choose Nigeria. 

Don't change it except you wish to have issues when time for payment comes. Some may ask you for payment info some may not; fill in correct details if you are asked.. At the moment all other payment methods are valid for Nigeria except Paypal cause we all know your paypal account in Nigeria can't receive payment. You could pick any if asked...

But Don't Worry, I Can Help You Setup A PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Payment Here In Nigeria...

Now to the the important section; 


The info you give here could really quicken or inhibit your approval; could also get you rejected too.

Like I said earlier Many CPA networks wants affiliates who are willing to work.. Who got the experience! Who know what and how to do the whole promoting stuff (driving traffic to offers).

So its very likely to get rejected if you tell them that you are a newbie..
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