Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How To Promote Cpa Offers Without A Website

You don't need to create a landing page, run adverts before you start to promote Cpa offers and the good news is that you are going to learn how to promote Cpa offers without a website.

Best Way To Promote Cpa Offers Without A Website

Here is a Simple best way to promote Cpa offers without a website,

• Sign Up For a publisher's affiliate Cpa Account or login to your affiliate dashboard to get started.

1. Goto your offers page where you can choose from the type of offer to promote,

2. Select your desired offer type and copy the affiliate link to the offer,

3. Read it's method of Promotion and proceed to the main solution.

How To Get Started To Promote Cpa Offers Without Creating A Website

You don't need to worry as it's a free traffic method to promote your Cpa offers and earn commission from them as a newbie or as a beginner.

1. Promote Cpa Offers Through Popular Forums.

Popular forums like Quora, Reddit, Nairaland, Medium etc are free popular forums that has a large number of members not less than 1,000,000 and growing every day, 

They are free to register with, and are regarded as a best free traffic source.

How To Promote Your Cpa Offers

It's a simple guide on how to promote cpa offers that takes not less than a minute to complete,

1. Search for your desired Cpa offers and check if it has ( Search ) traffic method enabled, 

If you can't locate your Offers area then email your account manager and ask him to provide you with Cpa offers that can be promoted through SEO and you will receive a reply containing offers that can be promoted through search.

2. Select the Offer Category that you want to start promoting, these offers maybe:

• Work at home,
• Mobile Downloads,
• Pin Submit,
• Auction... Etc

3. Copy the offers link and make use of some url shortener like to shorten your affiliate link and choose any forum website I listed above that you need to use for promoting.

• Create an account with them and verify your email address if needed then complete your registration.

Best Cpa Offers To Promote And How To Promote Them

All accounts creation done, let's get started with promoting the best cpa offers.

Want to promote Cpa offers without a website here is a lucrative offer to promote which is easier to convert:

Email / Zip Submit Offers

These offers only require input of a target traffic email address, if an email submit offers is meant for UK residents and once you begin to promote the offer a UK residents input his email, you get paid.

How To Promote Email / Zip Submit Offers In Forums

• Click on create a new topic to make a post,

• Select the Offer Category: if it's an offer on work at home offers input the hashtag and categories it,

• Make a keyword research on some work at home topics and pick out few keywords with high search volume,

• Write at least a very detailed info depending on the keyword that you have researched or you could have written,

• Embed the shorten cpa offer link on the post and hit publish.

No need to worry about ranking in on google or bimg, some of these popular forums are well seo optimized to rank..

Wrapping Up On How To Promote Cpa Offers Without A Website

Forums are not the only popular place you can promote your cpa offers, you can also promote on a niche popular social media groups and many more...

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  1. Well-done. I don't have a website ,can I purchase any of the CPA training book on traffic. How will they promote my offer

    1. You can create a landing page and start promoting your offers,

      You can search through our blog on best cpa marketing training course and purchase cpa course of your choice

  2. Thanks so much for this eye-opening post.

  3. Can you send me a CPA links/website.