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Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Bet9ja affiliate program in Nigeria and how to make money with the top gaming website in Nigeria..

Bet9ja Affiliate

The No1 online gaming website Bet9ja has an affiliate program that enables you earn commission for every single person registered through your affiliate link on bet9ja.

Fashion Affiliate Program

Beauty Affiliate Program

Bet9ja affiliate program is not only for gamers but for affiliate markers and bloggers on sports niche.

How To Sign Up For Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Getting started with bet9ja and signing up with their affiliate program can be done in not less than 30 seconds with pictures below.

Steps To Sign Up For Bet9ja Affiliate In Nigeria.

Step 1: visit bet9ja official websitewww.bet9ja.com and scroll down to the bottom page of the website.

Click on Quick link located at the bottom page and select web affiliates

Step 2: you are provided with the affiliates page of bet9ja click on Join Now or sign up button on your screen and you will be provided with the affiliate form registration.
Step 3: Fill every necessary details needed when signing up for bet9ja affiliate both your :

• Name
• Email

• Password
• Banks
• Account Details, etc.

Note After Completing the affiliate form  make on the last form registration on bet9ja, click on join now and await for their email approval.

After a successful review, your Bet9ja affiliate account will be approved successfully.

How To Make Money From Bet9ja Affiliate

1. Make use of bet9ja promotional tools, their banner ad link and text link to promote 

2. Make use of Popular related groups eg: betting group on WhatsApp and Facebook to promote your Bet9ja affiliate link,

3. Promote and make money with Bet9ja through SEO on your website,

4. Promote your bet9ja affiliate link with word of mouth.

5. You can make money from bet9ja affiliate program by playing with them.

Bet9ja Affiliates commission is calculated based on the players performance and is guaranteed.

Visit Bet9ja affiliate dashboard and sign up as an affiliate to start making money with Bet9ja affiliate program.
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