Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Fastest Way To Make Money Online From WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp affiliate marketing is one of the best way any affiliate marketer or business entrepreneur can grow their business and make money online from Whatsapp,

This method was proven when tested with an affiliate program that fetch almost 20k every week and it still works, you can make money from Whatsapp as an affiliate, grow your brand and business and reach out to high paying clients easily.

WhatsApp Marketing

Internet marketing / App marketing via e WhatsApp is done with only strategy and tactics which will make you more money in the game.

What You Need To Make Money From WhatsApp

1. A WhatsApp registered number to access your WhatsApp account.

2. Internet mobile device: PC / Android Phone,

3. Steady data connection and active attendance on your WhatsApp account..

How To Make Money With Your WhatsApp Account

1. Make Money On WhatsApp With Affiliate Marketing.

You can make the best money from affiliate marketing on WhatsApp and is easy to run affiliate marketing from Whatsapp.

Best Way To Make Money From WhatsApp Marketing

1. Register your WhatsApp account or activate your old Whatsapp account if you have one,

2. Create a WhatsApp Niche Group, let it be related to the affiliate program that you signed up with,

3. Describe the group and it's value to members and what they will benefit from joining your WhatsApp group account,

4. Write a related post that has value to users and embed your affiliate link URL,

5. Make use of any url shortener to shorten your affiliate link Url and place in your post,

6. Publish and Copy your WhatsApp group referral link,

7. Share your Whatsapp group on popular forums site and social media for interested members to join,

8. Run FB ad to get targeted and paying clients if need be,

9. Make use of Seo promotion to get members into your Whatsapp group,

10. Always render help as the admin of your WhatsApp group and Keep on Checking your affiliate account dashboard for Commission on your affiliate link.

2. Make Money On WhatsApp With Referral Programs.

This is also a very good method to make money from whatsapp anywhere and is super easy,

• Join any top high paying referral program that pays,

• Sign Up and get your referral link,

• Share your referral link to your contacts on WhatsApp and Groups, 

• Once referrals start coming, you start making money from Whatsapp.

3. Make Money Sharing Links On WhatsApp

This WhatsApp earning method has been checked and considered a legit income for any WhatsApp user. 

If you have a WhatsApp make money online group, you can make money with this method,

• if you have a Large contact list of Whatsapp user on your list, you can make money from Whatsapp Sharing links,

• Referral program makes you more money and income with WhatsApp sharing earning method,

• earn passive income when ever a link you share on Whatsapp is clicked..

How To Make Money Sharing Links On WhatsApp.

Have you heard of paying URL shortener that pays you for every url shortened that is been clicked,

• Google search for Top paying Url Shortener and register as a member

• Start shortening your links with the paying URL shortener you registered with and earn.

How Do You Earn While Sharing Links On WhatsApp

1. You earn via sharing shortened affiliate links on WhatsApp,

2. You earn via any link shared on Whatsapp.

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