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How To Make Money With MTN Nigeria With Full Guide

Make Money With MTN network here in Nigeria 

•Make Money With Mtn Affiliate Program, 

•Make Money With MTN Data reselling

•Make Money With 2018 MTN wallet program.

MTN Nigeria

Mtn is one of the biggest network provider in Nigeria with thousands of users migrating and already existing customers, providing cheap call and data bundle rate in Nigeria.

How Do I Make Money With Mtn Network In Nigeria.

There are absolutely 3 ways you can make money with Mtn steady and it includes becoming an Mtn User:

1. Make money with Mtn when you are already an existing user or a new customer,

2. Make money with Mtn with Mtn Affiliate Marketing Programme,

3. Make money from Mtn reselling data bundle on Mtn network at a cheaper rates,

3. Make money from Mtn with Mtn 2018 wallet account, which allows you to resell airtime etc...

Mtn 2018 Affiliate Marketing Programme And How To Make Money With Mtn.

Mtn affiliate programme works like any other affiliate program you know of or may think of out there,

• Earn commission and make money once a sale is made from your Mtn wallet balance,

• Selling airtime to other networks which may lead to increase of earnings,

• increase your affiliate marketing experience and make more money with the biggest companies in Nigeria like Mtn etc.....

Why You Should Apply For Mtn 2018 Wallet Affiliate Program

I guess you should have known that affiliate marketing is all about an individual joining hands with a company like Mtn to promote it's product and once a sale is made through your affiliate link, you get paid.

If you are still asking why you should apply for Mtn 2018 affiliate marketing programme then the answer is to make money with Mtn, unless you don't want to make money online.

Benefits Of Becoming Mtn Affiliate

• Ability to make money with Mtn from home, 

• No start up income required only your mobile phone and Mtn Line,

• Increase your affiliate marketing experience with Mtn,

• Work with a telecommunication company and enjoy lots of benefits as an affiliate with Mtn,

• Get to know about big other telecommunication companies like Glo affiliate program, Etisalat Affiliate Program,
GTBank Affiliate Program Etc.....

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How To Get Started With Mtn Affiliate Marketing Programme In Nigeria

1. Dial Mtn Affiliate Code Registration

Visit your phone dial pad and quickly dial *2018# and you will be prompted with the Mtn Affiliate Registration Page

Quickly type the name of the state that you are from and send,

Step 2: Register Your Pin

You are asked for a 4 digits number that you can be able to use for transfer of airtime through your Mtn affiliate wallet balance.

Step 3: Get Started

You will be prompted to dial *2018# after creating your pin and a help care line to call if confused with your Mtn 2018 wallet affiliate

Step 4: Fund Your Mtn Wallet Balance And Get Started

Fund your Mtn Affiliate wallet balance with GTBank ussd dial code, you can fund your Mtn wallet balance starting from #50.

Simply dial : 

• *2018#

• Select your state,
• Input your affiliate pin,
• Redial *2018#,
• Open a free GTBank account if you don't have,
• Goto 2018 Menu if you already have a GTBank account,

How To Fund Your Mtn Affiliate Wallet Balance

Dial : *737*50*Amount*2018#

How To Be Eligible For Mtn Affiliate Marketing Programme

1. Those that have a phone
2. If you have an Mtn network,
3, If you can transfer airtime to other networks.

How To Make Money With Data Reselling On Mtn

Are you looking for where to buy data in bulk for resale? I’m very certain you must have come across posts on blogs and online forums advertising affordable data plans that is sold by sharing to your line. 

So many people are making money from data selling business right now. This is majorly due to the need for cheaper ways to to surf the internet.

MTN, Glo and Etisalat SME Data Share business is a lucrative one considering the millions of naira Nigerians spend on buying data plans on a daily basis.

My main objective in this post is to show you how to make money selling MTN data plans through a process called DATA SHARE.


Before you can start enjoying the dividends that comes with selling MTN data plans, you will have to migrate to MTN SME PLUS TARIFF PLAN. To migrate,

send 460 ==> 131.


SMS 465 ==> 131 For 20GB,

SMS 466 ==> 131

For 50GB, SMS 467 ==> 131

Alternatively you can dial *461# on you phone and follow the prompt to share data on mtn with others.

Press 1 to choose the data bundle plan you wish to buy and send

Here Are The Codes For Various Data Size Transfer With SMS

SMEA==> 250MB
SMEB==> 500MB
SMEC ==> 1GB

To Check Your Remaining Data Size, Send Sharebalance To 131.

The good thing about MTN Data Share business is that you can choose to transfer data to your customer either by SMS or USSD. 

You can also subscribe to multiple data plans while retaining full control of data allocation. Buyers should note that their data validity is the same as that of the person who sold the data to them.
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