Thursday, April 4, 2019

Top 10 Money Making Apps In Ghana, Nigeria And Kenya

Below is our lists of top10 legit and best Free money making apps in ghana, Nigeria and Kenya according to personal experience and review(s) gathered so far..

All of the listed apps that pays you in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya can be downloaded on Google PlayStore for free.

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1. Ibotta Money App In Ghana

This app is a money reward app that rewards you whenever you purchase items online and the app helps you earn some money back on those purchases.

2. Insta Naira Money App

Making money with insta Naira App in Nigeria is done in a good way that even a newbie will earn,

They pay you watching videos and many more, you actually earn in coins and can be redeemed to cash.

3. Money Apps 

With money apps you are qualified in making money with your android device just by installing money apps on your phone.

Money apps pays you for watching videos, completing surveys, and many more.

4. Google Opinion Reward Money App

Having heard that Google launched it's own money making app and also pays you for completing a survey,

You can make some few bucks and earn real cash from these apps, visit your play store and hit the installation link.

5. Ebates Money App

This app rewards you whenever you purchase a product from eBay, giving you a cash back on every item you spent money buying from eBay.... You can make money with this app but not that much.

6. Fiverr Freelancing Money Making App

We have heard how freelancing can make you a fortune, buying you a car and house that you always wanted. 

Fiverr app is an Android app that anyone can download from Playstore and easily create a seller account with them, list your area of expertise and once your gig is ordered you make money from the app.

7. Uber Or Lyft Money Apps

This apps is mostly used by driver's and individuals, people make use of this app to find you and you make money from Uber..

People who are suitable for this app is a public driver...

8. Survey On The Go Money Making App

Survey is a good way to earn extra few bucks from ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. With survey on the go, you can make extra taking part in their apps survey.

9. OLX Money App

This is a very good app that you can use to make money from your device by posting any used or new items, it's photo and price, and description..

Sign up and once a buyer purchase the item, they will used the provide contact to reach you and after delivery, you will be payed the agreed payment. 

10. Slidejoy Money Making App

This app pays you for installing it on your phone and Completing a mobile lock screen in Kenya, you get rewarded and can easily convert your rewards to PayPal cash.

Why You Need To Engaged With App That Pays In Nigeria, Ghana And Kenya.

• They serve as a multiple stream of income for anyone who wants to make money with apps.

• They save stress and increase your experience of making money with apps.

• You get paid directly to your PayPal or local bank account in real cash with your android.

There are over 30 Legit Apps that pays in Nigeria, kenya and ghana stick to one and earn good money with them on your android phone.

I am currently making money with Facebook Research Program App and it pays me well.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section
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  1. Thanks for sharing this free money making app in Ghana, I will try making use of the apps. Though I have tested Facebook research program and it works fine. I recommend it for others looking for a cool guide to make money online in Ghana.

    1. Glad you found it helpful please do share with your friends

  2. Nice job getting us information about to make money online from apps

    I need to get invited in Facebook research app