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Lucrative Online Networking Business In Nigeria To Start Easily

Have you ever been into any online networking business in Nigeria, if yes then you can agree with me that networking business in Nigeria is a very lucrative way to make money online in Nigeria.

In most cases, you can start a profitable and lucrative online business that will yield and earn you a lifetime income from any networking business you venture into, see how:

1. Resources And Ideas In Any Online Networking Business 

You wanna start a successful online networking business in Nigeria then you need to have resource and ideas on how any online business works.

Try as much as possible to engage and learn from those who have created the same platform of online business that you are about to venture into, know the ins and out of the business, the pros and cons, after gathering a resourceful knowledge don't just stop there, Take Action.

2. Belief And Team Of Work Makes It Great In Any Online Networking Business 

There is always a saying "" A Good Team makes the dream work "" you see always focus in gathering a pack of hardworking teams that may help you to grow in your part of business.

For Eg: You want to start blogging today and your dream was to turn it into a  successful online networking business, the two stages are required:

1. The resources needed, This can be money for hosting and donain, set of plugins and premium blogging tools and theme.  This is where the resources is needed in online blogging business.

2. The Team, this can be a set of  writers, keywords research teams and seo specialist for your blog. When combine together all makes a great team work.

You see this is the most important part to focus in any online networking business in Nigeria.

Best Online Networking Business In Nigeria That Can Earn You A $1000 Online.

1. Online Blogging Networking Business In Nigeria.

Blogging is a top and most rated lucrative online business that works in Nigeria, anyone can start blogging in Nigeria and make a lot of money from blogging easily.

Have you heard of Nigerians Top Bloggers, people that earned millions of naira from blogging, that's to show you how lucrative online blogging business can be.

Top Bloggers In Nigeria That Take Online Blogging Business Seriously.

1. Linda Ikeji
2. Jide Ogunsanya
3. Noble igwe
4. Uche Ezeh
5. Ovie
6. Japheth Omojuwa
7. Chude Jideonwo
8. Loy Okieze
9. Onibalusi Bamidele
10. Makinde Azeez.

How To Create A Successful Blog In Nigeria 

Step 1: Get a domain from Namecheap, A domain is a name your website or blog will bear just like

Step 2: Buy a web hosting from Namecheap or Bluehost, they are trusted and reliable web hosting companies in the industry and provides you with the best quality.

Step 3: Do keyword research, you can make use of semrush or Kwfinder, they are the best.

Step 4: Setup your website SEO by making use of seoclerks or any seo service website.

Step 5: Monetize your website and start making money with it, one of the easiest way to monetize a blog in Nigeria is through Google Adsense, etc. 
So,  blogging is one of the best online networking business in Nigeria you should venture into and make profits.

2. Online Affiliate Marketing Business In Nigeria 

Affiliate marketing is as good as blogging business and it's said to be a good way of making money online in Nigeria.

There are thousands of affiliate networks you can join and start earning today,  most of them are free to join. Check out our Affiliate Marketing Category.

How To Set Up An Online Affiliate Networking Business In Nigeria 

1. Buy a  hosting from Namecheap or Bluehost and create an  affiliate website with it, 

2. Buy premium themes and plugins to set up to a standard level, 

3. Create a product that you want affiliates to help you in promoting and offer affiliates link to them,.

Affiliate marketing is a quick way to make money online without paying anything to start.

3. Create An Online Membership Website

What is a Membership Site?

A membership site is a private website, with exclusive content available only to the signed up members.

It usually provides members with the ability to interact with each other. They pay a monthly fee for being a member of the website.

Suitable For -

People who like to interact with, guide and lead a community.

Skills Required To Create Online Membership Website Business -

1. In-depth knowledge of any particular domain.

2. Ability to research new things and constantly generate new and helpful content.

Time Required For Creating A Membership Site -

Depends on the domain expertise of the creator.

Do Google search for Matthew Woodward's tutorial on how to create a membership site for free.

Tips To Start A Successful Networking Membership Website Business In Nigeria-

1. In the beginning keep the fee for joining the membership site ridiculously low.

Aim to create a minimum viable product instead of creating a perfect product. You can always improve your site in later stages.

2. If you’ve never been a part of any membership site till now, consider joining a few related to your domain. Study those sites.

3. Find what’s working well for you and other members of that site? What’s makes it worth the monthly fee and how could you replicate this?

4. Interact and engage with members. Your membership site shouldn’t be the one that only drip feeds the content, with little or no input from the owner.

You must provide insider access for your members who want to communicate with you.

Even if you’re busy, you must spend at least half an hour a day to get involved with your membership site.

You can do this by many ways, such as you can interact with the members answer their questions or even lead an interaction inside the forum.

5. Run group events and challenges to increase members’ engagement with your site.

Organize regular events, challenges, or similar.

Make it easy for members to participate. Offer prizes, display leaderboards or similar such things creates a great incentive for members to participate and get involved.

6. Periodically review what’s working and what isn’t. Try to adapt the site based on the member's’ needs.

For e.g. If you offer most of your content in text format but your members are engaging more with the video content then shift from text-based to video content.

7. Try to introduce new initiatives and see how your audience is responding to it. Such as live Q&A calls or similar.

But be careful, don’t overwhelm members with several different initiatives at once. Introduce one thing at a time.

How To Monetize -

Monetization is very simple. More members sign up to your website more income you generate from the monthly fees that members pay.

4. Online Freelancer Networking Business 

Freelancing jobs is becoming more lucrative every day and as it sounds, freelancing is a very good way of making money online.

Suitable For - 

People who like to work from home or work at any place, any time they want.

Skills Required - 

Any skills you are good at.

Time Required For Starting Freelancing -

Just sign up at the following top freelance websites and Fill your details.

Top freelance websites:

How To Monetize - 

1. Post your skills and give appropriate details of your abilities, any prior work experience and the amount you are going charge for per hour of work.

2. People who have some task to be done in your domain will post the jobs or will directly contact you if they like your profile. 

3. Just complete their task and they will pay you the decided amount.

5. Do Website Flipping Online Business In Nigeria 

You never can tell on how profitable online website flipping business can be untill you venture into one.

What is is an online marketplace for selling and buying websites. 

Suitable For - 

People who like to develop websites. 

Skills Required - 

In-depth knowledge of Wordpress platform and website creation. 

Time Required For Creating A Website 
Depends on the expertise of the developer in website creation.

Tips -

1. Choose a topic you are passionate about. You need to be passionate about the subject your website focuses on.

If you launch a website about something that you don’t care about, you will lose interest very quickly and inevitably stop working on it.

2. Think about your long-term business model.

To make your website successful you should do a lot of research beforehand.

Try to find the answers to the following questions:

Who are your direct competitors?

How do your competitors make money?

How will your website make money?

How can you make your website stand out from others?

How long will it take to monetize your website?

3. Choose a domain name that is relevant to your topic and appeal to your target audience.

A good domain name is an essential part of branding your blog. Choose .COM as your domain extension because it looks more professional.

4. Choose a reliable paid host like Hostgator, Bluehost or anyone that might suit your needs.

5. You need make your website's design and layout look very professional.

Believe it or not but first-time visitors will make a judgement about your website within first 10 seconds of loading, so you need to make sure that your website’s design appeals to them and they like it. 

How To Start Online Website Flipping Business In Nigeria 

1. Register your website on Flippa works on bidding model, the highest bidder gets the ownership of the website.

2. Set the bid price of your website 15 times greater than the current monthly income of your site.

For e.g. If your site is earning $500 per month then you can set the basic selling bid price of your site to at least $7500.

3. Start the auction and wait for bids. People will start bidding for purchasing your site.

Once you receive the bid that satisfies your target selling price, then finalize the deal with the bidder.

4. will manage all the payment and other technical stuff for you and you'll receive your commissions via your selected payment method.

 These are some of the best online networking business in Nigeria that you can start quickly and make money from them.
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