Sunday, June 30, 2019

Garanntor Affiliate Program - Earn 25% Commission affiliate program helps you to sign up for free and share a simple affiliate URL given to you on your blog, facebook, twitter, email etc... 

How Does Garanntor Affiliate Program Works?

• you sign up for free as Garanntor affiliate,

• share your affiliate URL with your audience,

• Referrals Buy Services from Garanntor through your affiliate link,

• you get paid as Garanntor affiliate.

How To Sign Up And Become A Garanntor Affiliate Member

Become garanntor affiliate by visiting their affiliate registration page

Step 1: Register and get your affiliate link on garanntor, both banner ad code etc.

Step 2: Spread your affiliate link or banner ad and let your friends know about Garanntor.
Step 3: Once your referrals makes purchase through your affiliate link, you get paid.

Garanntor Affiliate Commission 

25% Commission Rates. You’re guaranteed up to 25% commission on any qualified sale from a new customer whom you’ve referred.

Payouts Options You decide how you’d like to receive your commission payments: Bank Transfer, Paypal or Garanntor Funds..

Tools for Success. Whether you operate a large network, content site or blog, we have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and start your site earning money right away.

Real Time Reporting Our detailed, real-time online reports make it easy to track your earnings and see what’s working best for your site.
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