Friday, June 28, 2019

How To Make Money On WordPress In 48 Hours

This search query is mostly searched by newbies in blogging on how to make money from WordPress in 48 hours, yes it's possible but only if you have any of these monetization methods I listed below.

Best Way To Monetize Your WordPress Blog And Start Making Money Within 48 Hours. 

1. Make $1000 Through Affiliate Marketing On WordPress Within 48 Hours. 

Affiliate marketing is not dead at all,  as a matter of fact it's one of the easiest way to make money online. You can make up-to 100 - $1000 with affiliate marketing through this guide.

• Join the best affiliate programs with higher commission payouts,

• Sign up for their affiliate marketing programme,

• Get your affiliate link and promote through your WordPress blog. 

This is a legit WordPress income for anyone who wants to make money on WordPress in 48 hours.

2. Make Money On WordPress With Google Adsense In 48 Hours. 

Of course, this is the most easiest method of making money with a WordPress blog, you don't even need to create and start doing all the promotion just like in affiliate marketing.

Once you are approved by Google Adsense Team with your WordPress blog , you can start making money with it, $100 Guaranteed.

Check out on Google Adsense Approval Trick.

3. Make $100 On WordPress In 48 Hours With Hire Me Page. 

Simple method and easiest way to make money with a WordPress, even a newbie cab start making money from this.

Go and create a higher me page on your WordPress blog and list all the skills that you can charge your clients for a token, eg:

• PayPal account creation 
• Blog Creation 
• Chatbot Creation etc....

With your hire me page visible to your readers, you are guaranteed of making $100 from your WordPress blog in 48 hours. 

4. Accept Sponsored Post And Make Money On WordPress In 48 Hours. 

Advertiser are looking for a good and quality website where they can advertise their products or website, now if your WordPress blog is SEO optimize and receive quality traffic, you can start making money with this area. 

You can charge your clients / advertisers $50 per sponsored post and that goes to 100 of advertisers waiting for their article to be written on your WordPress blog. One of the easiest way to make money on WordPress within 48 hours. 

5. Make Money On WordPress Giving Out Paid Links.

Here is what I called WordPress income earner as its also one of the easiest way to monetize your WordPress blog.

To be able to make money with this method, you need to have a strong authority and quality backlinks juice on your WordPress blog.

You can build your WordPress authority and ranking with seoclerks and go ahead to charge your clients for $5 per backlink.

Build up your WordPress blog authority and start making money in 48 hours. 

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Wrapping Up On How To Make Money On WordPress In 48 Hours. 

These methods of making money with your WordPress blog works for any WordPress user but hey I must warn you:

To make the real big income is through SEO so I  suggest you get the Google Featured Snippet Ranking System.

Works on WordPress and blogger use it to optimize your blog post and rank on 1st page, you need access email me via
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