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How To Make Money With Cpa - Free Traffic Source ( HOT )

Making Money From Any Cpa Network Using Free Traffic (Peerfly, Maxbounty,Crackrevenue etc. 

No need of explaining to you on what cpa marketing is all about but I can still give you a hint if this is the first time of you arriving to this blog.

Cpa means Cost Per Action,

So What's Cpa Marketing?

You make money with Cpa each time a supposed action is completed by a target audience in regards to an offer you are promoting.

These actions ranges from submitting details of:

• Email address,

• Phone number,
• Zip code..
• Downloading something,
• Taking a survey,
• Submitting CC details etc.

Each time such actions is completed you generate a lead and your leads converts to cash.

For each action taken, you get paid, the more the actions completed the more the cash..The pay you get per lead depends on the offers..

Promoting Cpa Offers With Free Traffic Via SEO

I doubted that it would convert at the first place but then I run a test with my newly created peerfly cpa affiliate account then boom the following day it converted.

In my previous post about Cpa Marketing Training Course, I explained and listed valuable cpa marketing training course to take and start making money on cpa affiliate marketing.

But here I will be talking about Cpa offers with free traffic sources promoting that converts quick.

Do you have any Cpa marketing network account? If yes then continue reading or go straight to:

That's why I introduced some of the courses on Cpa marketing training which most of them teaches you on how to get approved on maxbounty, peerfly or any top cpa network, how to promote cpa offers on bing for as low as $9 that converts and much more.

After creating your Cpa affiliate account successfully then head over to the offers on your dashboard,

There are thousands of Cpa offers in any cpa network, Peerfly has about 2300+ offers that you or anyone else can start promoting immediately after approved.

Haven't Gotten approved yet? Don't waste anymore time as there is one slot of an Approved Peerfly Cpa Account for sale,

You can buy an approved peerfly cpa affiliate account for $30, Are you interested? Then message me via email @

So which offers converts better with free traffic? After explaining briefly here on types of free traffic sources for cpa offers and how to promote cpa offers without a website, then you should know that any offers listed under search and social traffic is good but the best I can offer to you is email submit offers.

Email Submit Offers In Cpa Marketing And How To Find Them

email submit offers is one of the easiest cpa offers that I  regard as easy to promote cpa offers. 

It only requires users to complete an action by submitting their email address and when successfully submitted, you get conversion from your cpa network.

Steps To Finding An Email Submit Offers To Promote In Any Cpa Network 

• Visit your cpa affiliate account dashboard and click on offers,

• Click on email submit,

• Choose offer country type ( very important when promoting any cpa offers ),

• Get your affiliate code both banners and links 

• Start promoting via Free traffic / Paid traffic.

Requirements For Promoting Cpa Offers With Free Traffic Sources 

1. A Functional Blog ( If you need One I Can Set it up for you).

2. Keyword Research Tool ( Make use of semrush

3. SEO with coreseo ( Learning the in and out of SEO) 

4. Google featured snippet ranker ( Rank your web articles content with snippets ).

How To Start Promoting Your Offers Via Your Website Using Free Traffic Sources On Cpa Marketing.

👉 Create a website with Namecheap if you don't have one, 

👉 Get a good domain name and web hosting plan for your site, 

👉 Select your search offer and choose country type

👉 Do keyword research related to the offer using semrush research tool,

👉 Write a well SEO optimize content and build your website SEO with seoclerks or coreseo,

👉 Make use of snippet ranking system to rank your contents with snippets ( If you don't have this awesome eBook, then message me via email to give you access for $25 ) 

👉 Then boom conversion start rolling in day by day.

You see its easy to promote cpa offers with a website using free traffic sources for cpa offers,

The steps are:

• Build your SEO with seoclerks or coreseo,
• Do keyword research on the cpa offer,
• Create an SEO optimize content,
• Then rank it with snippets using Google featured snippet optimizer.
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