Friday, June 14, 2019

Quick Registration For Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria And Phone Verification

Amazon affiliate account creation in Nigeria with easy setup guide and phone verification method.

Create A Successful Amazon Associate Affiliate Program Account In Nigeria 

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is a very good way of making money online especially those that have amazon affiliate program account.

But there is a big deal here, many Nigerians find it difficult to create and register for amazon affiliate in Nigeria, the phone verification stage in creating amazon account is the hardest stage of it all as it requires a verification of a US number here in Nigeria.

Not to worry, that's why I created this post to explain further on how you can create an amazon affiliate account successfully in Nigeria.

Requirements For Registering With Amazon Associate Program In Nigeria 

1. A Verified Email Address 

The amazon affiliate program will need you to verify your email used in applying for amazon before getting approved.

2. A Text Plus App

Used to by pass the phone number verification stage when creating an amazon affiliate account in Nigeria.

3. Amazon Affiliate Account Password 

Provide amazon with a correct details when registering for their affiliate program.

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How To Register For Amazon Affiliate Association Account Step By Step Guide.

Step 1: visit affiliate registration page and sign up 

* Click on join now button found on their affiliate registration page and proceed,

Step 2: Provide your Contact details on the webpage, your phone number, email address etc. 

Step 3: Provide your affiliate account details: your username, affiliate password and profile etc.

Step 4: Check your email for verification and confirm, then move to the next stage which is phone verification stage,

Step 5: Visit Playstore And Download Textplus App.

Create a free account with Textplus and confirm your email address, after confirmation a new US phone number will be given to you.

Input the US phone number on your amazon phone verification stage and a pin will be assigned to you. 

You will receive a call for amazon pin verification, then follow the voice prompt and input the pin on your screen.

Then await for their approval message 

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