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How Do Bloggers Make Money In Nigeria And How To Monetize Your Blog Here In Nigeria

How do bloggers make money online in Nigeria And How to monetize your blog as a blogger in Nigeria

Having asked the first question above as a beginner who wants to start blogging in Nigeria, then you will also be searching for how to monetize your blog in Nigeria.

Well blogging is not a quick rich scheme like MMM or Nnu income but can turn out to be a very lucrative online business in Nigeria.

How Do Bloggers Make Money Online In Nigeria?

Most bloggers in Nigeria make money online from their blogs depending on their  blogging niches and strategy.

Here are few ways bloggers do make money online in Nigeria:

1. Entertainment Bloggers Make Money Through Adsense In Nigeria.

Entertainment bloggers in Nigeria which I know has most of their traffic from trending news and headlines in Nigeria. Their method of making money from blogging in Nigeria is through Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

2. Music Bloggers In Nigeria 

Yes also a lucrative niche for Adsense bloggers in Nigeria because mostly their traffic hits up whenever an artist release a new song. 

Music bloggers make money online from their blogs in Nigeria through Adsense and Music promotion.

3. Tech Bloggers In Nigeria 

Tech bloggers in Nigeria do make money from their blog through affiliate marketing which is their primary source and Adsense.

Tech bloggers do make more money from blogging as there will be advertisers sponsoring their post on your blog and other method of monetization.

4. Niche Bloggers In Nigeria 

Bloggers in a single niche are said to be money makers when it comes to sponsored post on blogs, they make their money through affiliate marketing, Adsense, Sponsored posts etc.. 

5. Insurance / Review Bloggers

Their source of making money from their blogs is through reviewing a product, they can make as much as $100 per each product review and sponsored on their blog. 

There are many ways bloggers do make money online in Nigeria and some of them can fetch you up-to $100 in no time,

Few ways bloggers monetize their blog and make money online in Nigeria 

• Google Adsense 
• Affiliate marketing 
• Product review 
• Information Marketing
• Sponsored Post.

How To Monetize Your Blog In Nigeria Easily 

There are 5 awesome ways to monetize your blog in Nigeria that will keep making you money forever.

1. Monetize Your Blog In Nigeria Through Google Adsense 

Google Adsense is a publisher Ad network under pay per click affiliate programs in Nigeria that allows you to monetize and make money from your blog by placing an Ad code given on your web blog pages. 

You earn with google adsense in Nigeria when your site visitor clicks on the Ad shown by google ads team on your website.

I consider this method of monetization as the easiest way to monetize a blog in Nigeria.

2. Monetize With Affiliate Marketing On Your Blog In Nigeria.

Here is also another free method of monetizing a blog in Nigeria. No start up capital or cost, 

• simply sign up with the affiliate program that suits your niche, 

• sign up to be an affiliate and get your affiliate link 

• start promoting their products on your blog, you can monetize your blog with your affiliate link on contents that match their affiliate program.

3. Monetize Your Blog With Information Marketing 

Can you spare a few hours creating information worth purchasing from your blog followers, if yes then you can start monetizing your blog by creating a helpful eBooks for your audience.

These is also a very profitable method of monetizing your blog in Nigeria as the money never runs out.

4. Monetize Through Sponsored Article On Your Blog

Once you start creating quality content and your SEO fully optimize, you can make alot of money from sponsored post on your blog.

This method of monetization can fetch you 50 - $100 per day depending on your blog traffic.

5. Monetize Your Blog When You Create A Hire Me Page

Maybe you got the skill in demand or you are good in the blogosphere, then you can create a hire me page on your blog to start monetizing with your skills. 

Your audience will be bodly enough to trust you when you are good in whatever skills you got.

Conclusion On How To Monetize And Make Money Online From Your Blog In Nigeria 

The above steps are just few ways that you can make money from your blog but are very converting when properly monetize.
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