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How To Earn Money Online In Nigeria

Am a Nigerian guy who earns money online here in Nigeria and also an internet guru, but not everyone knows how it works and how to earn money online in Nigeria, well that's the purpose of me creating this awesome content, Read till the end......

How Can One Earn Money Online In Nigeria? 

There are currently 20 legit paying method of earning money online in Nigeria but as it stands I am going to introduce you to the easiest way to make money in Nigeria,

So here is what you need if you want to start earning money online in Nigeria:

1. A Payment Account 

This is for payment receiving of any amount that you earn here in Nigeria, I always advise you go for PayPal and Payoneer Account In Nigeria.

These two accounts are well known for their excellent performance to their customers and they receive payment fast from any part of the country.

PayPal Ghana 2019

How To Open A Payoneer Account

2. A Skill In Demand 

Of course you need a skill in demand because you are not learning on how to become a yahoo, the plan here is to get a skill which I will show you and monetize it to be earning you at least 100k a month in Nigeria.

10 Internet Skill To Earn Money Online In Nigeria 

1. Earn Money With Graphic Designing In Nigeria 

Yes it pays alot to be a graphic design in Nigeria and can start earning straight away, you only need to have a strong humor of design, someone who can design in a magnificent way. 

2. Earn Money With Fiverr Nigeria 

Fiverr is an online market place where you can order a service in all kinds of internet related from web designing, content writing, logo creation etc..... 

You can earn up-to $100 per day in Nigeria if you know your way around, the task is Create a Fiverr seller account in Nigeria and create a GIG,

Once someone orders your GIG / service you earn depending on the amount you place on the GIG.

3. Earn Money Online In Nigeria With Web Development In Nigeria 

It pays to be a web developer because this is a rare skill Here in Nigeria but you can stand a chance of making a lot of money if you learn how to develop a website in Nigeria.

You can earn up-to $100 per day depending on the kind of project that you are working on, and if you are good at it you can even earn close to $200 here in Nigeria.

4. Earn $1000 With Content Writing In Nigeria 

Yes there are companies looking for article writers in Nigeria and mainly in need of SEO optimize writers in Nigeria,

If you can create a fully SEO optimize content then you can start earning with this skill straight away,  

You can create a GiG on Fiverr Or take it to your facebook or social media timeline then inform your friends about your new online professional skill and start earning.

5. Earn Money Running SEO Services In Nigeria 

Nigerian bloggers are too blind with SEO and it's not only in Nigeria but also many part of the world, you can Learn how to run SEO services Like:

• Backlinks Building 
• On Page SEO optimization 
• Content Creation 
• Site Submission etc.........
With some of SEO in demand, you can start rendering SEO quality services and earn money online doing so in Nigeria.

6. Earn Money With Chatbots Creation In Nigeria

If you can create a Chatbot successfully in Nigeria then you are step ahead of making 5000 Naira everyday in Nigeria as internet marketers and bloggers make use of this tool for traffic growth and marketing sales.

Clickbank Nigeria 

7. Write Articles On Authority Sites And Earn Up-to $100 In Nigeria

If you can create a profile with at least 20 high authority sites that you can start creating quality content and also for backlinks exchange with bloggers looking for awareness and traffic,

You can set your price as $5 for a content created and earn $50 per day here in Nigeria.

8. Earn Money With Buying And Selling Of Domain.

It's a good way of earning money online in Nigeria and you can even earn $2000 per single successful domain sold,

You can go into niche domain and start earning right away.

9. Earn Money Selling Video Course On Udemy

Udemy is best known for its good online education but you can start earning with udemy through selling video course,

Earn up-to $100 per day with udemy in Nigeria.

10. Earn $200 With Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is perfect but you have to know your way around, there are many ways you can make and earn money doing affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Finding the perfect affiliate program to join, then promoting with free or paid traffic sources.

You can earn $100 per day with affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

After Learning some of the best skills in Nigeria that can earn you a fortune what's next...... 

Try learning each skill to increase your chances of earning money online in Nigeria without spending a dime.

5 Online Business To Start  And Earn Today.

1. Blogging Business. 

Very profitable online business that you can earn alot if you master the basics of blogging and how to monetize your blog 

2. Affiliate Marketing Business 

Promoting other people's products and when a sale is made, you get paid.
3. Do Facebook Marketing 

If you are an expert in facebook marketing, you can earn huge with it as there are companies looking for who to get their products live. 

4. Do Cpa Marketing 

5. Do Social Media Marketing.. .Etc

The above steps I listed are proven to be effective when it comes to earning money online in Nigeria.
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