Friday, July 5, 2019

How To Recieve Payment Through PayPal In Nigeria

Ever since PayPal limit Nigeria PayPal account from sending and receiving payment through PayPal in Nigeria, 

mostly newbies into internet marketing are still confused on how to Recieve their payment from foreign countries that makes use of PayPal.

How To Recieve Payments Through PayPal In Nigeria From Any Country.

There are currently two ways that you can Recieve payments on PayPal and withdraw to your bank account if you have a PayPal account in Nigeria,

1. Recieve Payments With PayPal.Me Method In Nigeria is another way anyone can use to send and receive payments on their PayPal account. With you are accepting payments for goods and services.

You can turn on and off this payment receiving method in Nigeria if it doesn't suit your taste in getting payments.

2. Revive Payments Through PayPal In Nigeria With Payment Request Option.

This method has also proven to be effective when it comes to receiving payment in Nigeria.

To get payed through this method, 

1. navigate to request payment and input your payee PayPal email address,

2. Input your payment Rate after inputting tour address,

Then click on request payment from PayPal,

Wait for the PayPal account user to accept payment request.

3. Receiving Payment Through PayPal In Nigeria With PayPal Email Address.

You only need to give your clients your PayPal email address used in creating the PayPal you want to use and recieve payment in Nigeria.

This steps are tested and can be used to Recieve payments from other countries and in Nigeria through PayPal.

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