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How To Transfer Data On MTN | Transfer Your Megabytes (MB) From MTN To MTN


How do I transfer data on MTN or how can I share my data plans with my friends on MTN to MTN?

Here is the latest proven method of transferring megabytes (MB), Gigabytes (GB) from one MTN network to another MTN through SMS and Code transfer.

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How To Transfer Data On MTN To MTN 2017, 2018, 2019 Till Date.

Firstly you have to Register for MTN SME Data share by migrating to MTN SME TARIFF PLAN. 

simply *460# on your MTN phone number or SMS 460 to 131.

Quickly Subscribe to any of the MTN SME Bundle plan when you dial *461#

• Press 1 to quickly purchase a data bundle that you can start transferring with your MTN network.

• Press 2 if you want to check your MTN SME data balance 

• Press 3 if you want to register for MTN SME data bundle share,

• Press 4 to change or reset your MTN data transfer pin/code,

• Press 5 for MTN SME data share / Transfer code used in transferring data from MTN to MTN......etc

How You Can Start Data Transfer / Share On Any MTN SIM 

Step 1: migrate and register for MTN SME data share plan by dialing *460#

Step 2: Register for MTN SME DATA SHARE to start transferring data from MTN to MTN 

Step 3: Purchase any of the SME Data plan bundle on MTN by dialing *461*2# 

Step 4: Dial on your phone *461*3# to get transfer SMS code to transfer:

SMEA to Transfer 250mb on MTN,
SMEB to Transfer 500mb on MTN, 
SMEC to Transfer 1GB on MTN,
SMED to Transfer 2GB on MTN, 
SMEE to Transfer 5GB on MTN.....

Having gotten your data SMS transfer method on MTN then reset your transfer pin..

Once reset and done,  goto your SMS and type your data share code you want to share or transfer, 

Eg: SMEC 08137281069 1000 7527

Data Plan - Number - MB / GB - Data Transfer Pin

Here Is Step-by-step guide on how to share MTN data

When you have chosen one of the data bundle plans listed above – you can get to the next step! It's the processing of your data transfer. Let's take a look how to how to transfer mb on MTN step-by-step!

Step 1: To register for MTN Data Share, dial *131*2*1#. Another option is to simply send the message REG to 131, after that, you will receive a unique security PIN for registration!

Step 2: You will need to change this security PIN when you enter the system. It's possible to do by dialing *131*2*5#. Another option for changing your old pin to a new pin is by sending the message CHANGE with you old pin typed right in front of the word change and your new pin right after the old one to 131, for instance, “CHANGE 8888 9999”, where “8888” is your previous PIN and “9999” is your new Pin for Data share.

Step 3: You have changed the PIN, and now it's time to add beneficiaries to the MTN Data Share account! You can do it by using the MTN data transfer code *131*2*3#. There is also another option for you! You can always send the text message with the phone numbers of your beneficiaries to 131.

According to these terms, you are a data sponsor, and they are the data beneficiaries. Do not forget that you can add only five beneficiaries and you can always delete beneficiaries.

Step 4: It`s time that you can share your data plan with other people. You will need to send the keyword to start sharing the data with the number 131. You can also dial *131*2*4# to do the same!

Do not forget that you have a limit for your MTN Nigeria Data! Therefore, do not share this data with people unless you are sure that they really need it! You can add only five people to your MTN data beneficiaries list. However, you can also be a beneficiary to another persons willing to share data with you.

Therefore, do not waste your time and try MTN internet data sharing with your friends, relatives, and loved ones!

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