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NGAdverts - Nigeria Best Ads Network

NGAdverts Review 

NGAdverts is a Nigerian pay per click affiliate programs that you can make money with them as a publisher when you Generate revenue from your website traffic by placing adcodes from NG Adverts.

Our system ensures maximum revenue possible at any given time by rendering ads from the highest bidding advertisers on your website.

About NGAdverts 

NG Adverts is a dynamic Digital Marketing Agency helping businesses effectively advertise online in Nigeria. 

In addition to being a Top Online Advertising Agency in Nigeria, we are also a Top Ad Network in Nigeria where you can easily display your ads on thousands of websites simultaneously. We also develop custom Digital Marketing Strategies to help businesses achieve their desired goals.

Whether you want to reach new clients, drive traffic to your website or promote your product/service, NG Adverts has got you covered.

NGAdverts Advertising Overview 

NG Adverts Advertiser Boost Your Business online

Create your Pay Per Click (PPC) ads using our advertising solution and generate top quality leads to your websites. Your ads will be served in our enormous publisher network thereby ensuring widespread reach for your online business.

You may create your ads in Text or Banner formats. Our system supports all industry standard banner dimensions. You can control the target audience of your ads by configuring as many keywords as required. You may target your ads worldwide or filter traffic to your ads by specifying geographical targeting.

Click rates can be configured individually for ads and keywords according to your budget. You may configure click rates of your choice or rely on best minimum click rate suggested by our system. Our system allows you to regulate the ad clicks per day by leting you configure daily budget. You can also pause and resume your ad display anytime.

Track your ad performance using the advanced reports provided by our system for different time periods.The reports provide information about your top performing keywords as well as geographical locations.

Pay only when someone clicks on your ad. NG Adverts provides a highly cost effective advertising solution which ensures that you are paying only for genuine visitors to your web sites.

NG Adverts click processor is equipped with highly sophisticated and efficient fraud tracking mechanisms which can detect,prevent as well as reverse all kinds of automated and invalid click attempts. Click genuinity is given utmost priority so as to ensure that all your spendings are worthwhile.

NG Adverts provides multiple payment options for funding your advertising account. You can make payments using fast and secure Paypal gateway as well as bank or check payments. You can even transfer funds from your NG Adverts publisher account. History of your payments can be tracked easily from your account.

NGAdverts Publisher Overview 

NG Adverts Publisher Make Money From Your Websites.

Monetize your website traffic by placing adcodes from NG Adverts publisher account. NG Adverts gives you money for every valid click from your websites. 

Our system ensures that ads from highest bidders are rendered on your websites, thereby assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time.

Adcodes are available as simple one line html code for displaying text or banner ads. Our system supports all industry standard banner dimensions. NG Adverts adcodes are capable of identifying the most relevant keywords in your websites and generating best matching ads for the same.

You may customize adcodes from NG Adverts by modifying various style attributes so as to match with your website design. You can also configure filters in your adcodes for restricting your competitor ads from being displayed on your websites.

Monetizing From NG Adverts

Track your adcode performance and earnings using the advanced reports provided by our system for different time periods. These reports provide statistics of impressions, clicks, earnings and CTR of your adcodes. The reports help you to identify your top performing adcodes by providing detailed statistics of individual adcodes.

NG Adverts provides multiple payout options for withdrawing money from your publisher account. You can request payouts using fast and secure Paypal gateway as well as bank or check payments when your balance reaches minimum payout level. You can also transfer funds from your NG Adverts publisher account to your NG Adverts advertiser account. History of your payouts can be tracked easily from your account.

NGAdverts Refer And Earn 

NGAdverts refer and earn program allows you to earn money by referring advertisers and publishers to NGAdverts.

You can earn up-to 15% on advertisers and 5% on publishers.

The following under listed are very important to note before signing up for NG adverts.

1. High CPC: NG adverts pay as high as N40/click and min of N10/click.

2. Revenue Share: NG Adverts ensure publishers earn more than themselves which means you earn 70% of the advertiser’s bid the policy is 70/30%. This is the best lucrative opportunity to make more money from this ads network.

3. How you get paid: NG adverts is not a paid per impression (PPM neither is it a pay per action (PPA) rather a pay per click/cost per click (PPC/CPC).

4. Account type: You can eaither chose to register as an advertiser, publisher or both.

4. Ads Units: Publishers are recquired to create every ads unit separately. This means that if you use the same ads unit twice on a page one will display ads while the other will not. On like Google Adsense that you can use one ads unit on the same page several times.

5. Targeting: They have a geological targeting for advertisers choice
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