Monday, July 8, 2019

PayPal Ghana 2019: How To Create A Verified PayPal Account In Ghana For Free

Working PayPal Ghana Account 

Internet is changing fastly and technology has taken place, with a fully created and verified PayPal Ghana account, you can send and receive payments from all over the world in Ghana.

What Is A PayPal Account?

PayPal is an online payment services used by individuals and businesses to transfer money electronically in Ghana and any part of the world.

How Does A PayPal Account Works In Ghana

Knowing that PayPal is been used to transfer funds from one PayPal account to the other, here are other good use of a PayPal account in Ghana:

• To send or receive payments for any online auction at eBay, amazon or any other websites.

• Purchase or sell goods and services with your PayPal account in Ghana.

• To Make or receive donations with your PayPal Ghana account.

• Exchange cash with someone through PayPal.

Why Is It  Legal To Create A PayPal Ghana Account 

No other thing than getting paid and making payments from Ghana. Internet marketers in Ghana working online find it hard to Recieve payments from foreign countries and much more,

Buying product from amazon shop in Ghana and the rest of them. PayPal Ghana account helps you achieve more in your online business and offline.

How To Open A Verified PayPal Ghana Account 2019

Step 1: visit the PayPal Ghana website to register

Step 2: Hit the login button and choose sign up then select Individual PayPal account or business PayPal account.

Step 3: fill in your details both name and email address then choose password and click next, 

Step 4: submit your street address, state,  city, ghana zip code and phone number etc. 

Accept terms and conditions then submit and create account.

Step 5: Complete your PayPal Ghana account creation by verifying your email address then login.

Add debit card or master card details when asked to link cards for account verification process.

There are banks that accepts PayPal Ghana account and you can easily link your card.


Wrapping Up On PayPal Ghana 

You can easily create a verified PayPal Ghana account in 2019 with these working methods That can send and receive payments anywhere from Ghana.

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