Sunday, August 18, 2019

Cpmbux Review

Here is a complete Cpmbux review on how to get started with cpmbux.

Cpmbux Deep Advertiser and Publisher Relationships make us a reliable partner you can depend on. With our VERY Popular CPM Model that earns you Money from your website’s traffic.

Cpmbux Review 

CPMBux is an online ad network based in US. The revenue models of this ad network are CPC and CPM. 

More than 11000 publishers are using this ad network to monetize their sites. It is a good alternative to AdWorldMedia ad network. CPMBux review sites before approving them.

How Cpmbux Works? 

With just $1 of minimum payout and no minimal requirement, 

CPMBux is an easy way for publishers to make money online. CPMBux has been into this business from quite a sometime and their referral schemes are also good. 

CPMBux pays 80% of the advertising revenue to its publishers and 5% of what the referral earns. 

Their screening process is easy and once you sign up with them, you are almost ready to serve the ads unless your site has some illegal or offensive content. 

With CPMBux, you get a dedicated account representative and your publisher system is also clean which  provides detailed statistics. Publishers can make money from CPM/CPV basis.

Requirements Before You Join Cpmbux 

Host any illegal content like spam, malware, spyware, adware etc.

Have made for the advertising purpose.
Contain content written in any non-English language.

Link to illegitimate sites.

Promote warez and spam.

Have broken copyright laws.

The publishers must not

Alter the ad code or banners.

Use bots or software to manipulate clicks or impressions.

Use targeted keyword searches.

Click on their own ads or incentivize others to do.

Use bots, proxies, VPN, hitleap, autro refreshing sites, PTC sites and traffic exchanges to generate fake traffic.

Have multiple accounts.

Cpmbux Payment Proof

The publishers get paid on request basis. Generally they pay within 7 days after request. The minimum payout is $1. The payment options are PayPal and Payza.

Cpmbux Review Wrap up 

CPMBux works well for all types of sites. The publishers who have tried this ad network can share their experiences below. You can also send payment screenshots. Hope this CPMBux review help publishers to get started

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