Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Pickmonkey Affiliate Program

Pickmonkey Review

PicMonkey is an online photo editing and design service. It can be accessed from a web browser, or through the PicMonkey mobile app. 

PicMonkey's mission is to empower everyday creatives to communicate visually. It is headquartered in downtown Seattle, Washington

Pickmonkey Affiliate Review 

The PicMonkey affiliate program offers everyday creatives design alongside compelling images that make a point, express a view, and leave an impression. 

This program has a 30-day cookie duration. PicMonkey’s an easy “yes” for editing newcomers: there’s no software to download and our frequent new content offerings, beautiful interface, and ease-of-use ensure that many who try our features will opt for either our Premium or Supremium subscription. 

The Premium subscription provides full access to all features and is a recurring, auto-renewing subscription which comes in two flavors: annual or monthly. 

The Supremium subscription provides unlimited re-editable storage in PicMonkey Hub plus advanced organization features. It is available only as an annual subscription.

Why Join Pickmonkey Affiliate Program 

1. 30% commission for initial purchase — even for the $107.88 Supremium subscription!

2. 15% commission for renewals or additional purchases from returning customers.

3. A 45-day cookie means that if someone purchases later, you still get credit.

How Pickmonkey Affiliate Works And How To Get Started

In a world where image matters, boring isn't an option. PicMonkey helps everyday creatives design compelling images that make a point, express a view, and leave an impression. 

With PicMonkey's photo editing and design tools, good portraits become even better, meh photos transform into sparkling masterpieces, and words on shapes turn into richly communicative graphics.

1. We’re constantly adding new features, tools, and content so there’s lots of stuff to get your readers jazzed about.

2. PicMonkey Premium pricing options ($7.99 a month or $71.88 a year) make it a no-brainer for inspired readers to take the plunge, and you accrue more volume in commissions!

3. You have an instant tap on PicMonkey chatter via our active Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube communities. If you haven’t joined the party yet, get ready for a lovefest.

4. There’s so much potential. We’re growing by leaps and bounds and the stuff just keeps getting more amazing all the time.

5. We’re totally fun to work with and we kinda already have a crush on you.

Pickmonkey Affiliate Commission 

With Pickmonkey 30% recurring commission, you make more money as Pickmonkey affiliate.

Pickmonkey Application For Affiliate Program 

To apply for Pickmonkey affiliate program, you have to partner with Shareasale network.

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