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Studads Sign Up | Studads Review | Is Studads Legit

Studads Review 

Studads is a contextual advertising network located in US. The revenue models of this ad network are CPC and CPM. That is publishers get paid for all the valid clicks and impressions. It’s a great opportunity for all webmasters and bloggers to monetize their content with this advertising network.

Studads review sites of the publishers prior to approval. Once approved publishers need to add HTML code on their sites to show ads. This ad network ensures to deliver best ad inventory in terms of prices, quality and relevance.

Even advertisers have several benefits using Studads to drive traffic.

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How Does Studads Works? 

1- Compose your ads with links to your website

2- We publish your ads on several thousand websites

3- You pay only for real and unique visitors that come to your

website through your ads with our network.

Why Studads Network 

* We have a foolproof click fraud detection system, so you only pay for real and unique visitors.

* You pay as little as $0.01 per each real unique visitor.

Signing Up And Getting Started With Studads 

1- Sign up for a free account.

2- Copy some HTML code we give you.

3- Paste the HTML in any blank space in your website. And watch your income growing day by day.

Benefits Of Being A Studads Publisher 

* We pay 80% that is the highest in the industry.

* We pay monthly and minimum payout is $10

* Ads are keywords targeted.

Why Studads 

Relaxed terms

Easy signup process

Global coverage

100% fill rate

Ads start showing once code get placed on the site.

Publishers can use the same ad units on any number of blogs, whereas in other ad networks it’s not possible.

Low minimum payout

Timely payments.

Cons Of Studads 

Studads don’t have PayPal payment option. Majority of publishers worldwide use PayPal to receive online income.

Only one payment option.

No referral program.

Small bloggers and publishers can boost their online earnings with Studads advertising network. 

However the earnings depend on the visitor’s location and niche of the site. Sites having killer content and decent traffic will certainly perform well. Hope this Studads review help others to get started.

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