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Loan Apps In Ghana

Loan Apps In Ghana 

Do you live in Ghana Accra, these money lending loan apps in ghana will help you get a quick easy cash loan as a student, loan as a business man in ghana, loan without any security issues in ghana.

Top Best Loan Apps In Ghana 

1. Barclays Loan Ghana App

Barclay loan app has over 50,000+ download on play store and good review on it by Ghanaians.

The barclays loan app can be downloaded on IOS and Android which has a download size of 23.55mb offered by Absa group limited.

With Barclays loan Mobile App, you can now enjoy cash loan and banking conveniently in your pocket. 

Enjoy the freedom that comes with doing your borrowing cash from your phone for free.

2. Standtall Loan App In Ghana 

Lending made easy with StandTall Micro Credit loan app, 

Standtall Microcredit Enterprise is registered with the Registrar General's Department and licensed by the Bank of Ghana. 

It is a good standing member of Micro Credit Association of Ghana (MCAG).

Standtall gives micro credit loans to individuals and businesses at affordable interest rates.

3. Carbon / Paylater Loan App In Ghana 

Get instant loans, invest money, and make payments - all in the Carbon app.

Carbon (formerly Paylater) lets you control your finances with a few clicks. 

You can get instant short-term loans for urgent needs, invest money to earn high-interest rates, recharge airtime on your mobile phone, and make bill payments for services.

It’s fast, secure, reliable and works 24/7. Currently available in Ghana.

With carbon loan, you can Get instant loans of up to ₦1million within minutes. No documents or collateral required

Also, Grow your wealth, Earn interest of up to 15.5% annually by investing in PayVest, Carbon's high-interest investment plan

4. Instant Personal Loan App In Ghana 

The PaySense app allows you to apply for instant personal loans of up to ₹5 lakhs at attractive interest rates, zero collateral, and flexible EMIs. We have partnered with IIFL and Fullerton for disbursing personal loans.

5 Million+ users have already installed the PaySense app to get an urgent personal loan for emergency cash requirements like marriage expenses, buying a two-wheeler, paying school, medical emergencies and college fees, upgrading to new electronics, paying credit card bills, buying jewelry, for home decor, etc.

It is one of the best Ghana personal loan apps in the market that offers easy loans to both, self-employed and salaried individuals. 

Also, it offers online approvals to early salary loans within 2 working hours, making PaySense one of the instant loans approval apps in the industry.

5. Fairmoney Loan App In Ghana

Fairmoney provide access to loans with a few clicks on the FairMoney App.

With Fairmoney Loan App you can Get an instant loan with FairMoney (Interest rate 15 - 30%) and repay it within 1-6 months. Maximum annual APR is 13%, see the representative example plus more information below.

Sign up in minutes, apply and build your loan limit for any financial need with funds directly sent to your bank account via the FairMoney loan app.

These are the top loan apps in ghana 
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