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Loan Apps In Nigeria

Loan Apps In Nigeria 

I want to share with you the best and most trusted loan apps in Nigeria 2020, These old and new loan apps in Nigeria can borrow you not less than 150k loan without collateral.

These loan apps are available on Playstore and Apple, simply hit the download button and download the loan apps in one piece especially for those that needs loan apps for iPhone, 

These loan apps is Trusted by thousands of Nigerians and rated as the best Mobile Loan in Nigeria.

Best Loan Apps In Nigeria To Borrow Up-to 150k Loan Without Collateral 

1. Fairmoney Loan App In Nigeria 

Fairmoney is an Instant loan app and bill payment app offered by FairMoney

FairMoney app offers instant loans to be repaid within 2 to 6 months (10-30% interest rate, 120-260% APR, example below) and airtime, data payment with the best discounts in Nigeria (-5%)!

FairMoney is a loan app in Nigeria and a bill payment app. It’s fast, secure and reliable.

How To Apply For Loan On Fairmoney Loan App 

• Answer a few questions and receive a credit decision in seconds. We encrypt the data you choose to share with us to protect your privacy.

• Money disbursed directly to the bank account you provide us.

• If you're not eligible, please try again in a few weeks.

Fairmoney Loan App Features:

You can now buy airtime and data in the app! Pay bills to build your credit score and get better loans with FairMoney App in Nigeria.

Fairmoney Loan Rates And Interest 

On FairMoney anyone can access between ₦1,500 to ₦150,000 in loan amount. 

Fairmoney Loan repayment periods range between 60 to 180 days allowing you to pay back in installments. 

Monthly interest rates range from 10% to 28% EIR (EIR: Effective Interest Rate per month) and APR from 120% to 260%. 

2. Sokoloan App In Nigeria 

With the new loan app,  you Get instant loan from soko to fulfill your extra ugent cash need any time.

About Sokoloan App

Get your loan right to your bank account and you can chooese to repay within 2 to 6 months.

Interest ranges from 4.5% – 34%.

For online loan apps in Nigeria without collateral, fast loans and quick loans in Nigeria, Download and apply for Sokoloan

Several simple steps to get a loan From Soko Loan App In Nigeria:

step1. Create your account

step2. Apply in seconds

step3. Receive your loan straight into your  bank account

step4. Increase your loan limit each time you repay your loan.

Read About: Sokoloan Review

3. Aella Credit Loan App In Nigeria 

Aella Credit makes it easy for employees in our network to access cash at the most competitive rates anytime, anywhere. 

Their loan application requires only your Name and employee ID number. 

With Aella credit Loan App, you can Receive your loan straight to your Bank Account in 2 minutes or less. 

Get your company to sign up now and download the Aella loan app. It will change the way you borrow.

4. Palmcredit Loan App In Nigeria 

Up to ₦100,000 Limit with Palmcredit Loan App, Instant Approval in 5 Mins.

• Loans Limit Range From NGN 2,000 to NGN 100,000

• Has Loans Duration Ranging Between 91days to 180days

• Loans Interest Rate: 14% to 24%, Equivalent Monthly interest 4%~4.7%, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on a Palmcredit loan is 48%~56%

Here Is How Palmcredit Loan App Works In Nigeria.

Palmcredit offers flexible loan products within minutes

• Only three steps to Your loan:

 - Register
 - Get Approval
 - Disbursement to your bank account

• No paper work, no collateral and get quick loans up to  ₦100,00 within 3 - 5 minutes.

• Repay your loans in time or complete Increase Limit tasks to build your credit limit and reduce on interest rate.

• Refer friends to join in Palmcredit App & Earn up to  ₦80,000 Cash Bonus.

5. Carbon ( Paylater)  Loan App

With the updated loan app, you can perform even more financial transactions!

- Use your Wallet to make transactions and earn rewards across Carbon

- Get instant loans of up to ₦1million within minutes. No documents or collateral required

- Grow your wealth. Earn interest of up to 16% annually by investing in PayVest, Carbon's high-interest investment plan

- Recharge airtime on any mobile network

- Pay bills for all your favourite services, such as GoTV, DSTV, LCC, or Bet9ja

- Transfer money to friends and family.

Carbon (formerly Paylater) lets you control your finances with a few clicks. 

You can get instant short-term loans for urgent needs, invest money to earn high-interest rates, recharge airtime on your mobile phone, and make bill payments for services with these loan app.

It’s fast, secure, reliable and works 24/7. Currently available in Nigeria.

6.  Quickcheck Loan App In Nigeria 

Never go broke again. No long queues, no long wait times. Just your smartphones and the QuickCheck app. 

Access quick cash loans at single digit interest rates, anywhere, anytime. This loan app for Nigerians, helps Nigerians access instant online quick loans without collateral.


QuickCheck is only available to serve customers in Nigeria with Android phones.

How To Apply For Loan Through Quickcheck Loan App 

If you live in Nigeria, need quick cash to settle emergencies and have an android device, all you have to do is 

Step 1: Download the loan app for free

Step 2: Sign up to create an account

Step 3: Apply for a loan in less than one minute

Step 4: We will run a credit scoring using our own algorithm. No collateral needed. 

Step 5: If eligible, the cash loan will be disbursed to your account within minutes.
If you are not eligible, please wait 2 weeks and apply again.

Why Quickcheck Loan App 

• No hidden charges
• No collateral needed
• You can borrow up to 200,000 naira
• You can choose your payment tenure
• It is fast, secure, reliable and easy to use
• We use artificial intelligence algorithms to run credit scoring
• We provide an instant credit decision
• We are available 24 hours, every day of the week.

Quickcheck Fees And Interest 

A QuickCheck loan has interest rates starting from as low as 5% monthly on the first loan. Loans range from ₦1,500 to ₦500k with terms from 4 weeks - 1 year. Interest ranges from 2% - 30%, with an equivalent monthly interest rate of 1 - 21%.

Quickcheck Loan Repayment 

To repay your loan, please log in to your QuickCheck app and follow the instructions. 

Other payment methods are also supported.

7. FastLoans App

FastLoan is an application from Fidelity Bank Plc for processing micro loans. 

The application allows for instant disbursement of loans within 2 minutes as well as seamless repayment of loans through various flexible options without documentation, collateral or bank visit.

With just your phone number and a bank account, they will offer you a loan and disburse to your preferred bank account within minutes. Repay on time consistently and get access to even higher loan offers.

To get started with FastLoan

-Download the App

-Create an account using an email and a phone number

-Get instant access to loan offers

-Disburse to your preferred bank account.

8. SmartCredits Loan App In Nigeria 

SmartCredit provides quick cash loans within 5 minutes of request

SmartCredit seeks to quickly meet short-term micro finance needs of individuals using alternative data and mobile technology. 

It's promise is to disburse loans to qualified applicants within 5 minutes of request using their mobile devices and computers from the comfort of their locations (home, office or anywhere) and without completing any physical forms.

With a fixed 1% interest rate running daily for either a 15 or 30 days payment tenure, SmartCredit is available 24/7 anywhere in Nigeria.

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