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Ecobank Transfer Code | Ecobank Mobile Money Transfer Code

Ecobank Transfer Code And How To Activate 

Ecobank *326# Ussd code for mobile banking has saved a lot of people from stressing themselves visiting any Ecobank branch for transactions.

Now you can make transfer, buy airtime and also pay bills with Ecobank Mobile money transfer code, dial *326# and get started.

How To Get Started With Ecobank Mobile Money Code 

Simply dial *326# with your mobile number linked with your Ecobank account then follow the menu options.

You can also open an Ecobank xpress account if you don't have one on Ecobank when you dial *326#.

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How Ecobank Mobile Banking Works

1. Dial the Ecobank ussd code *326*1# to get details of your account when ever you need it. 

2. For Ecobank transfer code dial *326*2# then proceed with the options

3. Do more transaction with your Ecobank xpress cash account when you dial *326*3# 

4. Use Ecobank code *326*4# to buy airtime and also recharge your friends.

5. Need to pay any bills with your Ecobank account dial *326*5#

6. You can easily pay merchants from anywhere when you dial code *326*6#

7. To get a Loan from Ecobank now can be done easily when you dial *326*7# and get started.

Fast Way To Use Ecobank Ussd Code For Mobile Banking 

Most of the times you may need to transact on a one time Ecobank Ussd code, either with Ecobank transfer code or Ecobank recharge code, here is how to get it done easily.

How To Transfer Money With Ecobank Transfer Code 

On your registered linked number with Ecobank, Dial *326*amount*account number# then enter your Ecobank transfer pin.

How To Make Recharge With Ecobank Recharge Code 

Either for your friends or for personal use, with your mobile phone dial *326* recharge amount# to recharge your line.

To recharge your friends / family dial *326*airtime amount*phone number# then input your pin to proceed.

How To Check Your Ecobank Account Balance With Code

Mainly checking my account balance with code has been easy by dialing the Ecobank ussd code *326*1*1# I get details of it. 

How To Borrow Loan From Ecobank Bank 

Getting a loan when you run out of cash from Ecobank is good as a salary account customer, you can borrow an instant online loan with Ecobank loan code when you dial *326*7# and proceed with the options. Read more on Ecobank Loan 

Wrapping Up On Ecobank Code 

The Ecobank Ussd code for mobile banking saves stress and time, allowing you to manage your Ecobank account anywhere you are. 
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