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Fast Selling Items In Ghana To Sell With Little Capital - Lucrative Business In Ghana

Top Business In Ghana To Start With Little Or No Start Capital 

Fast selling items in ghana
Fast Selling Items In Ghana 

(1) Popcorn Business

There are lot of money to be made from this business. Popcorn is widely consumed by Ghanaians, and many people prefer it as their snacks. Popcorns are high in demands in occasions, party, ceremonies, etc. 

This business is the cheapest business with little capital in Ghana. Why not consider this business?

(2) Snail Farming

Snails are very popular in Ghana and has a huge demand in markets due to it’s delicious taste. 

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You can start making good income through snail farming in Ghana. It is a low risk business and one of the examples of small businesses in Ghana.

(3) Car Wash Business

This business involves washing and cleaning peoples car in exchange for money. Majority of car owners in Ghana finds it hard to wash their own cars especially most of this rich men (due to their limited time. This is what brings about the profitability of car wash business. 

You will need proper training on the techniques needed in washing cars. This business is not capital intensive on small scale.

(4) Internet Business

Online business opportunities have been thriving seriously in Ghana. 

There are low capital online businesses you can fit in: like Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Freelancer, Online consultant, etc.

(5) Phone Repair

Phone repair business is a lucrative business in Ghana. There are lots of phones getting spoilt daily and it requires the service of a phone repairer. 

Before you start this business you will need a good location, Your location will determine the amount of customers you will get.

(6) Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a profitable business, although it is a risky business, seriously it requires good and proper management. 

You can start a backyard poultry farming which requires little capital. There is a huge profit on this business.

(7) Bead Making

Bead making business is currently booming in Ghana. The demand for beaded materials like bags, necklace, bangles, earrings are very high. 

This business requires little capital like 200Ghc-500Ghc to get started and it is very profitable. The only requirements needed to start this business are: Creativity and Capital (CC).

(8) Fruit Salad Business

Fruit salad business involves selling different varieties of fruits like cucumber, apples, pineapples, bananas, pawpaw, carrots, watermelon, grapes. 

The demand for fruit salad is relatively high especially in urban areas. Before you start this business, ensure you can mix fruits to form a good tasty fruit salad, start by mixing small quantities for friends and families.

(9) Cake Production

The cake production is a profitable business in Ghana that requires small capital. Cake is the most consumed baked snacks in Ghana, 

The demand for cakes especially at Birthdays, Wedding, Events and Anniversaries is very high. Cakes are very cheap to purchase. 

The cost of starting this business all depends on how you want to get started. Make research and get necessary trainings before getting started.

(10) Selling Of Cell Phones

Technology keeps on increasing daily. 90% of Ghanaians own a phone, And 70% still want to buy new phones. Phone selling business is a lucrative venture for serious mind. 

Understand the market and have business plan for your business. Location of your phone shop matters a lot, Site your phone business where people can easily notice you.

(11) Footwear Business

Everyone needs footwear. The lucrativeness of footwear business is very high. Starting this business in Ghana is very easy, First you need to get the necessary training’s, then good business location, and choose the part to specialize in (Whether children’s wear, women or men’s wear) and a marketing skills.

(12) Soap Making Business

Soap is a daily use products, And soap making is a very profitable business here in Ghana. 

You will need training, capital, and equipments for your soap making business.

(13) Graphic Designing

Graphic design is a business of using images, motion or topography to make a design (visual concepts). Before establishing this business, you will need business plan on how to run your graphic design business. 

You can run this business from home, don’t forget that marketing is very important in generating income for your business (So have a marketing plan).

(14) Barbing Salon

Barbing salon is one of the best business opportunities in Ghana that requires little capital. Barbers do make money on a daily basis. 

Don’t overlook this business because it profitability is very huge.

(15) Dry Cleaning

Laundry or dry cleaning services are a successful business in Ghana which does not require any huge capital. This business can be run from home. Get more knowledge on the business model and get started.
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