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Business To Start With 5k, 50k, 100k, 200k, 500k, In Kenya 2020

Business To Start In Kenya 

There are more than 100 profitable business ideas that Kenyans can start up with little or no capital, this business can go a long way and can even turn to a multi-million business. You can start this lucrative businesses in Kenya with as little as 5k, 50k, 100k, 200k, 500k and make 100% profits in a short period of time.

Top Lucrative Businesses To Start With 5k, 50k, 100k, 200k, 500k In Kenya 2020

1. Start Roadside Fast Food Corner Business In Kenya

This is an old tried and tested business that you can start with 100k or less in Kenya. If you wish to reap the rewards surely, but steadily, food is an excellent business domain. Food is an essential need and its demand can never come down. 

Thus, it is considered a money-making activity. If you are hard working and wish to test your culinary skills, you can opt for this business choice.

Maintain quality, good portions, be exceptional and create your own brand. Follow these simple tips and first time visitors will quickly become regulars.

2. Fashion Design Business In Kenya 

Acquire the skill of a professional designer, get a shop and a machine ( industral machine)  which may cost you 100k - 300k and you are good to go.

Let’s say you can make the design for both sexes in Kenya, that is a huge advantage to you and more money.

3. Office Supply Business In Kenya 

Office workers are usually totally engrossed in their work, work long hours and often have little time to shop.

Contact your local offices here in Kenya and enquire about being an office supplier. You can provide them with everything they need, from office accessories to fashion items and grocery products. The only advice – Don’t be greedy, but honest and fair with your prices.

The key is to keep them happy so you can make a steady income and gain referrals. Don’t look to get rich quick.

4. Rice Farming Business In Kenya 

Rice production is considerably low in Kenya in comparison to its consumption rate. Therefore, the cultivation of rice can be a guaranteed idea to start a business and a fruitful source of profits.

5. Photography Business In Kenya 

This is equally a skill you can learn and use it to get yourself paid well. All you need is a camera, sometimes a studio and the necessary skill, and you are good to go.

A camera may cost up-to 50k - 100k or more and other photographers equipments in Kenya. This type of business can fetch you more than 100,000 ksh when build up in a big way in Kenya.

6. Website Designing In Kenya 

This is quickly growing to be one of the most favorable and budding business domains for young entrepreneurs, not just in Kenya, but also across the globe. 

All you need to have is a deep and clear understanding of online processes, marketing strategies, SEO tactics and legal guidelines. This is cost-effective, futuristic, gainful and customer-focused.

7. Internet Business In Kenya  

Can you imagine this world without the Internet? Surely not, You and Us won’t Like that.

Kenyan's and Africans as a whole are avid Internet users. If you can provide Internet connection at fair prices, throw in the occasional offer, and advertise smartly you could earn plenty of money.

8. Start Tutoring Business In Kenya 

Education is a fundamental right, but ironically, there aren’t enough good schools to offer it. Not just Kenyan's, but every parent in the universe wants his child to have the best education. 

As there is an absence of high-quality schools in Kenya, tutoring can fetch you high income.

Don’t limit your options to academic tutoring. Turn your hard and soft skills in to a lesson. For example can you play a musical instrument? Can you draw or design jewellery? Are you a food lover or cook? Are you highly skilled at a specific sport? Website design? Maybe you have a passion for creative writing, dancing or even farming?

Tutoring is an excellent small business in Kenya to make money. You can decide to do it part time or full time. Before you go into Tutoring make sure you have an exceptional knowledge and experience in your specific area/niche

9. Start Barbing Saloon Business In Kenya 

This is one more profitable small scale business in Angola, you can start with 100k - 200k in Kenya.

The beautiful thing about running a male or female saloon is that what you spend most times is just the skill. 

The starting capital to get the equipments is the basic cash you may need to spend which cost less than 1000 dollars, unless you want to service them of course, or need fuel for cases of power outage.

10. Snail Rearing Business In Kenya 

If you establish yourself as a snail retailer, you are surely on the way to immense wealth. Snail rearing is an effortless task, as it requires less expenditure on food and shelter.

They reproduce at a faster rate and the Angolan’s markets are always willing to pay for them.

11. Start Poultry Farming Business 

According to our research, poultry farming will be said to be one of the cheapest and most unique business one can start in Kenya.

Poultry farming is expanding as fast as possible, This sector has what it takes to be successful. Birds are easy to rear; they breed fast and quickly mature to market weight.

You can start off small and quickly scale up which makes poultry farming a profitable business in Angola. Sell eggs and meat in the market and get your pockets filled with cash.

12. Start Laundry And Ironing Business In Kenya 

Another nice business idea in Angola that you can easily start if you have a 200k - 500k in Kenya.

With the advent of technology you don’t even have to use your hands, a machine can do it for you which may cost around 300k to start laundry business and in twinkle of an eye and gets you cool cash.

13. Second Hand Products 

The second hand product business in Kenya is rising everyday by day. As a growing sector and a good business opportunity in Kenya it helps to increase the lifecycles of products.

Who doesn’t like spending less for something really superior in quality? Kenyans can readily pay anything for second-hand products if they are fit for use.

For this business you need to understand what people want to buy, and build connections with suppliers who can provide you with the goods.

Start small, focus on quality, charge reasonable prices and build your customer base. The key is to keep your customers happy.

These business are one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya to start with 5k, 50k, 100k, 200k, 500k in Kenya 2020.
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