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How To Earn Money Online In Nigeria

Am a Nigerian guy who earns money online here in Nigeria and also an internet guru, but not everyone knows how it works and how to earn money online in Nigeria, well that's the purpose of me creating this awesome content, Read till the end......

How Can One Earn Money Online In Nigeria? 

There are currently 20 legit paying method of earning money online in Nigeria but as it stands I am going to introduce you to the easiest way to make money in Nigeria,

So here is what you need if you want to start earning money online in Nigeria:

1. A Payment Account 

This is for payment receiving of any amount that you earn here in Nigeria, I always advise you go for PayPal and Payoneer Account In Nigeria.

These two accounts are well known for their excellent performance to their customers and they receive payment fast from any part of the country.

PayPal Ghana 2019

How To Open A Payoneer Account

2. A Skill In Demand 

Of course you need a skill in demand because you are not learning on how to become a yahoo, the plan here is to get a skill which I will show you and monetize it to be earning you at least 100k a month in Nigeria.

10 Internet Skill To Earn Money Online In Nigeria 

1. Earn Money With Graphic Designing In Nigeria 

Yes it pays alot to be a graphic design in Nigeria and can start earning straight away, you only need to have a strong humor of design, someone who can design in a magnificent way. 

2. Earn Money With Fiverr Nigeria 

Fiverr is an online market place where you can order a service in all kinds of internet related from web designing, content writing, logo creation etc..... 

You can earn up-to $100 per day in Nigeria if you know your way around, the task is Create a Fiverr seller account in Nigeria and create a GIG,

Once someone orders your GIG / service you earn depending on the amount you place on the GIG.

3. Earn Money Online In Nigeria With Web Development In Nigeria 

It pays to be a web developer because this is a rare skill Here in Nigeria but you can stand a chance of making a lot of money if you learn how to develop a website in Nigeria.

You can earn up-to $100 per day depending on the kind of project that you are working on, and if you are good at it you can even earn close to $200 here in Nigeria.

4. Earn $1000 With Content Writing In Nigeria 

Yes there are companies looking for article writers in Nigeria and mainly in need of SEO optimize writers in Nigeria,

If you can create a fully SEO optimize content then you can start earning with this skill straight away,  

You can create a GiG on Fiverr Or take it to your facebook or social media timeline then inform your friends about your new online professional skill and start earning.

5. Earn Money Running SEO Services In Nigeria 

Nigerian bloggers are too blind with SEO and it's not only in Nigeria but also many part of the world, you can Learn how to run SEO services Like:

• Backlinks Building 
• On Page SEO optimization 
• Content Creation 
• Site Submission etc.........
With some of SEO in demand, you can start rendering SEO quality services and earn money online doing so in Nigeria.

6. Earn Money With Chatbots Creation In Nigeria

If you can create a Chatbot successfully in Nigeria then you are step ahead of making 5000 Naira everyday in Nigeria as internet marketers and bloggers make use of this tool for traffic growth and marketing sales.

Clickbank Nigeria 

7. Write Articles On Authority Sites And Earn Up-to $100 In Nigeria

If you can create a profile with at least 20 high authority sites that you can start creating quality content and also for backlinks exchange with bloggers looking for awareness and traffic,

You can set your price as $5 for a content created and earn $50 per day here in Nigeria.

8. Earn Money With Buying And Selling Of Domain.

It's a good way of earning money online in Nigeria and you can even earn $2000 per single successful domain sold,

You can go into niche domain and start earning right away.

9. Earn Money Selling Video Course On Udemy

Udemy is best known for its good online education but you can start earning with udemy through selling video course,

Earn up-to $100 per day with udemy in Nigeria.

10. Earn $200 With Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is perfect but you have to know your way around, there are many ways you can make and earn money doing affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Finding the perfect affiliate program to join, then promoting with free or paid traffic sources.

You can earn $100 per day with affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

After Learning some of the best skills in Nigeria that can earn you a fortune what's next...... 

Try learning each skill to increase your chances of earning money online in Nigeria without spending a dime.

5 Online Business To Start  And Earn Today.

1. Blogging Business. 

Very profitable online business that you can earn alot if you master the basics of blogging and how to monetize your blog 

2. Affiliate Marketing Business 

Promoting other people's products and when a sale is made, you get paid.
3. Do Facebook Marketing 

If you are an expert in facebook marketing, you can earn huge with it as there are companies looking for who to get their products live. 

4. Do Cpa Marketing 

5. Do Social Media Marketing.. .Etc

The above steps I listed are proven to be effective when it comes to earning money online in Nigeria.
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Sunday, July 21, 2019

How To Transfer Data On MTN | Transfer Your Megabytes (MB) From MTN To MTN


How do I transfer data on MTN or how can I share my data plans with my friends on MTN to MTN?

Here is the latest proven method of transferring megabytes (MB), Gigabytes (GB) from one MTN network to another MTN through SMS and Code transfer.

How To Make Money With MTN 
Clickbank Nigeria 
Konga Affiliate Program 

How To Transfer Data On MTN To MTN 2017, 2018, 2019 Till Date.

Firstly you have to Register for MTN SME Data share by migrating to MTN SME TARIFF PLAN. 

simply *460# on your MTN phone number or SMS 460 to 131.

Quickly Subscribe to any of the MTN SME Bundle plan when you dial *461#

• Press 1 to quickly purchase a data bundle that you can start transferring with your MTN network.

• Press 2 if you want to check your MTN SME data balance 

• Press 3 if you want to register for MTN SME data bundle share,

• Press 4 to change or reset your MTN data transfer pin/code,

• Press 5 for MTN SME data share / Transfer code used in transferring data from MTN to MTN......etc

How You Can Start Data Transfer / Share On Any MTN SIM 

Step 1: migrate and register for MTN SME data share plan by dialing *460#

Step 2: Register for MTN SME DATA SHARE to start transferring data from MTN to MTN 

Step 3: Purchase any of the SME Data plan bundle on MTN by dialing *461*2# 

Step 4: Dial on your phone *461*3# to get transfer SMS code to transfer:

SMEA to Transfer 250mb on MTN,
SMEB to Transfer 500mb on MTN, 
SMEC to Transfer 1GB on MTN,
SMED to Transfer 2GB on MTN, 
SMEE to Transfer 5GB on MTN.....

Having gotten your data SMS transfer method on MTN then reset your transfer pin..

Once reset and done,  goto your SMS and type your data share code you want to share or transfer, 

Eg: SMEC 08137281069 1000 7527

Data Plan - Number - MB / GB - Data Transfer Pin

Here Is Step-by-step guide on how to share MTN data

When you have chosen one of the data bundle plans listed above – you can get to the next step! It's the processing of your data transfer. Let's take a look how to how to transfer mb on MTN step-by-step!

Step 1: To register for MTN Data Share, dial *131*2*1#. Another option is to simply send the message REG to 131, after that, you will receive a unique security PIN for registration!

Step 2: You will need to change this security PIN when you enter the system. It's possible to do by dialing *131*2*5#. Another option for changing your old pin to a new pin is by sending the message CHANGE with you old pin typed right in front of the word change and your new pin right after the old one to 131, for instance, “CHANGE 8888 9999”, where “8888” is your previous PIN and “9999” is your new Pin for Data share.

Step 3: You have changed the PIN, and now it's time to add beneficiaries to the MTN Data Share account! You can do it by using the MTN data transfer code *131*2*3#. There is also another option for you! You can always send the text message with the phone numbers of your beneficiaries to 131.

According to these terms, you are a data sponsor, and they are the data beneficiaries. Do not forget that you can add only five beneficiaries and you can always delete beneficiaries.

Step 4: It`s time that you can share your data plan with other people. You will need to send the keyword to start sharing the data with the number 131. You can also dial *131*2*4# to do the same!

Do not forget that you have a limit for your MTN Nigeria Data! Therefore, do not share this data with people unless you are sure that they really need it! You can add only five people to your MTN data beneficiaries list. However, you can also be a beneficiary to another persons willing to share data with you.

Therefore, do not waste your time and try MTN internet data sharing with your friends, relatives, and loved ones!

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Free Airtime App In Nigeria | Earn Free Airtime And Data In Nigeria

I am getting free airtime from Vskit App in Nigeria and has gotten up-to 5,000 Naira free airtime through this app. 

Free Airtime App In Nigeria 

Yes there are real apps that earns you free airtime in Nigeria most of these apps are said to be free airtime surveys in Nigeria and here is how they work.

You earn free airtime when you participate in their daily activities which is:

Hey This Is Hot In Town: Have you heard of Jumia one App that earns you free 1000 as soon as you download and purchase airtime or data plus 20% cash back....

Download is below.

Hi there! Visit to buy airtime and pay your bills. Enjoy 20% cashback on your first transaction when you enter the code WELCOME20. #jumiaone 

• Logging In Everyday on the app earns you 35 Naira free airtime,

• Confirming your invite code earns you free 50 Naira credit / airtime in Nigeria,

• Inviting your friends to download the app also earns you 100 Naira free airtime through this app....etc

What About This Free Airtime App In Nigeria?

The airtime app is called Vskit App, it's a company's app looking for a way to promote their app and make it visible to every part of Nigerian by offering the free airtime surveys in Nigeria.

How To Earn Free Airtime With Vskit App In Nigeria.

2. Click On The Click to claim image and it will take you to Playstore where you can download the free airtime surveys app,

3. Download the app and sign up with the app, 

4. Click on explore button found on the  bottom of the App,

5. Tap on the Promo Advert at the top and input this invitation Code E7EE943

6. Click on claim and you will be given free 50 Naira airtime then

7. Copy your Invitation code and start referring others to download the app and get free airtime......

Make Use Of invitation Code E7EE943

Claim Your Bonus and start enjoying free airtime through these app in Nigeria....

Note: their free airtime can be used on any network provider in Nigeria.
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Clickbank Nigeria 2019 | Open A Clickbank Account In Nigeria

Here is a working Latest Clickbank Nigeria account creation, Learn the full guide on how to create and open a verified clickbank account in Nigeria 2019/2020.

About Clickbank

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing program. ClickBank was founded in 1998 and is privately-held, The company has more than six-million clients worldwide which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.

ClickBank is a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc., one of Idaho's largest privately held technology companies. The company has headquarters in Boise, Idaho, and offices in Broomfield, Colorado.

How Does Clickbank Works In Nigeria? 

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing network that you can make money as a clickbank affiliate in Nigeria.

Here Is A Quick Step On How Clickbank Works In Nigeria 

• You sign up as a Clickbank affiliate in Nigeria 

• Get Your Clickbank Nigeria affiliate link, 

• Search for products on Clickbank and get the affiliate link for the products, quickly copy to a notepad,

• Promote via SEO or paud traffic on your Clickbank offers / products affiliate link.

Clickbank Nigeria Account Creation Requirements 

Unlike every other affiliate marketing network that is easy to sign up with that only requires email address, creating a  Clickbank account in Nigeria is tough but here are few things needed to smoother the application form:

1. A Text Plus App 

This app helps in creating a foreign USA number that can be used in verification and applying for any affiliate marketing network like Clickbank in Nigeria.

2. Foreign Address And Zip Code..

Each country and state has a postal code, you can try googling for USA country postal code and address.

3. A Functional Email Address 

you can create an email address if you don't have one, but if you do just make sure it's working as you will need to verify your email address.

4. A Strong Vpn 

I recommend using a great vpn that will hide your IP when creating your Clickbank Nigeria account, make use of Surfshark Vpn.

How To Create A Working Clickbank Account In Nigeria 

Get an internet connection device and proceed by these steps:

Step 1: visit  and click on the menu button found on clickbank homepage,

Step 2: Click on create account or login to your clickbank account if you have any account with them before,

Step 3: Complete your account registration by filling out your clickbank account creation details which may include:

• Country
• Name
• Phone Number
• Email Address etc........

Step 4: Complete the three account creation stage when creating or signing up for your clickbank account...

1. Personal Information

This is the first stage of clickbank affiliate account sign up that request for information about you:

Eg: Name & Address, Phone Number, Country, Zip Code, Age etc..

2. Banking Information

This is the second stage of creating a clickbank affiliate account and it contains information about:

How you can get paid, Payment Method, Payment Address etc....

3. Account Information

This is the final stage of creating an account with clickbank as it requires providing your Clickbank Username, Password and so much.

Once you complete the information, submit and wait for confirmation and approval for your clickbank affiliate account.

So what's now, you have finish creating and signing up for your Clickbank affiliate account in Nigeria, Lets go and make money with clickbank Program.

How To Make Money From Clickbank In Nigeria 

If you want to make money from Clickbank affiliate easily, here is a procedure to take and earn,

1. Navigate to your clickbank account dashboard ( where every tracking link for your affiliate offer is been recorded ).

2. Choose the offer or affiliate product that you want to promote from Clickbank ( this maybe travel affiliate products, sports affiliate products, health affiliate products, tech and others... Etc )

3. Proceed by getting your affiliate link for the product, this is a tiny link that comes in html, when promoting clickbank products always make use of your affiliate products link to recieve commission...

Best Way To Promote And Make Money With Clickbank In Nigeria 

1. Getting Hot Products From Clickbank

How do you find a hot products from Clickbank? There is a simple way to find out hot buyer keyword from Clickbank and one of them is through Keyword research......

Make use of and use this step to find a keyword

Making Use Of Semrush To Find Buyer Keyword On Clickbank

Step 1: Get your affiliate products name on clickbank and visit,

Input the product name and search for the buyer keyword......

Get Keywords on the affiliate products with the highest search volume...

Use Of SEO To Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Products

SEO referred to as search engine optimization is a very good way of making money from any online business out there, From sales of affiliate products, Increase in ads revenue and much more....

So, How Do I Make Money From Clickbank Through SEO?

After getting the keyword with high search volume from semrush, go and write a long Quality contents around the keyword and embed your affiliate link on the post....

Make Use Of Seoclerks To rank it on google, if you don't know how Seoclerks works, Read My Complete review on Seoclerks.

Once the keyword appears on Google first page, you are surely to get affiliate sales and earn some commission.....

How To Make Money With Clickbank Without A Website

There are faster way you can make money with affiliate marketing and one of them is promoting the affiliate products without a website. Here is a simple guide I illustrated on How To Promote And Make Money With Affiliate Products Without A Website......

Best Hack To Bank $1000 From Clickbank Or Any Affiliate Marketing Program

Have you heard of Email marketing and Pinterest Traffic, when two combined the give unimaginable results, Let me explain how it works.......

Money is in the list right? Well if you haven't heard let me explain further,

Email marketing is gradually taking over the internet as it's now regarded as one of the best way of making money online,

• From Getting High Paying Clients

• Getting Affiliate Sales Anytime,
• And so much more through your list......

How Can You Make Money From Email List With Clickbank

First step is to get an email marketing tool called Sendio.

Make use of Sendio Email marketing tool and pay a one time payment to access it which allows you to send unlimited email to your list..........

The sendio Email marketing tool also comes with a 3 pack

• Email

• Text &
• Facebook Messenger in one dashboard...

With Sendio, you can market to your social media friends and earn very good commission through email, text and facebook marketing....

Get Sendio Email Marketing Tool Here

Making Money From Clickbank Using Pinterest Traffic

If you are not making use of Pinterest to drive traffic to your affiliate link and offers i must warn you that you are missing alot...

Pinterest can be a social media handle that has daily million viewers every day and with Pinterest Marketing Tool which can drive tons of traffic to your website, increase in affiliate sales and revenue..

Read From Here About Pinterest Marketing Tool.....

Wrapping Up On Making Money With Clickbank

The first step is to sign up for a clickbank affiliate account,

Step 2: Pick the right product by doing keyword research on the product using Semrush.

3. Make use of Seo Traffic From Seoclerks and boost your affiliate web page to 1st page of Google.....

4. Make Use Of Sendio And Pinterest Marketing Tool to generate traffic and commission,

5. Keep making steady money with this method online....

Making money with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria requires Product + Traffic = Commission...

Clickbank Alternative In Nigeria 

There are affiliate programs that works like Clickbank in Nigeria and are said to be the Best alternative to Clickbank for those that can't be approved on Clickbank.

Best Clickbank Alternative In Nigeria 

There are affiliated marketing network that works like Clickbank affiliate here is a few list of them:

1. Warriorplus Affiliate 

2. Jvzoo Nigeria 

3. CJ Affiliate Program 

4. Amazon Nigeria 

5. Shareasale Affiliate 

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