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Truth About Sporry Cpa Network | Don't Join Till You Read

Sporry cpa affiliate marketing network is an affiliate network that offers commission on cost per sale and cost per action.

Is Sporry Legit Or Scam
Sporry In Nigeria
Sporry Review
Everything About Sporry Cpa Network.

About Sporry Network.

Sporry cpa is said to be a top leading affiliate marketing network quickly and exponentially growing their company by providing their publishers only the top converting offers with the highest and fastest payouts in the industry.

Is Sporry Cpa Affiliate Network Legit Or Scam?  Read My Complete Sporry Review.

Sporry cpa has claimed to be one of the best and highest paying cpa network with a very high commission on every offer. 

Here is a tiny fake truth that they make people to believe about their program.

Using the CPA model is the best way for you to maximize your profit.

Our desire to always be ahead of innovations and the online marketing world has already made us one of the most sought after CPA affiliate network that specialize at all verticals. We provide the best CPA offers from premium advertisers and ensure competitive payments for our affiliates. What makes us so rewarding to work with is our immediate and personalized support and high traffic monetization

We treat partners as valued members of our global international network. That's why the best in the industry are with us. Working with brings you to hundreds of offers and advertisers from various verticals like health & beauty, dating, mobile, weight loss and many more.

Sporry Is A Scam, Be Warned. Ask me How? 

From my research and case study, I will bodly say that Sporry is a scam website owned by a set of Nigerians based in Lagos.

These group of internet fraud behind is also the set group of people behind bountycpa network, 

I came across bountycpa network in 2016 when I was into the cpa stuff newly,  I come across them on the  web and decide to join their cpa network because of their high commission offer, after joining them, my account was approved in 3 days time. 

I have also written a review about them on Bountycpa Review.

Their approval message normally came through SMS, I have nothing in mind as of then because I thought of it as a normal approval without knowing that it was the beginning of their scam or method of defrauding thousands of Nigerians.

So What Happened With The Fake Network Called Bountycpa?

Yes it was a bad experience that I could have been ripped off my hard earned money but as a guy who has known about internet very well, I escaped their tricks. 

First they called me with a foreign number saying that it was bountycpa network staff agent from Texas and I was like whoa, I can't believe am speaking with people outside..

Yes, it was a crazy exproence and believe me anyone can fall for their tricks. 

They said I applied for bountycpa network few weeks and ask if I have started earning with them,  I replied no. 

They went ahead asking if I  want to make at least $100 per day with bountycpa, I quickly replied yes!! 

Then they demanded a payment for their Cpa training account which cost 19,200 with their sweet mouth saying I will earn $65 immediately after signing up.

Am not the type that usually rush into things, so I told them to give me a week later,  so next time they called me with a Nigerian number saying that it was their agent from Nigeria that they called to know how I was doing with bountycpa? 

I told them that I was doing fine just hasn't earned enough of them and then I decided to ask them for their location in Lagos,  they told me it was around  lekki.

I quickly made a phone call to verify from friends and they said such place does not exist that they have never heard of the brand name Bountycpa.

The Question Is How I Found Out Bountycpa And Sporry Cpa Network Scam? 

First, there is this app called Textplus on Playstore which gives you a foreign USA number here in Nigeria and it's free to sign up,

They so called cpa network bountycpa and Sporry make use of this app to call anyone who signs up and login into the network making them to believe that they are foreign company from USA. 

Secondly, they create an optin landing page that will scrap your details when signing up with them, 

They will have your email address, phone number, home address, every details you give to them on the website.

So if you are based in Lagos, they will know or any part of the world.

Sporry Not Paying Out Commission

Yes no matter how hard you work with these cpa network, the truth is that you won't get paid at all. It happened to a friend of mine back with bountycpa network.

Any commission that you make simply means that you are making them richer everyday by day.  At first my friend make $235 with bountycpa and when it was time to cash out, they banned him from bountycpa.

He recorded how many times his commission was not accounted to him and that he called their customer support to complain and guess what, the same people that called him when he signed up for the training couldn't pick up his call. 

I also met a friend who joined recently and chatted me up about Sporry but guess what he has already made payment to the  fraud site, showing him fake earnings with commission on his dashboard.

Yes making you to believe that you are really earning money with their cpa network.

They go by the names:

DE Support etc.... .

You can contact them through:

Adaeze 09069162654

Tunmise 08120628607

Joyce 08130436468

Iniobong 08104687233

Nneoma 09069909109

Sandra 08168784141

Emem   08106877952

Patricia 07062532206

Here Is A Scam Email Given To Me By Sporry. 

Hi Darlington,

If you have not made any money from your account, this is an opportunity for you to enjoy the JUNE OFFER.

As we stated in a previous email, we will focus on those who wish to earn a minimum of 400,000 naira in the month of June, the goal is to help as many of you that are interested become successful at promoting CPA offers.

There are many kinds of CPA offers which will be explained below: We will coach you on how to apply and promote the lead gen offers 

What are lead generation offers?

These are offers that do not require a sale or any form of purchase to get paid, what this means is that the only thing that allows you to be paid is when someone clicks on your link and fills out their basic information like name , email , phone number , address and state they are located. 

How much do they pay?

The amount lead gen offers pay out varies as this will largely depend on the niche or vertical , some pay as low as $5 while others can pay as much as $50 for a simple form submit .

How will this benefit you?

Darlington,as we clearly stated, the month of June and beyond will be a financially rewarding month, we will do everything to ensure that those that enroll for our training go home with no less than 400,000 naira monthly. 

We will recommend a lead gen offer that you can get approved for, we will coach you on how to apply and get approved for it. We can train you on how to earn $90 every single day on lead gen offers. 

As usual our research and development team have done most of the work from building attractive landing pages to testing conversion on many lead gen offers across multiple CPA networks.

How to get started 

We offer training on how to promote the offers, without the training, you will continue to stare at your CPA account for as long as possible.  There is nothing complicated but if you must earn at least 400,000 naira monthly with CPA, you will need to call any of the numbers below on how to get started.

Adaeze 09069162654

Tunmise 08120628607

Joyce 08130436468

Iniobong 08104687233

Nneoma 09069909109

Sandra 08168784141

Emem   08106877952

Patricia 07062532206

On the first day of your training, you are trained on how to earn your first $75 and how to replicate it on a daily basis so long as you are able to follow the instructions on lesson 1. We are absolutely confident that your earnings begin on day one.

If you follow the instructions on lessons 1 and do no earn your first $75 , we will refund your training fee and also send you 10,000 naira for inconveniencing you, that’s how much confidence we have.

Here is an opportunity to truly “call poverty a bastard”

Thank you, 

Mr. David 

WhatsApp: +1786-714-8033 (I am available to handle ONLY complex issues).

They will keep on messaging you till you signed up for their cpa training and then leave you blank. 

Don't join them,  Don't trust them, Sporry Is A Scam.

If you want to ask me any other questions please use the comments box and I will reply you instantly.

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Easy Promote And Make Money With Cpa Offers - Cpa Affiliate Marketing Make Money With Cpa

Do you want to Promote Cpa offers like a Pro and hit 5 figures with Cpa Marketing?

Learning the best and easiest way to promote Cpa offers and make money with Cpa..

Cpa offers Range From:

• Email and zip submit Cpa offers,
• Download and Pin Submit Cpa offers,
• Work at home Cpa offers,
• Dating Cpa offers,
• CPS ( cost per sale ) Cpa offers,
• Biz / Opt in Cpa offers,
• Free trials Cpa offers,
• Bid / Auction Cpa offers,
• Loans / Payday Cpa offers,
• Coupon / Daily Deals Offers,
• Site Registration Cpa offers,
• Survey and Opinion Cpa Offers,
• Short Form Registration Cpa offers,
• Financial and Credit Cpa offers,
• Cryptocurrency Offers,
• Mobile Offers,
• Taxes and Travel Cpa offers,
• XXX Adult Cpa offers etc.......

Unlike every Cpa Marketing Network, There are over 2000+ Cpa offers to select from and Peerfly and Maxbounty is one of the largest Cpa Network has upto 2300+ Cpa offers to Promote and make money with Cpa...

Cpa Offers 

Cpa offers is a task given to you as a publisher to complete by the advertiser and get paid for each offers completed [ Cost Per Action ].

That action could be:

  • Providing an email address
  • Signing up for a free trial of a product
  • Downloading a mobile app
  • Requesting a quote

Cpa Marketing is a lot easier, you can make money from Cpa Marketing without the sale of any product.

Unlike affiliate marketing where somebody must purchase a product for you to receive commissions.

CPA model works on lead generation. Many big companies are willing to pay big commissions for generating targeted leads. 

Your job is to just get them a lead, they will do rest of the work for generating a sale from those leads.

How To Find A Good Cpa Offers To Promote

If you want to get started with any Cpa marketing network, your first step is knowing your niche in Cpa Marketing, there are niches in every Cpa Network which is :

• Email and zip submit Cpa offers,
• Download and Pin Submit Cpa offers,
• Work at home Cpa offers,
• Dating Cpa offers,
• CPS ( cost per sale ) Cpa offers,
• Biz / Opt in Cpa offers,
• Free trials Cpa offers,
• Bid / Auction Cpa offers,
• Loans / Payday Cpa offers,
• Coupon / Daily Deals Offers,
• Site Registration Cpa offers,
• Survey and Opinion Cpa Offers,
• Short Form Registration Cpa offers,
• Financial and Credit Cpa offers,
• Cryptocurrency Offers,
• Mobile Offers,
• Taxes and Travel Cpa offers,
• XXX Adult Cpa offers etc.......

If you want to promote Survey Cpa offers, there are categories where Survey Offers are Inside and can be promoted.

2. Your Traffic Sources matters when it comes to Cpa Marketing and if you want to make money from Cpa Marketing then I will advise you to go for Paid traffic sources.

Bing Ads,
Google Ads,
FB Ads,
Solo Ads,
Banner Ads etc...

There is a quick guide video training with PDF on how to pull in paid traffic that converts, Check Out: Best Cpa Marketing Training

It will take you on the journey of making fast money promoting Cpa offers from any network. 

3. Applying for any Cpa Marketing Network of your choice and get approved, there are Cpa Marketing network that offers instant approval like:

• Cpagrip, 
• Adworkmedia etc...

Most of this Cpa network are meant for beginners and may not have the type of Cpa offers that you need,

Maxbounty Cpa is a pro Cpa Marketing network that is very strict when it approving of application, 

You can master every corner of Cpa Marketing In a quick eBook and video only with these Best Cpa Marketing Training

How To Promote Cpa Offers Without A Website ( Free Traffic For Cpa Offers ).

1. Social Media

This is a great tool in the hands of people who want to drive insane traffic to their website or blogs. You can adopt this method by using it to drive traffic to your Cpa offers too.

• Start Creating A Fan Page for Attracting the right audience and provide them with useful information they can used to be concerned about the offers, when they are convinced, you can easily drive the traffic to your Cpa offers.

• Facebook Advertisement

Log into your Facebook account and click on the link { create an Ad } you may be prompted to use ad creation area. You will find the ads manager button on the top right of your dashboard.

• Select Objective
• Choose Your Audience
• Set Your Budget - Daily or Lifetime
• Schedule Your Ads,
• Optimization & Pricing
• Create Your Ad.

2. Use Media Buys

You need to find the best website in your niche and contact the website owner to make an agreement over placing your ad on his or her blog by placing your link on the website of your choice that people can have access to. By doing so you are driving traffic to your offers.

3. Forum Marketing

A forum is a place from all walk of life, it is the perfect platform for meeting the prospective traffic to your Cpa offers.

Without spamming a forum contribute meaningfully to any discussion that is related to your Cpa offers,  if you are considered knowledgeable enough, you should be confident of having many people that will use your link to view the Cpa offers. Thats a good and cheap way to drive traffic to your Cpa offers.

4. Email Marketing

This requires a huge number of people in your mailing list? If you do have. You can tap into your mailing list to drive traffic to your Cpa offers.

5. Answer Platform

You have it in Yahoo, thousands of people make use of this platform daily to get answers to their problems.

To start, open an account on the platform and find any relevant post to your offer. For instance, if you have it related offers, look for IT related questions and provide answers to questions that you are familiar with, if you can showcase your deep knowledge of your choose niche, people will find it easy to buy your idea and commit themselves to your offers. If you want to link to your cpa, there is a resource box on the platform, use it to promote your link and drive free traffic.

6. Image Or Photo Sharing Traffic

This is another relatively unknown traffic source you can use to get more traffic to your Cpa offers. Instagram is known for its  photo sharing capability, it can also be used for generating traffic.

You can leverage the features of Instagram by sharing your images on the platform with a link to your website or blog.

Promoting And Making Money With Cpa Offers Through Popular Forums

1. Promote Cpa Offers Through Popular Forums.

Popular forums like Quora, Reddit, Nairaland, Medium etc are free popular forums that has a large number of members not less than 1,000,000 and growing every day, 

They are free to register with, and are regarded as a best free traffic source.

How To Promote Your Cpa Offers

It's a simple guide on how to promote cpa offers that takes not less than a minute to complete,

1. Search for your desired Cpa offers and check if it has ( Search ) traffic method enabled, 

If you can't locate your Offers area then email your account manager and ask him to provide you with Cpa offers that can be promoted through SEO and you will receive a reply containing offers that can be promoted through search.

2. Select the Offer Category that you want to start promoting, these offers maybe:

• Work at home,
• Mobile Downloads,
• Pin Submit,
• Auction... Etc

3. Copy the offers link and make use of some url shortener like to shorten your affiliate link and choose any forum website I listed above that you need to use for promoting.

• Create an account with them and verify your email address if needed then complete your registration.

Read More: How To Promote Cpa Offers Without A Website

How To Promote Cpa Offers With A Website ( Paid Ads & Traffic )

Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Banner Ads, Solo Ads and many more has proven to be a powerful marketing channel for promoting Cpa offers and making money from Cpa Marketing.

Steps Promote Cpa Offers With Facebook Ads

Log into your Facebook account and click on the link { create an Ad } you may be prompted to use ad creation area. You will find the ads manager button on the top right of your dashboard.

• Select Objective - 
• Choose Your Audience - each Cpa offers is country targeted,
• Set Your Budget - Daily or Lifetime
• Schedule Your Ads,
• Optimization & Pricing
• Create Your Ad.

Promoting And Making Money With Cpa Offers Through Bing Ads

Get your Cpa offer tracking link code, you also need a functional website with a Landing page before taking the step of using a paid traffic to your Cpa offers.

1. Set up your Bing account,
2. Create a Bing Ads account,
3. Add your payment options,
4. Do your keyword research,
5. Create your campaign,
6. Set up Ad groups and Keyword
7. Write your Ad,
8. Add your credit card,
9. Evaluate and Optimize Ads..

How To Promote And Make Money With Cpa Through Google Adwords

Goto Google AdWords and sign up

• Choose network type,
• Choose your Bid strategy,
• Create Ad groups,
• Create Ad..

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Best Cpa Marketing Training Course

Cpa Marketing Training Courses

See how taking a paid Cpa Marketing Training course can improve your skills and earnings with any Cpa Marketing Network.

Cost Per Action Cpa Affiliate Marketing Course.

Cpa [ cost per action or cost per acquisition ] is an affiliate marketing business that you as a publisher makes money whenever a certain action is completed..

What happens if you want to make money with Cpa Marketing and after all struggle still no $$$ made from Cpa Marketing,

Don't worry, There is a very good Cpa Marketing Training going on and I want you as a friend to take part in it.....

• Cpa Marketing Training

•  Best Cpa Marketing Training Courses

•  Cpa Marketing Training In Nigeria

• Cpa Marketing Training In Bangladesh

• Cpa Marketing Training Courses In Dhaka Etc.....

Cpa Marketing Training on how to get approved on any Cpa networks of your choice,

Cpa Marketing Training on how to run ads with 9 bucks and make huge commission in return,

Free Cpa training traffic booster and much more.....

It's obvious that you are in this blog post because you want to learn how Cpa Marketing works, how to make money with Cpa, best Cpa offer that makes money and much more..

Then I will advise you to pick any Cpa marketing course listed here

Best Cpa Marketing Training Courses For Cpa And Affiliate Marketers...

1. Cpa Marketing Training With Cpa Free Booster Course

Cpa free booster is a top raking Cpa Marketing Training Course for newbies or beginners in Cpa Marketing, This Cpa affiliate marketing training method is a proven system that will make you the real cash out of Cpa Marketing with the help of Google AdWords & Bing Ads Spending only $9.

Get Cpa Free Booster Training Course

CPA Freebooter is a step by step video training along with PDF's and Guides where we reveal the EXACT systems used by group of Cpa experts to build a $9k+ per month CPA revenue.
The over the shoulder video training covers everything a NEWBIE needs to get started quick and scale the CPA earnings from $50/day to $300/day within few weeks.

What To Get Out Of Cpa Free Booster Training Course

Inside the Cpa training, you will learn how to get the cheapest traffic + high converting offer on Cpa.

• Cpa + Traffic systems which will help you set up a high RO1 system.

• Laser targeted traffic using a formula and strategy that works etc.....

2. Cpa Marketing Training Course With Cpa Drill.

Cpa [ cost per action ] is an easy way to make money online, you sent traffic to an offer and get paid when the visitor take action.

Making money with Cpa Marketing can be alot easier with Cpa Drill Training Course.

• Get Cpa Drill Marketing Training Course

Their training comes with a four proven steps for a newbie or a beginner to make money from Cpa Marketing

Step 1: set up your first Cpa Drill Training by following their Video / Pdf guide.

Step 2: Watch and learn their traffic on demand inside Cpa Drill course.

Step 3: Put your feets up and watch profit roll in within 24 hours.

Step 4: Set up as many as this Cpa Drill cash machine training course and repeat.

Get Cpa Drill Marketing Training Course

3. Cpa Pirate Training Course For Cpa Marketers.

This cpa marketing training course has been a clear hack in getting the best traffic source for any Cpa offers, Google Ads, Facebook Ads or SEO traffic..

Here is a 3 steps on how Cpa Pirate Training Course Works

1. Set Up your Cpa offers with their untapped traffic method

2. Scale it up and watch their proven system works out,

3. Rinse & implement the same method.

Cpa Pirate Comes with a proven system for newbies and beginners.

Who is Cpa Pirate Training For ?

• Anyone who doesn't have thousands to spend on paid traffic's.

• Anyone sick and tired of getting banned from FB ads, Adwords, and other pricey options.

• Anyone looking to get easy cheap high converting traffic 

• Anyone who wants to build passive profit online. 

This Cpa Marketing training is a proven system that has been working and it's a Cpa Marketing Training World wide.

Cpa Marketing Training In Nigeria, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and world wide.
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