Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Cpa Affiliate Networks

Cpa Affiliate Networks.

Starting Cpa Marketing In Nigeria is easy but knowing the in and out of any Cpa Networks can be a little tough. 

• Finding a Cpa offer
• Applying to your desired Cpa Affiliate Network
• Finding traffic sources to your Cpa offers and making money with it maybe tough or easily but with gradual steps, you will learn.

Cpa Affiliate Networks

After getting approved by maxbounty or Peerfly Cpa Networks or any Cpa account of your choice, you have to choose your method of earning with the Particular Cpa Network either by promoting their offers or through their Cpa affiliate program.

How Does Cpa Affiliate Networks Works?

Cpa affiliate is just like any affiliate program that pays you 5 - 10% of your referrals bonus, This simply means if you refer a person with your Cpa affiliate network Link and the person earns with the Cpa Network, you will receive 5% referral percent earnings.

How To Get Started With Any Cpa Affiliate Networks

Yes, every Cpa Network has it's affiliate program, so i am going to drop this free guide on how to get started with a Cpa Affiliate Network.

First am making use of  Peerfly Cpa Network for this tutorial.

Step 1: Sign Up For a Peerfly Affiliate account and get approved.

Visit your Cpa publisher dashboard and click on the sub - menu button,

Step 2: Click on referrals Button on your screen and you will be provided with your affiliate links and promotional tools.

You can decide to use a text affiliate link or banner Affiliate depending on your choice.

Step 3: Copy your affiliate link and write a review about peerfly on your website and input your affiliate link or banner ad for readers sign up.

Cpa Affiliate Networks Monetize

You can decide to make use of a banner rotator to promote your affiliate link simply:

1. Visit your Cpa affiliate dashboard and click on sub - menu,

2. Click on monetize button,

3. You can choose from banner rotator or any other affiliate monetization you want,

4. Set it up and click generate affiliate code.

Cpa Affiliate Networks Terms

It's good to read up a Cpa affiliate networks terms whenever engaging with any action on any Cpa networks.

Peerfly Cpa Affiliate Networks Terms

They made it clearly that you will earn 5% referral bonus on any publishers that you referred that earns with them for a year.

So what are you waiting for, Join any Cpa affiliate network and make use of it's affiliate program to earn.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

How To Make Money With Cpa In Nigeria

Learn how to make money with Cpa In Nigeria as a Cpa marketer.

In my previous post i explained briefly on how to start Cpa Marketing In Nigeria and how to sign up for Peerfly and Maxbounty Cpa Network In Nigeria.

I will be showing you how to make money with Cpa Marketing in Nigeria.

Cpa Marketing,

Cpa which stands for cost per action can be referred to as a type of marketing in which visitors is required to perform some type of action in other for you the affiliates to Make Money.

Cpa Marketing Vs Affiliate Marketing

Cpa Marketing is different from affiliate marketing and far more better than affiliate marketing, see how it works:

In Cpa Marketing no sales is required, you can make money with Cpa once a user / visitor performed an action towards your Cpa offers

• You don't need a product
• You don't have to be an expert
• You don't need to work long hours
• You don't need to spend a fortune

While in Affiliate Marketing, you are meant to have a sale before you can make money, not everyone is good at affiliate marketing but with the right information on affiliate marketing and with the best affiliate program you are good to go.

Getting Started In Making Money With Cpa In Nigeria

First you need a Cpa Account, I will advice you to go for Peerfly although there are many Cpa Network That You can join but I always advise to go for Peerfly Cpa Network.

• A functional website that receives traffic and may serve as a landing page in you promoting your Cpa offers and making money with it - I will advise you use Bluehost Or Namecheap

• Locate Your Niche - I currently have a blog on make money online and mostly I promote Work at Home Cpa offers on my blog

• Choose A traffic source - there are many free ways that you can promote your Offers with any Cpa Network and I have listed them on Traffic Sources For Cpa Offers.

How To Make Money With Cpa In Nigeria Easily

1. Visit Your Affiliate Dashboard, where you will see high top offers.

This is the first set of offers that is found on Peerfly they are regarded as top offers that converts easily.

Below are few other offers you can see on your Cpa affiliate dashboard 

This is a set of offers located on your Cpa affiliate dashboard they are the latest offers that is added into the Cpa Network.

Next is their highest converting offers, the best offers that converts the most on Peerfly Cpa network.

Highest earnings per click - these are offers that pays you very well even for a click through the offers on your Cpa network.

Here is their paused offers on peerfly Cpa network, it shows numbers of cpa offers that are currently paused

Here is last commission earned with your Cpa account on Peerfly.

How To Make Money With Cpa Offers In Nigeria

Step 1: Navigate to your dashboard and click on offers, goto browse offers.

Step 2: Select the category of the offers that you want, 

you can also select the country for your offers Incase if you want to promote for a specific country,

• Choose your banner size and your traffic method of promoting it

Step 3: you are provided with the offers that you choose on step1 and step2 query, click on any offer that you want and you will be provided with:

• Affiliate link to the particular Cpa offer that you click,
• Affiliate Banners and Tools,
• Traffic method allowed for the Cpa offer etc.

Once you read and understand the traffic method being used, Simply make use of my Free traffic sources for Cpa offers.

Anyone can make money with Cpa In Nigeria, what it requires is traffic and the right offers for the traffic.

Although free traffic can slow up but it works great and it converts when targeted on the right offers.

Making money with Cpa is easy, anyone can make money with Cpa Marketing In Nigeria as long as you are on the right track.
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