Friday, May 3, 2019

How To Add My Website Or Blog To Opera News Feed

Opera News Feed And How To It Works.

Opera mini news feed introduce by opera mini is one of the most used web surf app worldwide with different types of gadgets.

The opera mini news feed was launched to help readers and visitors to opera mini to find it easier to glance through any important and attractive blog that is listed on opera news feed.

Seoclerks Review

With the thousands of clicks and visit to the Opera mini news feed which has helped blogger's to generate traffic and earnings to their website and blogs everyday by showcasing their blog titles or post everyday on Opera mini news feed.

How Adding Your Website Or Blog To Opera Mini News Feed Can Help It.

1. Blog Traffic Increases When Added To Opera Mini News Feed.

By displaying your blog or website on opera mini news feed front page you will receive traffic from thousands of people worldwide as they will be looking at your post that appears on opera mini news feed and other attractive ones.

2. Gain Popularity With Opera Mini News Feed On Your Blog.

Opera mini is currently used worldwide and has the options of changing countries which makes your blog to be shown around the world if it appears on the Opera Mini news feed.

3. More Earnings From Affiliate And Ads With Opera Mini News Feed.

Opera mini has promised to pay 50% of the traffic value and if your website or blog is monetize, you are likely to make money from Opera Mini news feed traffic.

How To Add Your Blog To Opera Mini News Feed The Right Way.

Step 1: visit your mailbox and compose an email to Or,

Step 2: write why your blog should be accepted into the opera mini news feed and your niche,

Step 3: what you will gain from the platform.

Then send and await for their reply, normally the reply within 5 days and most of the times stays upto a week so be patient.

Once they receive the mail you sent them, you will get a reply from Opera agent instructing  you to write a formal request together with your site links and they will forward it to the opera mini news feed team.

Apply the above steps and get your blog or website shown on Opera news feed
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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Seoclerks Review - No1 SEO Market Place On Internet | Is Seoclerks Legit Or Scam


Here is a complete Seoclerks review from a user, Their pros and cons, their services and products, the best way to make use of them.

About Seoclerks

Seoclerks is the largest SEO market place on the web with over 10,000 freelancers offering more than 15,0000 professional SEO services.

Seoclerks, Who Are They?

Is Seoclerks Legit Or Scam?

Is There Service Good For Your Website?

Yes having asked yourself this questions about Seoclerks and their services, i will advise you to read to the end as I make a complete SEO clerk or Review.

Seoclerks, Who Are They?

Seoclerks is an advertising marketing company in Hendersonville located in North Carolina 28792, 475 North Church street.

Seoclerks is said to be one of the largest place in the planet offering affordable SEO from thousands of experts. In recent years they have expanded to more than just SEO, 

Seoclerks Background Review

Seoclerks started operating in 2011, it was created by Jordan Delozier and still owns the company Seoclerks. 

His main idea was to create a market place where people could buy SEO services of many kinds,

The goal was to Create a safe and secure place where the money was held by a third party until the buyer is happy with his order.

Seoclerks was transfered to Ionicware  inc, which includes a group of companies, 

• Listing Dock,
• Code Clerks

They now have sellers offering variety of services such as logo design, web design, programming, marketing, and anything else that can help somebody on their website.

Who Is SEO Clerks For?

SEO clerks is for anyone who wants to purpose a service (gig) to earn money. There is no limit on the price a seller can charge and there is a very wide range of micro jobs you can purpose.

This could also be for you if you want to increase the web SEO of your site, goto if you want to outsource some of your task.

Here are some of the services that you can get with SEO clerks

Article writingVoiceovers,

Place or design banner ads,

Create Backlinks,
Resolve WordPress issues,
Guest post,
Graphics design

Visit Today

Seoclerks Services Review

I make use of 3 powerful backlinks building on Seoclerks and it skyrocket my ranking but before you use them, you are meant to register with

Visit and create your buyer account.

Note the services that I am recommending to you has been reviewed and tested by me, so no need to worry it's link juice is good.

As a user and buyer on, I have purchased more than 10 services from the SEO market place and I have never for once encountered any problems with it. 

Reasons For Building Your Site SEO With Seoclerks

• It's been recommended by SEO experts,

•  They offer cheap quality services,

•  They have a great service that will help your website grow,

• Their work are Google friendly services.

I have made use of Seoclerks services mainly to build backlinks on my blog and I must say their services is very good. 

Let me show you how true Seoclerks is:

Here is a backlinks services i ordered from them and it's link juice
Not only that see a few list of them:

i have been able to increase the domain authority of my blog and also rank mostly on google first page.

I got a news from a friend recommending me to a service on Seoclerks that increase his DA and ranking on Google for a little amount, I decided to try it out and it works, 

The Link juice of the backlinks that was created for me on Seoclerks is great and their services are cheap, you can get a service on Seoclerks starting from $1 - $300.

Visit and create your buyer account.

Is Seoclerks Legit And Good For You

As a user and buyer on, I have purchased more than 10 services from the SEO market place and I have never for once encountered any problems with it. 

• It's been recommended by SEO experts,

•  They offer cheap quality services,

•  They have a great service that will help your website grow,

• Their work are Google friendly services.

So That means Seoclerks is Legit

Seoclerks Vs Fiverr

Seoclerks Vs fiverr which one is more recommend ? 

They two market place Seoclerks and fiverr has been in the industry offering great of quality services to any individual who will order on any of their services on both Seoclerks and Fiverr.

• Seoclerks offer great service starting from $1 - $300.

• Fiverr also offers services from $1 - $300.

• Seoclerks has thousands of services any one can order from and make use of,

• Fiverr also is regarded as one of the biggest market place anyone can hire group of freelancers.

• They both offers SEO services that will help your website.

Why Build Your SEO With Seoclerks

Seoclerks has been in the industry for more than five years and they have experienced experts that knows their way in and out of search engine optimization (SEO), 

I highly recommend them to anyone trying to make use of a paid SEO services that will help their website.

Registration with the No1 SEO market place on the web is easy as it requires nothing less than a minute to get started:

How To Register With SEOCLERKS.

Sign up with your name and password and save,

Start making use of their services

Seoclerks Coupon Code

As a guy with difference, I created this post so that my readers will benefit from it, you can also start benefiting from it also by subscribing to our email list and never miss any updates from us.

Seoclerks offers a $5 coupon code for their users, once you make use of this link in registering and purchasing any services from their store.

Also am a coupon code distributor, once you register with the above link, proceed and order a service from them, then contact me for your Coupon code through this email:

Register with SEOCLERKS Today.

Seoclerks Pros And Cons

Like they say, every business has advantages and disadvantages, let's look at the pros and cons of Seoclerks services.

My complete review on Seoclerks will show you everything you need to know about this No1 SEO market place.

Pros Of Seoclerks.

• There are more than a thousand offers to make use of in the web.

• They offer best and quality services on their website.

• Their price is different as they charge from $1 - $300 depending on the SEO service you ordered.

• They have quick delivery of any orders  that is given to them.

Cons Of Seoclerks.

I haven't found anything wrong with them since I started using them that means they are legit. But wait there is one of them:

• You have to spend money on their website if you want to get more from their website.

My Final Conclusion On Seoclerks Review Or

They are good and trusted below is some of the great service i have made use of and also recommended that works.

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