Thursday, April 23, 2020

Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Pakistan With Little Investment Capital

Do you want to start a business in Pakistan with low capital?

Are you a Pakistani looking for small scale business that you can start with little or no money.

Are you an entrepreneur searching for small business to invest on?

Do you have small amount of money but you don’t have any business idea.

There are lots of small business opportunities in Pakistan that you can start.

Start A Restaurant Business In Pakistan
Make Money Online In Pakistan
Online Jobs In Karachi

Pakistan is a land of great opportunities, especially for those who are willing to take the plunge. There are numerous investment business opportunities in Pakistan which are very lucrative.

But despite the countries rapidly growing economy, employment opportunities are still limited for a native, which has pressed Pakistan to create employment opportunities of their own.

The good news is that starting a profitable business in Pakistan isn’t a difficult task if you are well equipped with the fundamental resources and knowledge.

As the economic landscape changes, Pakistans are trying their hands at a range of lucrative business opportunities.

To set a business in motion, an entrepreneur needs to evaluate the commercial feasibility, market status and future possibilities.

However, before anything else, a business requires a persuasive idea and capital to incur the initial expenses.

The beauty of this blog post is that little or no capital is required to launch the businesses ideas that we will discuss.

As you read through this list, you will discover some of the best, low capital business ideas in Pakistan that are proving to be very profitable.

Profitable/Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Pakistan With Little Capital

Here are list of most Successful Small Business ideas in Pakistan Urdu with little capital investment.

1. Roadside Fast Food Corner Business:

This is an old tried and tested business, If you wish to reap the rewards surely, but steadily, food is an excellent business domain.

Food is an essential need and its
demand can never come down.

Thus, it is considered a money-making activity. If you are hard working and wish to test your culinary skills, you can opt for this business choice.

Maintain quality, good portions, be exceptional and create your own brand.

Follow these simple tips and first time visitors will quickly become regulars.

2. Office Supply Business:

Office workers are usually totally engrossed in their work, work long hours and often have little time to shop.

Contact your local offices and enquire about being an office supplier.

You can provide them with everything they need, from office accessories to fashion items and grocery products.

The only advice – Don’t be greedy, but honest and fair with your prices.

The key is to keep them happy so you can make a steady income and gain referrals. Don’t look to get rich quick.

3. Rice Farming Business:

Rice production is considerably low in Pakistan in comparison to its consumption rate.

Therefore, the cultivation of rice can be a guaranteed idea to start a business and a fruitful source of profits.

4. Website Designing Business:

This is quickly growing to be one of the most favorable and budding business domains for young entrepreneurs, not just in Jordan, but also across the globe.

All you need to have is a deep and clear understanding of online processes, marketing strategies, SEO tactics and legal guidelines.

This is cost-effective, futuristic, gainful and customer-focused.

5. Internet Business In Pakistan:

Can you imagine this world without the Internet? Surely not, You and Us won’t Like that, Pakistani as a whole are avid Internet users.

If you can provide Internet connection at fair prices, throw in the occasional offer, and advertise smartly you could earn plenty of money.

6. Tutoring Business In Pakistan:

Education is a fundamental right, but ironically, there aren’t enough good schools to offer it.

Not just Pakistan, but every parent in the universe wants his child to have the best education.

As there is an absence of high-quality schools in Pakistan, tutoring can fetch you high income.

Don’t limit your options to academic tutoring. Turn your hard and soft skills in to a lesson. For example can you play a musical instrument? Can you draw or design jewellery? Are you a food lover or cook? Are you highly skilled at a specific sport? Website design? Maybe you have a passion for creative writing, dancing or even farming?

7. Snail Rearing Business:

If you establish yourself as a snail retailer, you are surely on the way to immense wealth.

Snail rearing is an effortless task, as it requires less expenditure on food and shelter.

They reproduce at a faster rate and the Pakistani markets are always willing to pay for them.

8. Poultry Farming Business:

This sector has what it takes to be successful. Birds are easy to rear; they breed fast and quickly mature to market weight.

You can start off small and quickly scale up which makes poultry farming a profitable business in Pakistan.

Sell eggs and meat in the market and get your pockets filled with cash.

9. Second Hand Products Business:

Who doesn’t like spending less for something really superior in quality?

Pakistani can readily pay anything for second-hand products if they are fit for use.

For this business you need to understand what people want to buy, and build connections with suppliers who can provide you with the goods.

Start small, focus on quality, charge reasonable prices and build your customer base. The key is to keep your customers happy.

10. Palm Oil Retailing Business:

Unlock big gains by becoming a supplier of Palm Oil, a liquid used in high quantities in Pakistan.

Store the precious oil during the
peak times and sell it during the off-season.

However, first learn – where to buy, where to sell, how to store and how to resell.

The demand for Palm Oil can never plunge in Pakistan and your profits too.

All of these low capital business ventures have great potential, and the ability to help you generate a steady income, and if done properly you could earn millions.

But remember the success is in the planning , and your ability to execute your plan. There are some key elements that you must assess before committing to any business venture.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Lioncash Loan App | Rates, Contacts, Requirements | How To Apply

Enjoy faster loan approval without collateral or paperwork with Lion Cash Loan company in Nigeria, Kenya and other African countries.

Lioncash Loan Review 

Lion cash offers instant loan solutions and products that are designed to serve your financial needs every single day.

How Does Lioncash Loan Works?

You can apply online and get instant loan with Lioncash Loan App in minutes with this few steps:

1. Download The Lioncash Loan App 

Download LionCash app from Google Play
store using your Android phone.

2. Create your Account

Fill out your information details and access the app within a minute.

3. Check Loan limit

Quickly upload your M-Pesa statement and get your loan limit from Lioncash Loan App.

4. Apply & Receive Cash on M-Pesa

All the LionCash loans are conveniently and directly sent to your M-Pesa Account.

Why Lioncash Loan

It is easy, fast and convenient to apply for a personal loan with LionCash but here is the main reasons i recommend Lioncash Loan to every Kenyan's out there.

1. You can instantly loan up to KSH 70,000

2. Check your LionCash loan limit and get loans within few minutes.

3. Every loan is instantly deposited on your M-Pesa account.

4. Your data on LionCash is encrypted and never sold to 3rd parties.

5. You Choose your own payment schedules.

6. Every loan you get will be paperless and hustle free.

Lioncash Loan Contacts 

You can call or WhatsApp LionCash via 0793302922 or Email at at any time.

Quick Guide To Register And Apply For Lioncash Loan 

1. Open the App, read the terms and Conditions then Click “Continue” to accept.

2. Click “Access” to give the needed permissions.

3. Enter Your M-PESA phone number and Press “Code” to receive a verification code.

4. Set password of your choice that you can remember.

5. Click “Authorization” to enter your personal information and alternative contact information.

6. Copy the Email ( and dial the code (*234*5*1*3#) then share 6 month’s statement to the given email.

7. Wait for an SMS from Safaricom confirming that your statement has been sent to our email

8. Choose your loan amount and term on the sliders

9. Click on “Apply for loan” then read and tick terms and conditions before submitting the application.

Requirements To Apply For Lioncash Loan 

To apply for a LionCash Loan you need a Valid Safaricom Sim card, the ID used to register the Sim card and Valid names as they appear on the ID.

How To Increase Loan Limit With Lioncash Loan 

The fastest way to receive higher amounts is to build credit with a positive repayment history with LionCash, easily achieved with successive timely repaid loans.

How To Repay Your Lioncash Loan 

1. You can do online repayment directly from the App by clicking “Repay” button, This is followed by STK push that you need only to enter you MPESA Pin Number to complete the payment.
2. You can also do offline repayment
You can go directly to your Lipa Na MPESA, enter Pay bill 309517,
Enter your Phone number as the account number,
Enter amount to pay and the MPESA Pin.
After payment, wait for a Message confirmation from both
Grola Tech Limited and M-PESA.

Lioncash Loan App / Apk Download

You can download the Lioncash app from here when you click through this link here.
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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Outlexe Review | Shorten URLs And Make Money

About Outlexe 

Outlexe is an advance URL shortener where you shorten URLs and also earn as a publisher on

How Does Outlexe URL Shortener Works? 

Outlexe works the same way other URL shortener works but serves more purpose to you as you can earn with them. 

1. Create An Account With

Creating an account with outlexe is forever free and comes in all of our popular tools.

2. Shortening Links With Outlexe 

Shorten any link and begin sharing them on the internet to your friends.

3. Earning Money With Outlexe 

Start earning money whenever someone clicks your shortend link!

Studads Review 

Features Of Outlexe URL Shortener 

• Shorten links more quickly with easy to use API, Scripts and make it easier to earn quickly. We even have an intergrated Bookmarklet for Google Chrome.

• Our service has strong security and we take extra meassures to ensure your hard earning don't go missing and we do our best to maintain 100% uptime.

• We provides full mobile supports for most of the devices including iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablets and you can even shorten links freely from those devices.

Outlexe Referral Program 

Outlexe Refferal system is second popular way to earn money on this site by giving positive feedback and sharing referal links with your friends, you earn with outlexe.

Outlexe Payout Method 

You must only make minimum of $10 before you can freely withdraw your earnings through PayPal.

(Do note we will be adding more withdraw methods.)
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