Monday, April 29, 2019

How To Make And Earn Extra 100 naira, 500 naira, 1000 Naira Online Daily

How To Make 100, 500, 1000 And 2000 Online Daily

Discover a simple secret on how to make 100 naira, 500 naira, 1000 naira, and 2000 daily every single minutes, hour and seconds per day.

There are pure legit ways Nigerians can scale up their earnings online and offline and make extra naira from their side jobs, you can multiply this earning method giving you the ability to make UpTo 2,000 to 3,000 naira daily.

Side Jobs To Do And Make 100 Naira, 500 Naira - 1000 Naira Daily.

1. Make 1000 Daily Selling Data On Mtn

Data reselling business is very much alive and still works, you can make more than 1000 naira daily online from data reselling,

You can start data reselling business anywhere in Nigeria and start making money straight away and the best part is you don't need any special skills to make money with data reselling.

With Mtn data reselling business, you are guaranteed to make not less than 1000 naira daily online.

Hey This Is Hot In Town: Have you heard of Jumia one App that earns you free 1000 as soon as you download and purchase airtime or data plus 20% cash back....

Hey This Is Hot In Town: Have you heard of Jumia one App that earns you free 1000 as soon as you download and purchase airtime or data plus 20% cash back....

Download is below.

• Hi there! Visit to buy airtime and pay your bills. Enjoy 20% cashback on your first transaction when you enter the code WELCOME20. #jumiaone 

2. Make 100 Daily With GTBank Affiliate Program

Do you know that you can make money from any nearest GTBank in your area? Yes with GTBank IRefer affiliate program, you can make 100 to 1000 naira daily from home simple and easy.

Read How GTBank IRefer Affiliate Program Works in Nigeria and how to join and start earning.

3. Make Money From Affiliate Marketing UpTo 1000 Per Commission

When i said affiliate marketing is very much alive don't doubt it, affiliate marketing is simple and easy to apply and can make more than 10000 per day with affiliate marketing.

The trick is simple, find a genuine affiliate program and join them, request for your affiliate link and start promoting.

Some of the best affiliate program you can join is Jumia Affiliate Program, Konga Affiliate Program Etc..

4. Make 5000 naira As A Freelancer

Freelancing is best when it comes to making money online, from graphics design, web design, content writing etc..

There are freelancing website that you can make money online, most of these freelancing jobs can fetch you 5000 naira per day and it's super easy to join.

Goto and register.

5. Make 1000 To 5000 Naira Every Day Selling eBooks

Information marketing rocks and it's still one of the easiest ways of making money online in Nigeria without spending a dime,

Make a research to find out hot topics trending and create an outstanding eBook around it, you can sell your eBooks through SEO which is easiest way to sell them.

6. Earn More Than 5000 Creating A Blog

You can create a free blog for your friends and collect a little or no fee for a service rendered by you to them.

You know how Blogging is becoming profitable day by day, why don't you create a free blog and design with a custom template for 5000 naira.

You can make more than 10000 naira daily with these proven method.

7. Make 2000 Naira Daily Creating PayPal Account In Nigeria

Creating a PayPal account in Nigeria is a lucrative business to start here in Nigeria and make more than 2000 daily and it's super easy.

Learn the secrets to create a working PayPal account in Nigeria that can send and receive funds in Nigeria and make 2000 naira on a daily basis.

8. Make 1000 Daily Reselling Etisalat Data Bundle

Work as a data agent and resell data bundle at a cheaper rates. With etisalat data bundle reselling business, you can make 1000 daily and 7000 weekly.

To learn more how to start etisalat data bundle reselling, visit your nearest etisalat office and tell them you wish to start data reselling business..

9. Make Upto 2000 Reselling Airtel Data Plan

Works the same way like Mtn, Etisalat and it's super easy to start, visit the nearest airtel branch and tell them you want to start a data reselling business.

Combine both and make more than 2000 daily in Nigeria.

10. Make 10000 Daily With Website Development

The passive income to making more than 5000 naira daily and website development is one of them in Nigeria, with web development you can make UpTo 10000 per day developing websites.

Wrapping Up On Making Money Online With 1000

The above method i showed has been tested and proven to work, you can make easy money as much as 1000 naira daily, 2000 naira daily, 5000 naira daily.

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Newegg Affiliate Program Review - How To Sign Up And Make Money With Newegg

About Newegg

Newegg Affiliate Review

Newegg is a leading online retailer that offers the best prices on computer products, laptops, electronics, television, digital cameras, cellphone and more with fast shipping and top rated customer services.

Newegg is located in Canada which also has a market place where anyone can find the latest and best prices on watches, baby products, automotive products, home and outdoor living and health and wellness products. affiliate program works the same way like Amazon and has an affiliate program that rewards It's affiliates with a high commission payout.

Newegg Affiliate Program Review

You can become part in one of the hottest brand in the world today, by becoming a Newegg affiliate partner, you take an advantage of incredible income generating opportunity with the newest division of newegg inc. A global brand that is 2nd online retailer in the world.

Why I Recommend Newegg Affiliate Program And How They Works

• Start with one of the internet best trusted retailers.

• Earn upto 3% commission on every sale you generate.

• They offer upto 70% discount on all their products which helps you as an to make a sale fast and easy.

• Range of popular products to choose from their website.

• Over 9000 affiliates and still growing.

• Fast free and shopping on many different products.

• Aggressive ad campaigns and daily promotions.

• Free to join, no start up or maintenance fee.

• No long time commitment necessary.

• High conversion rate, etc..

How To Join Newegg Affiliate Program

Newegg affiliate program is in partner with Commission junction (CJ), to join newegg affiliate program simply Click Here and fill out an application.

Newegg reserves the right to choose an applicant and end an affiliate relationship for any reason.

If you are accepted into the newegg affiliate program they will get back to you with an email that outlines the easy to take next steps.

Newegg Affiliate Promotional Tools

• They offer direct deep links, from your site to any product they carry.

• Easy to use text and banner links makes your promotion simple.

• Award winning customer service team and policies.

• A dedicated affiliate team to support you.

Does Newegg Has An Affiliate Program That Works?

Yes they do and it is regarded as one of the best that also has an affiliate commission rates with 3% commission on every affiliate sales.

Wrapping Up On Newegg Affiliate Marketing Programme

If you want to make money from affiliate marketing promoting one of the hottest brand and products online, easy and accessible promotional tools to fasten your sales and increase commission from affiliate marketing, Join Newegg Affiliate Program.

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

IPvanish Affiliate Program Review


Ipvanish Affiliate Program is designed to help you make money from affiliate marketing promoting one of the world's largest Vpn service provider.

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Beauty Affiliate Program
To become ipvanish vpn Affiliate member, you have to partner with affiliate groove to become an affiliate partner 

Why You Should Join Ipvanish Affiliate Program

you'll work with a top-notch team of sales professionals to spread the word about the best VPN service on the market. 

Join their winning team of marketers, webmasters, social media influencers and bloggers, and make money promoting one of the most trusted privacy services in the world.

As an IPVanish affiliate partner, you'll earn:

  • Up to 100% of all new sales generated
  • Up to 35% of all subscription renewals

There's no maximum to your payouts and recurring commissions continue for as long as the referred subscriber remains a customer. 
All initial commissions are approved on the 8th day from the original signup date, (IPVanish offers a 7-day money-back guarantee,) while recurring commissions are approved on the 8th day after the subscription renewal date.

High Conversions
IPVanish is a proven service, trusted and recommended by customers around the globe. We deliver world-class VPN performance with highly-sought features at a low price. Simply put, the value of our service translates to conversions for your affiliate campaign. In fact, we have among the highest conversion rates in the industry.

Dedicated, Professional Support

We have an elite team of affiliate sales managers, SEO strategists, desingers, and email specialists that are here to proactively help you develop your marketing campaign to success. 
You'll be in direct contact with a dedicated Affiliate Groove account manager who will get you all the resources, training, and answers you need to make the best of your affiliate partnership with IPVanish.

Real-Time Report

Get 24/7 access to your Affiliate Groove affiliate panel for managing your affiliate campaigns and reviewing on-demand statistics.


Every month, all commission balances of $100 or more are processed automatically via PayPal or direct deposit. For non-US citizens or businesses, only PayPal is available.

To Become An Affiliate Simply Head Over To Their Affiliates Registration Page Here

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Express Vpn Affiliate Program Review

About Express Vpn Affiliate Review

Based in the Bvi and founded in 2009, Express Vpn is the world's number 1 trusted Vpn service provider, they offer 24/7 customer support through live chat and unconditional 30 days money back guarantee.

Express Vpn service is an anonymous Vpn service with best in class encryption and strict policy to keep no activity logs and no connection logs.

Express Vpn operates thousands of servers in 160 Vpn server location in 94 countries and offer apps in all devices and platforms like windows, Mac, android, etc..

Express Vpn Affiliate Program

Express Vpn Affiliate
Express Vpn Affiliate

Express Vpn offers an affiliate program for individuals or company that wants to promote their products and make money from affiliate marketing.

What Express Vpn Affiliate Program Provides You With As Their Affiliates?

1. You get paid to promote the world's leading Vpn provider - Express Vpn Affiliate

2. Get competitive commission with fast payouts from Express Vpn Affiliate Program.

3. They are focused on building long term relationship with their affiliates.

4. They will work with you till you drive marketing success from Express Vpn Affiliate Program.

How To Join And Sign  Up With Express Vpn Affiliate Program

Goto to Express Vpn Affiliate registration page by visiting

1. Register with your account information with your Name, Username, Affiliate ID, and move to the next step.
Express Vpn Affiliate

Step 2: Register your website url, how you plan to drive traffic to your sites either PPC or Paid traffic source, 
Express Vpn Affiliate

Step 3: Register your company and payment information, fill in your
Express Vpn Affiliate

• Street address
• City and State,
• Country,
• Skype ID,
• PayPal Address,
• Notes,

Then Sign Up With their affiliate program, it's super easy to join and get approved with them.

Why You Should Join / Sign Up For Express Vpn Affiliate Program

1. Earning High Commission With The World Best Converting Vpn Offer

They pay the best commissions in the industry. Our commission structure is flexible: The more sales you drive, the more they pay you.
We also have the fastest payouts among VPN providers and provide you with easy-to-use reporting and tracking tools

2. Work With Dedicated Affiliate Account Managers

Our dedicated account managers are on hand to help you generate sales. With support from ExpressVPN’s team of digital-content professionals, 

we’ll provide you with marketing collateral and specialized landing pages tailored for your campaign. 

We’ll keep you up to date on upcoming events and content ideas with the affiliate newsletter. 

We’ll also provide optimization advice covering SEO, UX, design, and content.

Express Vpn Affiliate Payout

They issue affiliate payout via PayPal, once you reach their earnings threshold you can withdraw your commission through PayPal.

Dropping Off On Express Vpn Affiliate Program

Express Vpn Affiliate Program is a good affiliate program to start with while looking for Vpn Affiliate Program to promote and make money from affiliate marketing.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Fastest Way To Make Money Online From WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp affiliate marketing is one of the best way any affiliate marketer or business entrepreneur can grow their business and make money online from Whatsapp,

This method was proven when tested with an affiliate program that fetch almost 20k every week and it still works, you can make money from Whatsapp as an affiliate, grow your brand and business and reach out to high paying clients easily.

WhatsApp Marketing

Internet marketing / App marketing via e WhatsApp is done with only strategy and tactics which will make you more money in the game.

What You Need To Make Money From WhatsApp

1. A WhatsApp registered number to access your WhatsApp account.

2. Internet mobile device: PC / Android Phone,

3. Steady data connection and active attendance on your WhatsApp account..

How To Make Money With Your WhatsApp Account

1. Make Money On WhatsApp With Affiliate Marketing.

You can make the best money from affiliate marketing on WhatsApp and is easy to run affiliate marketing from Whatsapp.

Best Way To Make Money From WhatsApp Marketing

1. Register your WhatsApp account or activate your old Whatsapp account if you have one,

2. Create a WhatsApp Niche Group, let it be related to the affiliate program that you signed up with,

3. Describe the group and it's value to members and what they will benefit from joining your WhatsApp group account,

4. Write a related post that has value to users and embed your affiliate link URL,

5. Make use of any url shortener to shorten your affiliate link Url and place in your post,

6. Publish and Copy your WhatsApp group referral link,

7. Share your Whatsapp group on popular forums site and social media for interested members to join,

8. Run FB ad to get targeted and paying clients if need be,

9. Make use of Seo promotion to get members into your Whatsapp group,

10. Always render help as the admin of your WhatsApp group and Keep on Checking your affiliate account dashboard for Commission on your affiliate link.

2. Make Money On WhatsApp With Referral Programs.

This is also a very good method to make money from whatsapp anywhere and is super easy,

• Join any top high paying referral program that pays,

• Sign Up and get your referral link,

• Share your referral link to your contacts on WhatsApp and Groups, 

• Once referrals start coming, you start making money from Whatsapp.

3. Make Money Sharing Links On WhatsApp

This WhatsApp earning method has been checked and considered a legit income for any WhatsApp user. 

If you have a WhatsApp make money online group, you can make money with this method,

• if you have a Large contact list of Whatsapp user on your list, you can make money from Whatsapp Sharing links,

• Referral program makes you more money and income with WhatsApp sharing earning method,

• earn passive income when ever a link you share on Whatsapp is clicked..

How To Make Money Sharing Links On WhatsApp.

Have you heard of paying URL shortener that pays you for every url shortened that is been clicked,

• Google search for Top paying Url Shortener and register as a member

• Start shortening your links with the paying URL shortener you registered with and earn.

How Do You Earn While Sharing Links On WhatsApp

1. You earn via sharing shortened affiliate links on WhatsApp,

2. You earn via any link shared on Whatsapp.

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Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Bet9ja affiliate program in Nigeria and how to make money with the top gaming website in Nigeria..

Bet9ja Affiliate

The No1 online gaming website Bet9ja has an affiliate program that enables you earn commission for every single person registered through your affiliate link on bet9ja.

Fashion Affiliate Program

Beauty Affiliate Program

Bet9ja affiliate program is not only for gamers but for affiliate markers and bloggers on sports niche.

How To Sign Up For Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Getting started with bet9ja and signing up with their affiliate program can be done in not less than 30 seconds with pictures below.

Steps To Sign Up For Bet9ja Affiliate In Nigeria.

Step 1: visit bet9ja official and scroll down to the bottom page of the website.

Click on Quick link located at the bottom page and select web affiliates

Step 2: you are provided with the affiliates page of bet9ja click on Join Now or sign up button on your screen and you will be provided with the affiliate form registration.
Step 3: Fill every necessary details needed when signing up for bet9ja affiliate both your :

• Name
• Email

• Password
• Banks
• Account Details, etc.

Note After Completing the affiliate form  make on the last form registration on bet9ja, click on join now and await for their email approval.

After a successful review, your Bet9ja affiliate account will be approved successfully.

How To Make Money From Bet9ja Affiliate

1. Make use of bet9ja promotional tools, their banner ad link and text link to promote 

2. Make use of Popular related groups eg: betting group on WhatsApp and Facebook to promote your Bet9ja affiliate link,

3. Promote and make money with Bet9ja through SEO on your website,

4. Promote your bet9ja affiliate link with word of mouth.

5. You can make money from bet9ja affiliate program by playing with them.

Bet9ja Affiliates commission is calculated based on the players performance and is guaranteed.

Visit Bet9ja affiliate dashboard and sign up as an affiliate to start making money with Bet9ja affiliate program.
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Sunday, April 21, 2019

How To Make Money With MTN Nigeria With Full Guide

Make Money With MTN network here in Nigeria 

•Make Money With Mtn Affiliate Program, 

•Make Money With MTN Data reselling

•Make Money With 2018 MTN wallet program.

MTN Nigeria

Mtn is one of the biggest network provider in Nigeria with thousands of users migrating and already existing customers, providing cheap call and data bundle rate in Nigeria.

How Do I Make Money With Mtn Network In Nigeria.

There are absolutely 3 ways you can make money with Mtn steady and it includes becoming an Mtn User:

1. Make money with Mtn when you are already an existing user or a new customer,

2. Make money with Mtn with Mtn Affiliate Marketing Programme,

3. Make money from Mtn reselling data bundle on Mtn network at a cheaper rates,

3. Make money from Mtn with Mtn 2018 wallet account, which allows you to resell airtime etc...

Mtn 2018 Affiliate Marketing Programme And How To Make Money With Mtn.

Mtn affiliate programme works like any other affiliate program you know of or may think of out there,

• Earn commission and make money once a sale is made from your Mtn wallet balance,

• Selling airtime to other networks which may lead to increase of earnings,

• increase your affiliate marketing experience and make more money with the biggest companies in Nigeria like Mtn etc.....

Why You Should Apply For Mtn 2018 Wallet Affiliate Program

I guess you should have known that affiliate marketing is all about an individual joining hands with a company like Mtn to promote it's product and once a sale is made through your affiliate link, you get paid.

If you are still asking why you should apply for Mtn 2018 affiliate marketing programme then the answer is to make money with Mtn, unless you don't want to make money online.

Benefits Of Becoming Mtn Affiliate

• Ability to make money with Mtn from home, 

• No start up income required only your mobile phone and Mtn Line,

• Increase your affiliate marketing experience with Mtn,

• Work with a telecommunication company and enjoy lots of benefits as an affiliate with Mtn,

• Get to know about big other telecommunication companies like Glo affiliate program, Etisalat Affiliate Program,
GTBank Affiliate Program Etc.....

Must Read:

• Glo affiliate program

How To Get Started With Mtn Affiliate Marketing Programme In Nigeria

1. Dial Mtn Affiliate Code Registration

Visit your phone dial pad and quickly dial *2018# and you will be prompted with the Mtn Affiliate Registration Page

Quickly type the name of the state that you are from and send,

Step 2: Register Your Pin

You are asked for a 4 digits number that you can be able to use for transfer of airtime through your Mtn affiliate wallet balance.

Step 3: Get Started

You will be prompted to dial *2018# after creating your pin and a help care line to call if confused with your Mtn 2018 wallet affiliate

Step 4: Fund Your Mtn Wallet Balance And Get Started

Fund your Mtn Affiliate wallet balance with GTBank ussd dial code, you can fund your Mtn wallet balance starting from #50.

Simply dial : 

• *2018#

• Select your state,
• Input your affiliate pin,
• Redial *2018#,
• Open a free GTBank account if you don't have,
• Goto 2018 Menu if you already have a GTBank account,

How To Fund Your Mtn Affiliate Wallet Balance

Dial : *737*50*Amount*2018#

How To Be Eligible For Mtn Affiliate Marketing Programme

1. Those that have a phone
2. If you have an Mtn network,
3, If you can transfer airtime to other networks.

How To Make Money With Data Reselling On Mtn

Are you looking for where to buy data in bulk for resale? I’m very certain you must have come across posts on blogs and online forums advertising affordable data plans that is sold by sharing to your line. 

So many people are making money from data selling business right now. This is majorly due to the need for cheaper ways to to surf the internet.

MTN, Glo and Etisalat SME Data Share business is a lucrative one considering the millions of naira Nigerians spend on buying data plans on a daily basis.

My main objective in this post is to show you how to make money selling MTN data plans through a process called DATA SHARE.


Before you can start enjoying the dividends that comes with selling MTN data plans, you will have to migrate to MTN SME PLUS TARIFF PLAN. To migrate,

send 460 ==> 131.


SMS 465 ==> 131 For 20GB,

SMS 466 ==> 131

For 50GB, SMS 467 ==> 131

Alternatively you can dial *461# on you phone and follow the prompt to share data on mtn with others.

Press 1 to choose the data bundle plan you wish to buy and send

Here Are The Codes For Various Data Size Transfer With SMS

SMEA==> 250MB
SMEB==> 500MB
SMEC ==> 1GB

To Check Your Remaining Data Size, Send Sharebalance To 131.

The good thing about MTN Data Share business is that you can choose to transfer data to your customer either by SMS or USSD. 

You can also subscribe to multiple data plans while retaining full control of data allocation. Buyers should note that their data validity is the same as that of the person who sold the data to them.
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