Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Teachable Affiliate Program

Make money with Teachable Affiliate Program when you refer customers to teachable online video course platform and get paid.

Teachable Review

Teachable is an online learning ( ie digital courses, information products, experience products, where millions of students enroll in over 125,000 courses. Sales generated from these instructor grew from $5 million in 2015 to $90m in 2017, and as a growing industry, you can be sure your audience will be getting the best product available for online course creation software.

Teachable Affiliate Program Review.

Teachable affiliate program allows you to make money whenever you referred someone to their website through your Teachable affiliate link, and get paid for referring them.

What Affiliate Marketing Is All About?

Affiliate marketing is when you as a publisher or affiliate agree to promote a product by joining it's affiliate program and you will be given a referral link from the affiliate program so that once a sale is made through your referral link, you get paid.

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Teachable.com has an affiliate program that offers 30%  lifetime commission on a 90 day cookie duration.

How To Join Teachable Affiliate Program With Step By Step Tutorial.

Step 1: visit their affiliate registration page here and sign up,

Step 2: submit your application details to the website eg:

• Your Name,
• Your Email,
• PayPal Email,
• Address,
• City,
• Postal Code etc......

Step 3: Tick the checking box and agree to their programs and terms of services then you submit your application.

It's free and easy to join affiliate program.

Teachable Affiliate Commission

Affiliates on teachable affiliate program earns 30% lifetime commission on a 90 days cookie duration, The average commission per sale, per month is $20.70 per sale.
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Monday, May 6, 2019

Best Buy Affiliate Program Review - Make Money With BestBuy Affiliate Marketing

Best Buy Affiliate Program Review.

Join the best buy affiliate program and earn commission for qualifying purchase referrals from your website.

The Best buy affiliate program is a revenue share program that gives you the opportunity to earn commission each time your site or app draws visitors to make a qualifying Bestbuy.com purchase.

About Bestbuy.com

According to Wikipedia, Best buy is an American multinational consumer electronics retailer headquartered in Richfield Minnesota, it was founded by Richard M Schuzle and james wheeler in 1966.

BestBuy Affiliate Program

As the world's largest online consumer electronics retailer, they are one of the best recognizable and trusted brands in the market, their sites is parked with ratings and reviews, buying guides, and other buying resources to help customers make smart purchasing decisions.

They offer an affiliate program which allows you to make more money as you can earn with Bestbuy.com products, Best buy affiliate program is simple and free to join.

How To Join Best Buy Affiliate Program

Take a quick Best buy affiliate registration by visiting their affiliate registration page

1. Once you have completed the form provided by Link share, you will receive a linkshare site ID which is your unique site Identifier in the network.

2. Submit your contact form with the following information to Linkshare to complete the application registration process.

• Submit your Linkshare ID
• Company Name,
• Contact Name,
• Contact Email etc..

With 3 working business days, Linkshare will send you an offer using the Linkshare publisher dashboard interface so that you can get started. You will find your best buy affiliate offer under the affiliate network programs.

What Is Best Buy Affiliate Marketing?

Best buy affiliate marketing is an online advertising marketing channel in which advertisers or online merchant that sells products pay publisher's that promote the products or services of an advertiser on their website.

The difference in the case is that advertisers like BestBuy pay you their publisher only when the new client introduction results to a sale or a lead, making it a low risk and high reward environment for both parties.

Signing Up For Best Buy Affiliate Program.

You can sign up for best buy affiliate program through their partnership with Linkshare.

Linkshare is an affiliate marketing company that has technology that will show you how to track your Bestbuy affiliate sales, and earn commission on the BestBuy.com purchases that you generate through your link.

Best Buy Affiliate Program Commission Rate.

Best buy affiliate program commission rate below are subject to change, details regarding these commission rates can be found in your Linkshare affiliate dashboard when you officially join the program.

• Best buy affiliate offers all eligible product categories 1.00% commission rate.

• Geek squad services $10 bounty commission rate on best buy affiliate.

• Mobile phone with service plan activations with $5 commission rate on best buy.

Note: Best buy does not pay commission on gifts card, warranties, Laptops, Tablets, Desktops, video games hardware.

Best Buy affiliate referral period is 1 day.

Best Buy Affiliate Payout

Best buy pay it's affiliate on a monthly basis. They extend all transactions each month, so your initial payment for best buy sales will come 60 days after your first best buy sales.

Linkshare issued checks for total earned commission at no minimum.

Commission On Mobile Phone With Best Buy Affiliate

Yes, Best Buy pays commissions on qualifying orders placed through a mobile phone or tablet device as long as a customer went through an approved LinkShare tracking link.
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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Best Digital Camera Affiliate Programs To Make Money

Are you a photographer? Do You love taking pictures in public and indoors? Why don't you make money from these top Digital camera affiliate program companies.

Affiliate marketing is good and still works, are you a photo blogger? There are more than 50 affiliate program that you can monetize your website with :

• Digital camera affiliate program

• Photography Affiliate Programs

These two affiliate program has a lot to do with people in photo niche in blogging and can monetize their blog page around with these affiliate program.

Affiliate Sponsorships
Beauty Affiliate Program
Fashion Affiliate Program
Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Top Digital Camera And Photography Affiliate Programs.

1. Canon Digital Camera Affiliate Program.

Canon USA digital camera affiliate program allows you to earn commission on their industry leading line up products.

When you become an affiliate with Digital canon camera affiliate program, you can increase your revenue by promoting one of their top selling products including their power shoot camera, EOS DSL camera, EF lenses, pixma inkjet printers, and many more.

As a valued partner, Canon digital camera affiliate offers:

• 2.5% commission on affiliate sales.
• Daily products catalog feed.
• 30 days cookie window.
• Special offers and promotions.
• Affiliate team fully dedicated towards supporting the partnership.

2. Digital Photography School Affiliate Program.

Digital photography school has a range of eBook, courses, for those wanting to improve their photography skills.

They offer 40% earning commission on those who recommend their product on any sales generated from them. 

They have range of banners and promotional tools for their affiliates and you can sign up for Digital photography camera affiliate program here.

3. Adorama Affiliate Program For Camera

Adorama affiliate program has come out to be the best and most reputable consumers in the electronic category with more than 2,500 selling products and millions of satisfied customers.

You can join and make money from adorama affiliate program with benefits:

1. Free to join,

2. Over $500 average order size,
3. 2% base commission,
4. No limit to how much you can earn,
5. 30 days cookie,
6. Link your customers to one of the reputable brand,
7. Over 250,000 products in their catalog.

What Adorama Affiliate Benefit:

• Free shipping,

• Worldwide shopping to 250 countries,
• Same day shipping when ordered,
• Constant communications of promo and deals.

Available Tools On Adorama Affiliate Program

• Easy to create tracking link,

• Easy deep linking capabilities,
• Advance tracking technology so you don't lose a dime,
• Robust product feed,
• Exclusive affiliate partners, deals and promos,
• Dedicated adorama affiliate team, support etc....

Become Adorama Affiliate Partner With Impact Radius.

4. Cameta Digital Camera Affiliate Program.

Cameta camera is a full service of digital camera stores with all major brands of photography equipment, digital camera and camcorders for sale.

Cameta camera has been in business for a long time on long island for over 25 years which is located in Amityvile, New York and their store is authorized in USA.

Cameta camera offers 4% on network commission rates.

Sign up for Cameta Digital Camera Affiliate Program Here.

5. Pictureline Camera Affiliate Program.

With a lot of products and over $1000 commission earned everyday, you can join picture line digital camera affiliate program and make money online.

These affiliate requires you to have a strong website or following on social media before joining them.

Sign Up For Pictureline Photography Affiliate Program.
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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Affiliate Sponsorships To Be Considered In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Sponsorships In Every Affiliate Marketing Programme.

You may decide to start an affiliate marketing channel business but you don't know how to get started with affiliate marketing, 

There are affiliate rules, policy and terms in every online affiliate business and most of them comes from affiliate sponsorship of the Advertiser's or Publisher's.

Affiliate Sponsorships To Be Considered In Affiliate Marketing.

1. Affiliate Sponsors Earnings.

Becoming an affiliate partner with any affiliate program out there can be easier but what if your earnings is not satisfying,

A friend of mine partner with one of the most top affiliate companies and was sending in lots of traffic to his affiliate sales page but his earnings was not satisfying as someone who was into paid traffic. Yea, he was in between an affiliate advertising network, he sent a mail to the affiliate manager requesting for a 50% commission on every sale as he can pull in much clicks and traffic to his affiliate offers and his request got approved 

Once you determine the value of your traffic is greater than your affiliate sponsorship earnings, chat up the account manager and give him a reason to give you a benefiting affiliate earnings commission.

2. Affiliate Brand Awareness Sponsorship.

You can request to join hands with any top affiliate marketing network and grow the Awareness of your affiliate marketing brand online.

Getting an affiliate sponsorship from top affiliate marketing networks bring in best affiliate marketer to your affiliate program.

3. Getting Affiliates Payout  To Affiliate.

The number one priority to affiliate marketing is getting fast payouts to every affiliates, the more payouts, the more affiliate sponsorships from affiliate marketers.

Top Affiliate Sponsors And Advertisers For Your Website.

1. Google Adsense Affiliate Sponsorship.

This program displays advertisement on your site relevant to the content of the page you placed the supplied code. You are paid according to the number of clicks gotten from the display ad ( pay per click).

2. Amazon Affiliate Sponsorship

Do you fancy selling eBooks on your website, if yes the well known amazon.com provides an affiliate program that pays you referral fees on books sold.
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Friday, May 3, 2019

How To Add My Website Or Blog To Opera News Feed

Opera News Feed And How To It Works.

Opera mini news feed introduce by opera mini is one of the most used web surf app worldwide with different types of gadgets.

The opera mini news feed was launched to help readers and visitors to opera mini to find it easier to glance through any important and attractive blog that is listed on opera news feed.

Seoclerks Review

With the thousands of clicks and visit to the Opera mini news feed which has helped blogger's to generate traffic and earnings to their website and blogs everyday by showcasing their blog titles or post everyday on Opera mini news feed.

How Adding Your Website Or Blog To Opera Mini News Feed Can Help It.

1. Blog Traffic Increases When Added To Opera Mini News Feed.

By displaying your blog or website on opera mini news feed front page you will receive traffic from thousands of people worldwide as they will be looking at your post that appears on opera mini news feed and other attractive ones.

2. Gain Popularity With Opera Mini News Feed On Your Blog.

Opera mini is currently used worldwide and has the options of changing countries which makes your blog to be shown around the world if it appears on the Opera Mini news feed.

3. More Earnings From Affiliate And Ads With Opera Mini News Feed.

Opera mini has promised to pay 50% of the traffic value and if your website or blog is monetize, you are likely to make money from Opera Mini news feed traffic.

How To Add Your Blog To Opera Mini News Feed The Right Way.

Step 1: visit your mailbox and compose an email to social--networks@opera.com Or Jbrandon@opera.com,

Step 2: write why your blog should be accepted into the opera mini news feed and your niche,

Step 3: what you will gain from the platform.

Then send and await for their reply, normally the reply within 5 days and most of the times stays upto a week so be patient.

Once they receive the mail you sent them, you will get a reply from Opera agent instructing  you to write a formal request together with your site links and they will forward it to the opera mini news feed team.

Apply the above steps and get your blog or website shown on Opera news feed
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Thursday, May 2, 2019

How To Make Money As A Student In Ghana And Nigeria

Make Money As A Student In Ghana And Nigeria

Students from Ghana and Nigeria stands a chance of making as much money as they want online and it's possible to make money as a student and still pass your exams.

A friend of mine who was in the high school explained how he has been able to make not less than $1000 online in his school days and it works, no need to set up a company online or over stress yourself.

• Do you have a Facebook account?

• Can your spare hour of your time as a student in Ghana and Nigeria?

• Do you have internet connection device that you can use to access the internet?

If yes, let me show you how to make money as a student in ghana and also make money as a student in Nigeria.

Money Making Apps In Ghana And Nigeria

Cpa Marketing In Nigeria
Cpa Marketing Training

How To Make Money As A Student In Ghana And Nigeria.

1. Make Money As A Student Daily Selling Data On Mtn

Data reselling business is very much alive and still works, you can make more than 10,000 naira daily as a student online from data reselling,

You can start data reselling business anywhere in Nigeria and start making money straight away and the best part is you don't need any special skills to make money with data reselling.

With Mtn data reselling business, you are guaranteed to make not less than 10,000 naira daily online as a student.

2. Make 100 Daily As A Student In Nigeria With GTBank Affiliate Program

Do you know that you can make money from any nearest GTBank in your school area? Yes with GTBank IRefer affiliate program you can make 100 to 1000 naira daily as a student from school simple and easy.

Read How GTBank IRefer Affiliate Program Works in Nigeria and how to join and start earning.

3. Make Money As A Student In Ghana And Nigeria From Affiliate Marketing, UpTo 1000 Per Commission

When i said affiliate marketing is very much alive don't doubt it, affiliate marketing is simple and easy to apply and you can make more than 10,000 per day as a student with affiliate marketing.

I can remember my first payment as an affiliate from Nnu & co, though all have casted but there are other affiliate program that works and you can apply for free as a student.

The trick is simple, find a genuine affiliate program and join them, request for your affiliate link and start promoting.

Some of the best affiliate program you can join is Jumia Affiliate ProgramKonga Affiliate Program Etc..

Legit Online Paying Sites In Ghana
4. Make Money As A Student Working As A Freelancer In Ghana And Nigeria.

Freelancing is best when it comes to making money online, from graphics design, web design, content writing etc..

Students in ghana and Nigeria can take part in this online work and make money online as a student

There are freelancing website that you can make money online, most of these freelancing jobs can fetch you $50 per day and it's super easy to join.

Goto Fiverr.com and register.

5. Make Money As A Student In Ghana And Nigeria Every Day Selling eBooks

Information marketing rocks and it's still one of the easiest ways of making money online in Ghana and Nigeria without spending a dime as a student,

Make a research to find out hot topics trending and create an outstanding eBook around it, you can sell your eBooks through SEO which is easiest way to sell them.

6. Make Money As A Student Creating A Blog In Ghana and Nigeria.

You can create a free blog for your friends and collect a little or no fee as a student for a service rendered by you to them.

You know how Blogging is becoming profitable day by day, why don't you create a free blog and design with a custom template for sell to your fellow students and collect cash.

You can make more than $100 as a student daily with these proven method.

7. Make Money As A Student Daily Creating PayPal Account In Nigeria And Ghana

Creating a PayPal account in Nigeria and Ghana is a lucrative online business for students in ghana and Nigeria to start and make more than 2000 daily profits everyday and it's super easy.

Learn the secrets to create a working PayPal account in Nigeria that can send and receive funds in Nigeria and make 2000 naira on a daily basis.

8. Make 1000 Daily Reselling Etisalat Data Bundle As A Student

Work as a data agent and resell data bundle at a cheaper rates. With etisalat data bundle reselling business, you can make 1000 daily and 7000 weekly.

To learn more how to start etisalat data bundle reselling, visit your nearest etisalat office and tell them you wish to start data reselling business..

9. Make Upto 2000 Reselling Airtel Data Plan As A Student

Works the same way like Mtn, Etisalat and it's super easy to start, visit the nearest airtel branch and tell them you want to start a data reselling business.

Combine both and make more than 2000 daily in Nigeria.

10. Make 10000 Daily As A Student With Website Development 

The passive income to making more than 5000 naira daily and website development is one of them in Nigeria, with web development you can make UpTo 10000 as a student per day developing websites.

Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Fashion Affiliate Program
Beauty Affiliate Program

Wrapping Up On Making Money As A Student In Ghana And Nigeria

Students in ghana and Nigeria can take action on some of the steps I listed above and make money from time to time as a student.
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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Real estate Affiliate Program Australia, UK, Canada, India

Do you want to make money referring agents to take part in any real estate business?

There are real estate affiliate program that allows you to make as much as $10 by referring an agent to them.

• Are you a blogger?

• Are you interested in an easy on going passive income stream for your business?

• Do you want to handle a reliable and easy to use platform that will handle all listings and feeds to portals for real estate agents?

If your answer is yes, there are top real estate affiliate programs that pays very much as $10 for referring an agent to them.

Fashion Affiliate Program Australia
Beauty Affiliate Program Australia
Cpa Marketing Training Course
How To Make Money With Clickbank
How To Make Money With WhatsApp
How To Make Money With Mtn

Top List Of Real Estate Affiliate Programs

1. MantisProperty Real Estate Affiliate Program.

Earn big money referring real estate agents to MantisProperty when you join the free affiliate program and earn $10 per month on every agent you referred to MantisProperty.

Once you sign up as a MantisProperty Real Estate Affiliate, you can refer agents to MantisProperty sales page where they can select your agency / company as referer. 

Each month they calculate all referer and pay you $10 per active referer.

2. Easy Property Listings Real Estate Affiliate Program.

With easy property affiliate program, you are guaranteed to be making money from easy property, you can earn upto 20% Commission on every sale you generate.

It's super easy, they pay you UpTo 20% on every commission you generated through your affiliate referral url link, it's as easy as sighting and promoting the program on your blog, website, facebook, etc..

Sign up for Easy Property Listings Real Estate Affiliate Program Here.

3. Realwords Real Estate Affiliate Program

With realwords Real Estate Affiliate Program, you can earn upto $25 per referral on a single person.

You keep on receiving recurring commission as long as your referral stays as a paying client.

Sign up for Realwords Real estate affiliate program here.

4. Echoice Real Estate Affiliate Program Australia

Earn passive income by registering as a partner with echoice Real estate affiliate program and be rewarded with a new referral revenue stream.

Sign up for eChoice Real estate affiliate program here.

5. Real Estate Affiliate Program

With real estates affiliate program which is the most lucrative and highly paid markets available for affiliates.

With the line up of affiliate programs entirely focused on real estate opportunities, Real Estate Affiliate is the #1 choice for publisher's looking to profit from the boom in real estate crowd funding.

Register with Real Estate Affiliate program here.

6. Real Estate Express Affiliate Program

Earn money by sharing real estate express with your network. Once you registered with real estate express affiliate program, they will send you a link where you can access banners and logos to place on your website, as well as view your organization's stats and tools.

Real estate express affiliate program is a school real estate affiliate program you can apply for their affiliates here easily.

7. VanEd Real Estate School Affiliate Program

Whether you are a real estate school affiliate agent, brokerage firm or a realtor, by taking advantage of VanEd Real Estate Affiliate program, you can enhance your education offerings and maximize revenue.

Sign up for VanEd Real Estate Affiliate Program Here.

8. Ixact Real Estate Affiliate Program

Make 25% commission on ixact contact sales, ixact Real estate affiliate program is across north America and are discovering the simplicity and ease use of Ixact contact.

Get started with Ixact Real estate affiliate program here.

9. Aypo Real Estate Affiliate Program

The refer and earn real estate affiliate program Aypo is an affiliate program that is right for you if you want to obtain real estate license.

As their affiliate you are given a special link to their course and offerings that you can share with the people that you know and if they purchase through your link they will receive 15% cash back as a thank you.

Visit Aypo Real Estate Affiliate Program Registration Page.

10. Luxury Real Estate Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate with an international real estate affiliate program, luxury affiliate program works out like other real estate affiliate and you earn recurring affiliate commission if your referral remains active as a paying agent.

Sign up for Luxury Real Estate Affiliate Program here
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