Friday, July 5, 2019

How To Recieve Payment Through PayPal In Nigeria

Ever since PayPal limit Nigeria PayPal account from sending and receiving payment through PayPal in Nigeria, 

mostly newbies into internet marketing are still confused on how to Recieve their payment from foreign countries that makes use of PayPal.

How To Recieve Payments Through PayPal In Nigeria From Any Country.

There are currently two ways that you can Recieve payments on PayPal and withdraw to your bank account if you have a PayPal account in Nigeria,

1. Recieve Payments With PayPal.Me Method In Nigeria is another way anyone can use to send and receive payments on their PayPal account. With you are accepting payments for goods and services.

You can turn on and off this payment receiving method in Nigeria if it doesn't suit your taste in getting payments.

2. Revive Payments Through PayPal In Nigeria With Payment Request Option.

This method has also proven to be effective when it comes to receiving payment in Nigeria.

To get payed through this method, 

1. navigate to request payment and input your payee PayPal email address,

2. Input your payment Rate after inputting tour address,

Then click on request payment from PayPal,

Wait for the PayPal account user to accept payment request.

3. Receiving Payment Through PayPal In Nigeria With PayPal Email Address.

You only need to give your clients your PayPal email address used in creating the PayPal you want to use and recieve payment in Nigeria.

This steps are tested and can be used to Recieve payments from other countries and in Nigeria through PayPal.

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Best Nigerian Investment Company That Pays Weekly

It's true, there are Nigeria investment companies that pays you weekly in 2019 and most of these companies turned out to be the Best Nigeria Investment Company That Pays.

There are over 50 companies in Nigeria that you can invest today and start making profit / weekly or monthly return.

Top Investment Companies In Nigeria That Pays Daily, Weekly And Monthly When You Invest On Them.

1. Invest In Affiliate Companies In Nigeria.

There are over 50 affiliate marketing sites that you can invest today in Nigeria.

What's Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria?

Affiliate marketing is when an individual agrees to partner with a company or an individual to promote it's products and once a sale is made through your affiliate link you receive commission.

Few affiliate company in Nigeria to invest today.

• Invest in Domainking Web Hosting Company

• Invest In E-commerce Affiliate Website In Nigeria Like Jumia And Konga.

2. Invest And Start Blogging In Nigeria 

Blogging is an online internet investment that you can make and get paid weekly basis and here is how blogging works in Nigeria 

Get a domain and a web hosting in Nigeria.

Choose a profitable niche

Do keyword research 

Monetize your blog with Nigeria google ads and other monetization methods.

You can start with Google Adsense, this investment company is owned by Google operated in many countries.

Create and invest in your blog and get paid weekly when it matures you Stand a chance of making $1000 weekly through blogging.

3. Afrinvest Company 

Afrinvest (West Africa) Ltd. is an independent investment banking firm with a focus on West Africa and active in four principal areas: investment banking, securities trading, asset management, and investment research.

Afrinvest is both a provider of research content on the Nigerian market and an adviser to companies across West Africa on M&A and international capital market transactions

Regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) as an Issuing House and Underwriter, Afrinvest provides financial advisory services as well as capital raising solutions to High Net-worth Individuals (“HNIs”), corporations, and governments

The Company is also licensed by the Nigerian SEC, through its subsidiary, Afrinvest Securities Limited (“ASL”), as a broker-dealer and authorized by the Nigerian Stock Exchange as a dealing member. ASL acts as a distribution channel for a variety of investment products and houses the Company’s research franchise.

Afrinvest Asset Management Limited (“AAML”) is licensed by the Nigerian SEC as a portfolio manager.

Top Investment Banks And Companies In Ghana 

4. Stanbic Invest 

Stanbic IBTC Holdings, commonly referred to as Stanbic IBTC, is a financial service holding company in Nigeria with subsidiaries in banking, stock brokerage, investment advisory, pension and trustee businesses. Stanbic IBTC Holdings is a member of the Standard Bank Group, a financial services giant based in South Africa. Standard Bank is Africa's largest banking group ranked by assets and earnings operations in 20 African countries and 13 countries outside Africa.

5. Recharge And Get Paid Company


Recharge and get paid is a profit sharing telecommunication company,

headquartered in Abuja and is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC); (RC Number: 1279919) and is duly licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to carry out Telecoms-related businesses. 

It operates in partnership with the 4 major telecoms giants in Nigeria.

Read More On: Rechargeandgetpaid review 
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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

How To Get Approved Maxbounty Free Account

I have seen people selling approved maxbounty account and has turn out to be a very good online business apart from making money with it.

How Do I Get An Approved Maxbounty Free Account?

Maxbounty is a very strict cpa marketing network available for the experts in cpa when it comes to approving a maxbounty affiliate account but here is the deal.

There are currently 6 stages for applying for a maxbounty account and getting it approved.

1. The Basic Info Maxbounty Sign Up Page. 

This page contains details about your name, your company's name and your password.

2. Maxbounty Security Question And Answer.

This stage in maxbounty approval is about giving a security question and answer for your maxbounty account.

3. Maxbounty Account Contact Details 

Here you can submit your email address, phone number, mobile number, time zone, Skype ID, and how you heard about them. 

4. Submit Your Street Address Details

This stage of maxbounty account approval requires your street address, city, province, state, postal code and country.

5. Share Your Experience With Them

Here is a tough part of getting your maxbounty account approved as you will need to share your affiliate marketing experience with them, cpa network you have worked with, how much you have earned with them, your method of promotion and your previous account manager ID and website URL. 

6. Finally Agree To Their Terms And Conditions 

Agree not to share or trade the account and not to used freelancers etc.. .

Hey it doesn't end there, Continue reading to Learn the big tricks and secret in getting a maxbounty free account approval always anytime of your choice.

Take this secret paid course only for you.

Have you heard of Cpa Marketing Drill.... 

Yes I  mentioned it on one of my post about cpa marketing training and you can choose any of the courses listed. 

How Does Cpa Drill Works When It Comes To Approving A Maxbounty Free Account Always.

Cpa [ cost per action ] is an easy way to make money online, you sent traffic to an offer and get paid when the visitor take action.

Making money with Cpa Marketing can be alot easier with Cpa Drill Training Course.

• Get Cpa Drill Marketing Training Course

Their training comes with a four proven steps for a newbie or a beginner to make money from Cpa Marketing

Step 1: set up your first Cpa Drill Training by following their Video / Pdf guide.

Step 2: Watch and learn their traffic on demand inside Cpa Drill course.

Step 3: Put your feets up and watch profit roll in within 24 hours.

Step 4: Set up as many as this Cpa Drill cash machine training course and repeat.

• Get Cpa Drill Marketing Training Course

Cpa Drill helps you to learn the basics and tricks on applying for a maxbounty account and getting approved easily,  it doesn't end there as you will be shown report on how to make money from any cpa network of your choice.

Wrapping Up On Getting Maxbounty Free Account 

It's easy and might be hard for newbies, you can follow up the guide illustrated above and if it continues to get hard in getting approved then take a paid course.
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Monday, July 1, 2019

How To Open A Payoneer Account In Nigeria

Create And Open A Verified Payoneer Account In Nigeria 

Payoneer is a financial services company that provides online money transfer and digital payment services and working capital solutions.

Account holders can send and receive funds into their bank account, Payoneer e-wallet, or onto a re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit card that can be used online or at points-of-sale.

Read Also: Wakanow Affiliate Program 

Read Also: How To Open A Bitcoin Wallet Account In Nigeria

The company specializes in facilitating cross-border B2B payments. It provides cross-border transactions in 200 countries and territories including Nigeria and more than 150 local currencies, with its cross border wire transfers, online payments, and refillable debit card services.

How You Can Create Or Open A Payoneer Account Here In Nigeria.

If you want to open a Payoneer account in Nigeria, To get started visit to fill out your application form:

Step 1: visit

Step 2: click on Sign up and earn button 

Step 3: Select an individual account and sign up with your name and email address 

Step 4: Provide your contact details both country and postal code,

Step 5: Provide your security details both your passwords and security answers,

Then type in your National ID card number.

Lastly select payment currency to USD and type in your account number and swift code then submit.

They will give you a reply through mail immediately your account has been approved.

Note: This method of creating or opening a Payoneer account in Nigeria is applicable to other foreign countries. Follow the above steps throughly and get your payoneer account approved.
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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Garanntor Affiliate Program - Earn 25% Commission affiliate program helps you to sign up for free and share a simple affiliate URL given to you on your blog, facebook, twitter, email etc... 

How Does Garanntor Affiliate Program Works?

• you sign up for free as Garanntor affiliate,

• share your affiliate URL with your audience,

• Referrals Buy Services from Garanntor through your affiliate link,

• you get paid as Garanntor affiliate.

How To Sign Up And Become A Garanntor Affiliate Member

Become garanntor affiliate by visiting their affiliate registration page

Step 1: Register and get your affiliate link on garanntor, both banner ad code etc.

Step 2: Spread your affiliate link or banner ad and let your friends know about Garanntor.
Step 3: Once your referrals makes purchase through your affiliate link, you get paid.

Garanntor Affiliate Commission 

25% Commission Rates. You’re guaranteed up to 25% commission on any qualified sale from a new customer whom you’ve referred.

Payouts Options You decide how you’d like to receive your commission payments: Bank Transfer, Paypal or Garanntor Funds..

Tools for Success. Whether you operate a large network, content site or blog, we have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and start your site earning money right away.

Real Time Reporting Our detailed, real-time online reports make it easy to track your earnings and see what’s working best for your site.
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Friday, June 28, 2019

How To Make Money On WordPress In 48 Hours

This search query is mostly searched by newbies in blogging on how to make money from WordPress in 48 hours, yes it's possible but only if you have any of these monetization methods I listed below.

Best Way To Monetize Your WordPress Blog And Start Making Money Within 48 Hours. 

1. Make $1000 Through Affiliate Marketing On WordPress Within 48 Hours. 

Affiliate marketing is not dead at all,  as a matter of fact it's one of the easiest way to make money online. You can make up-to 100 - $1000 with affiliate marketing through this guide.

• Join the best affiliate programs with higher commission payouts,

• Sign up for their affiliate marketing programme,

• Get your affiliate link and promote through your WordPress blog. 

This is a legit WordPress income for anyone who wants to make money on WordPress in 48 hours.

2. Make Money On WordPress With Google Adsense In 48 Hours. 

Of course, this is the most easiest method of making money with a WordPress blog, you don't even need to create and start doing all the promotion just like in affiliate marketing.

Once you are approved by Google Adsense Team with your WordPress blog , you can start making money with it, $100 Guaranteed.

Check out on Google Adsense Approval Trick.

3. Make $100 On WordPress In 48 Hours With Hire Me Page. 

Simple method and easiest way to make money with a WordPress, even a newbie cab start making money from this.

Go and create a higher me page on your WordPress blog and list all the skills that you can charge your clients for a token, eg:

• PayPal account creation 
• Blog Creation 
• Chatbot Creation etc....

With your hire me page visible to your readers, you are guaranteed of making $100 from your WordPress blog in 48 hours. 

4. Accept Sponsored Post And Make Money On WordPress In 48 Hours. 

Advertiser are looking for a good and quality website where they can advertise their products or website, now if your WordPress blog is SEO optimize and receive quality traffic, you can start making money with this area. 

You can charge your clients / advertisers $50 per sponsored post and that goes to 100 of advertisers waiting for their article to be written on your WordPress blog. One of the easiest way to make money on WordPress within 48 hours. 

5. Make Money On WordPress Giving Out Paid Links.

Here is what I called WordPress income earner as its also one of the easiest way to monetize your WordPress blog.

To be able to make money with this method, you need to have a strong authority and quality backlinks juice on your WordPress blog.

You can build your WordPress authority and ranking with seoclerks and go ahead to charge your clients for $5 per backlink.

Build up your WordPress blog authority and start making money in 48 hours. 

Read More Post On: Make Money Online 

Wrapping Up On How To Make Money On WordPress In 48 Hours. 

These methods of making money with your WordPress blog works for any WordPress user but hey I must warn you:

To make the real big income is through SEO so I  suggest you get the Google Featured Snippet Ranking System.

Works on WordPress and blogger use it to optimize your blog post and rank on 1st page, you need access email me via
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Konga Affiliate Program - Make Money Till You Get Tired

Sign up with the Konga affiliate program and make 20,000 Naira weekly. 

What's Up With KUonga?

Konga affiliate is one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria with over thousands of affiliate marketers promoting their quality products on the internet.

Konga is an e-commerce website like jumia, the Nigeria web store where you can Shop Online for Electronics, Phones, Computers, Accessories, Fashion, Shoes, Household Equipments, Wines, Babies, Toys, Furnitures etc...

How To Sign Up And Register For Konga Affiliate Program.

1. Visit Konga Affiliate Registration page and click on sign up as Konga affiliate,

2. Fill in your personal information like your Name, Address, Account ID, 

3. Add additional information on your affiliate sign up page eg: State, City, Phone Number, Method of promotion, Website Url etc....

4. Accept Terms and conditions 

5. Then sign up and check your email address for affiliate conformation.

Konga Affiliate Review 

About Konga Affiliate

Konga Affiliate Programs is Nigeria's Topmost Affiliate Program that allows you to make money online by selling products for great commissions!

Konga Affiliate is the Nigeria's best retail affiliate program that allows you to earn easy money just selling products online.

Konga Affiliate Commission Rate 

• 6% commission on sale of Konga Daily products

•4% commission on sale of Fashion products

•3% commission on sale of Toys/Kids products

•2% commission on sale of Sports and Fitness products

•2% commission on sale of Automotive and Industrial products

•3% commission on sale of Beauty, Health and Personal Care products

•2% commission on sale of Home & Kitchen products

•2% commission on sale of Electronics

•1.5% commission on sale of Computers and Accessories

•1% commission on sale of Phones & Tablets

You can earn up-to 6% commission on sale for all other categories not listed.

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