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KiaKia Loan App And Website - 200k Loans For Grab Easily

Learn everything about the KiaKia Loan in one piece, how to download the KiaKia Loan App and how to borrow money from KiaKia website.

About KiaKia Loan.

KiaKia are registered trademarks of KiaKia Bits Ltd. KiaKia is authorized and regulated by the Money Lenders Act Cap 52. KiaKia and Mr. K are trading names for KiaKia Bits Ltd. (RC N∗ 799552).

Why Use KiaKia Loan? 

KiaKia Loan gives you access to personal and small business loans, and also enable savers lend out funds at negotiated interests through intuitive conversations.

Why Sterling Bank KiaKia Loan? 

The full name of this loan is called the Sterling bank Kiakia loan. This is because, Kiakia is partnered with Sterling bank. 

You can therefore guess that a Sterling bank account would be one of the requirements in getting a loan from Kiakia loan app and website.

Furthermore, as if it’s not enough that they do not have a Kiakia loan app, you would probably talk to a human agent at some point. (Although, this is typically not the case, you typically get your loan in minutes).

Finally, if you do not already have a sterling bank account, you would have to wait days or weeks in other to open your account.

How To Use A KiaKia Loan And How It Works?

After you visit the Kiakia website and click on “Click to get a loan” 

Next step is to click on get a loan from their next option,

You will see the Kiakia chat bot. Using this chat bot, you will go through the process of registration. 

After your have completed your registration, you might be told to meet with a live agent to further determine if you qualify for the loan. 

This process will probably be avoided if there was a Kiakia loan app, right?

Anyway, let’s have a look at the requirements and what you need to have in other to apply for a loan through Kiakia.

KiaKia Loan Requirements 

The good news is, you don’t need a collateral in other to apply for the kiakia loan. Here are the requirements

*.A valid ID card
* An email address
* A bank account (Preferably a sterling bank account).

You do not need to download any Kiakia loan app because it currently do not exist and you can get your loan easy from KiaKia Loan website.

How To Get Started And Register With KiaKia Loan. 

1. Remember, there is no Kiakia loan app download needed. Therefore, the first step is to visit the Kiakia website

2. Then, click on the “Click to get loan” to access the live chat bot.

3. Click on “Get a loan” to apply for this loan.

4. Kiakia chat bot will ask for an email address, give them your email address.

5. If you haven’t create an account with them, they will send you a 6 digit verification code which you will get from your email address.

6. Put the 6-digit code into the chat bot.

7. The chat bot will then take you through the rest of the application.

This process will probably take about 15mins, but sometime, Kiakia would require that you see one of their agents.

KiaKia Loan Interest Rate

Kiakia interest rate is typically from 5.6% – 24% and you also have 7 to 30 days to pay back. Again, this varies from person-to person.

How To Repay Your KiaKia Loan Debt? 

• After you visit the website (and not a Kiakia loan app), click on “Click to get loan”

• Click on the “Repay a loan” button

• The Kiakia chat bot will ask you for your email address. Please give them the email address that you used when applying for the loan.

• After providing this information, the chat bot will take your through the rest of the process required to pay back your Kiakia loan.

KiaKia Customer Care Contact 

If you have a problem and need to speak to a Kiakia representative, you can either email them at or give them a call at 08093078377, 09055111140 or 08092245588.

Furthermore, you can also whatsapp them via 08092245588

If you feel like visiting them, they have a Lagos and Abuja location. Here they are

Dele Onabule Street, Magodo Brooks Estate, Lagos.

Suite S3, Pathfield Mall, 4th Avenue, Gwarinpa, Abuja.

Why Use KiaKia? 

1. Real Time

Account creation and loan application are swift and 24/7 no downtime, you can apply for fund loan anytime.

2. No Fees

KiaKia charges no application nor lender listing fees.

3. Self Service 

Assigned personalised virtual agent at your beck and call anytime with little or no human intervention during the application process.

What Is All About For You.

• Loan Applications

Access personal and small business loans in real-time 24/7.

• Credit Score

Learn about scoring and how you can build your credit score based on your activity on the platform and financial behaviour.

• Friendly Reminders

Get friendly repayment reminders and notifications before repayment on your due date.

• Lend Out

Get listed as a lender, fund loans and earn good interest rates.

• Transaction Status

Check your application status, loan status, interest rates and credit profile.

Wrapping Up With KiaKia Loan Website App

There is no Kiakia loan app download at this time. Therefore, if you want to get a loan via Kiakia, you will need to do this using the Live chat bot on their website.

Getting a loan via Kiakia typically takes minutes, however, some sources say that you might meet with an agent in atypical situations.

Read their terms and conditions, check the interest rate and plan on how to payback before you accept the loan.
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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Airtel Cash Loan Nigeria

How To Get Loan With Airtel Loan Code

Getting a loan has never been easer. Smart Loans can be gotten as easy as dailing *903#

To get Smart Airtel Loans simply dial *903# and choose Smart Loan from the given menu and enter your Mobile Money pin.

Choose whether you want to take a loan, repay it or know more about Smart Loan.

To take a loan, choose the loan amount you need, 

choose in how many days you would like to repay the loan, 

confirm the loan, agree to the terms and conditions, 

wait for your loan to be confirmed and your loan amount will be instantly deposited in your Mobile Money account.

How Much Loans Can You Get From Airtel Cash Loan 

You can only have one active loan at a time, but once your loan has been paid, you can automatically qualify for another loan, 

possibly even a higher amount too, depending on if you pay back on time whenever you take a loan.

What's Airtel Cash Loan Interest 

There is an interest rate of 1% charged daily on the loan. The full repayment is automatically taken from your Mobile Money on your due date.

What's The Duration Of Airtel Cash Loan Nigeria 

Loans are typically for either 7, 14, 21 or 30 days, with a single payment at the end of the term that you choose.

How To Get Started With Airtel Loan Nigeria.

To get started visit your phone ussd and dial the airtel quick cash loan code *903#, then follow the prompts 

• Press 3 to select Get loans by airtel, 

• Press 2 and select smart credit,

• Then enter your airtel mobile pin and select the loan amount you want to borrow. 

Extra Loan On Airtel With Kwikcash Airtel Loan Ussd Code 

Kwikcash network has been offering loans to thousands of people searching for easy loans without colleatral both MTN, Airtel, 9mobile/Etisalat and Finally Airtel.

To get an instant Kwikcash airtel loan code kindly visit their website
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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Loan Apps In South Africa

Loan Apps In South Africa To Get Instant Loan

Don't bother going to meet an agent to get a Loan, Download the best loan apps in South Africa and get loan instantly.

With These Loan Apps In South Africa You Can Apply For A Loan Anytime, Anywhere And Get Bucks In Your Pocket Within Minutes.

Best Loan Apps In South Africa To Get A Quick Loan. 

1. Getbucks Loan App 

The South Africa loan app Getbucks helps you to manage your profile credit and your budget why offering a personalized credit based on positive behavior which allows better repayments.

They offer up-to 4000 on loan and repayment is done before 32 days time. 

2. Bayportsa Loan

It is easy to apply for a Bayport personal loan of up to R250,000 with their simple online loan app process and personalised service.

Once you have registered, all it takes is a minute, to find out if you qualify for a Bayport personal loan. Our application process allows you to also upload all the documents required to complete your application.

3. Standard Bank Loan App In South Africa 

Getting a loan is now FASTER and CHEAPER! Save up to R407* every month when you apply online. Choose the loan repayment terms that best suit your needs with anywhere from 12 to 72 months to pay.

4. Nedbank South Africa Loan App 

You could get a tailormade loan with flexible options to suit your pocket and your lifestyle.

5. FNB Personal South Africa Loan 

Get a Personal Loan of up to R300 000 with a personalised interest rate from as low as 13% for planned or unplanned expenses. 

Whether you need extra money to help turn your house into your dream home, walk down the aisle or go on that well-deserved holiday, FNB has the right credit solution for your every need.
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Monday, September 23, 2019

Free Recharge App

Free Recharge App 2019 - Up-to 10k Free Recharge 

I make money online with jumia one free recharge app, I also earn free airtime recharge card. 

This free recharge app gives you instant cash back on any purchases and welcomes you with 1000N bonus for registering with them.

Free Airtime Recharge App

I consider Jumia one free recharge app as one of the best recharging app out there because of its many features on recharging. 

• You recharge your line and still get cash back for recharging, 

• You recharge your friends and still also receive cash back on it, 

• You Invite your friends to use the free recharge app, you earn 500N commission and they earn 20% cash back free on any recharge made with Jumia one free recharge app.

Online Free Airtime Recharge In Nigeria 

The free recharge app consists of all Nigeria 4 networks and recharges your line as fast as possible:

• Earn 5% cash back on any recharge made with your MTN network 

• Earn 5% cash back on any recharge made with your Glo network 

• Earn 5% cash back on any recharge made with your Airtel network 

• Earn 5% cash back on any recharge made with your 9mobile network 

How To Make Use Of Jumia One Free Recharge App And Get Cash Back 

Hi there!
Visit to buy airtime and pay your bills. Enjoy 20% cashback on your first transaction when you enter the code WELCOME20. #jumiaone

2. Sign up and create your account with jumia one app, 

3. Select buy airtime and choose your sim network,

4. Input your sim number and amount to recharge,

5. Preview your order and click on continue to pay,

6. You can pay with your jumia balance cash back if you have any or pay from your bank account and still get cash back,

7. Once paid, your line gets recharged before a minute. 

Features Of Free Jumia One Recharge App 

• Referral Bonus as a jumia one app user for inviting and referring your friends to use jumia free recharge app.

• 5% cash back on any recharge you make anytime.

• 50N Cash back on TV subscriptions.

• Up-to 1000N cash back on any event 

• Up-to 2500N on App tune.

What You Can Recharge Freely With Jumia One App

• Free recharge on airtime 

• Free recharge on data

• Free recharge on Top Up

• Free recharge on TV subscriptions 

• Free recharge on electricity 

• Free recharge on Internet 

• Free recharge on vouchers.

Why I Prefer Jumia One Free Recharge App 

Not only does it recharge with cash back and other goodies but you can also shop on jumia with your referral bonus and cash back on jumia website.

Hi there!
Visit to buy airtime and pay your bills. Enjoy 20% cashback on your first transaction when you enter the code WELCOME20. #jumiaone
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Emergency Loan In Nigeria | Loans Up-to 150k Without Colleatral

Have you run out of cash or you need money urgently for any business? Quickly get an emergency loan here in Nigeria without any colleatral from these trusted, safe and secure loan apps and website.

What's An Emergency Loan? 

Emergency loans are small money amounts, lent until next paycheck to people who face emergency expenses and need money urgently.

After filling in the application, the client receives lender’s decision on the same day in less than one hour. Though, the loan itself is credited to the bank account within one hour / one business day since approval.

Why Take An Emergency Loan, You May Ask?

It's simple, these loan companies and agencies in Nigeria makes it easier for anyone to go out of depression for not having a cash at hand when needed, giving you instant loan to your account.

Who Are Emergency Loan For? 

Are you a student, a single mom or dad, a banker, teacher or a business man or woman that needs extra cash urgently, These emergency loans in Nigeria are for you as they offer up-to 150k loans in Nigeria without any colleatral.

Requirements For Getting Emergency Loan In Nigeria.

1. Your Bank Account Number

Because it's an emergency online loan in Nigeria, you get your loan via bank transfer and it's credited before 24hrs of approval.

2. Your Details 

They  are aware of the fraudulent activity going on and needs more from you and not only your account number.

3. Your Passport And Statement

Before giving out any approval for loans, they ensure that you submit your passport maybe national I'D or voters card and most of the times, statement of your bank account.

How Do I Get An Emergency Loan In Nigeria Quickly?

First create your online account with any of these emergency loan in Nigeria and read their terms and conditions to see if you can meet up, if it's okay by you them request for your loan urgently.

Best Emergency Online Loan In Nigeria Without Collateral.

1. Fairmoney Emergency Loan 

When looking for online emergency loan app, Fairmoney is there to give you up-to 100k instant Loan in Nigeria.

About Fairmoney:

Fairmoney provide access to loans with a few clicks on the FairMoney App.

Why Fairmoney Loan App?

Get an instant loan with FairMoney (Interest rate 15 - 30%) and repay it within 1-6 months. Maximum annual APR is 13%,

Fairmoney lets you remain in control of your finances, apply for credit on the go 24/7.

✓ Apply for up to ₦150,000. No paperwork, collateral or documents needed.

✓ We provide a credit decision in seconds!

✓ Use the money how you want and achieve your goals.

✓ Spread repayments in multiple instalments for more flexibility and ease.

✓ Get rewards such as access to higher amounts of money, discounts or flexible interest rates when repayments are made on time.

How To Apply For Fairmoney Emergency Loan 

✓ Sign up 

✓ Answer a few questions and receive a credit decision in seconds. We encrypt the data you choose to share with us to protect your privacy.

✓ Money disbursed directly to the bank account you provide us.

✓ If you're not eligible, please try again in a few weeks.

2. Palmcredit Emergency Loan App In Nigeria 

This app loans from 2,000 to 100,000 Naira in Nigeria and credits you within 5mins of approval.

About Palmcredit Loan App? 

Loans Limit Range From NGN 2,000 to NGN 100,000

- Loans Duration Ranging Between 91days to 180days

- Loans Interest Rate: 14% to 24%, Equivalent Monthly interest 4%~4.7%, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on a Palmcredit loan is 48%~56%

- Example:If you choose a 6-month loan and borrow NGN100,000, Plamcredit charges an interest rate of 4.7% per month.  Borrow NGN Interest Rate:  24% and The APR is 56%. 180 days Repayments of NGN 24,000. Total amount payment is NGN124,000.

Why Palmcredit Emergency Loan App In Nigeria 

Palmcredit offers flexible loan products within minutes

• Only three steps to Your loan:

 - Register
 - Get Approval
 - Disbursement to your bank account

• No paper work, no collateral and get quick loans up to  ₦100,00 within 3 - 5 minutes.

• Repay your loans in time or complete Increase Limit tasks to build your credit limit and reduce on interest rate.

• Refer friends to join in Palmcredit & Earn up to  ₦80,000 Cash Bonus!

 3. Branch Emergency Loan App In Nigeria 

Branch makes it easy for you to access loans for the way you live anytime, anywhere. 

Sign up in seconds, apply for a loan and receive your money straight to your account. It’s a fast, convenient and reliable way to access credit when you need it.

Available in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Mexico, and India. You can get up to Ksh 70,000, Tsh 1M, ₦150,000, 20,000 pesos, or 50,000 rupees. Get the right loan for you!

Get your loan right to your mobile money account, like MPesa (Kenya, Tanzania), Tigo Pesa or Airtel Money (Tanzania) -- or right to your bank account (Nigeria, Mexico, India).

How To Get Started With Branch Loan:

* Create your account

* Apply in seconds

* Receive your loan straight into your mobile money or bank account

* Build your loan limit every time you repay a loan 

Your mobile loan is sent to you right through your mobile money or bank account:

Kenya: Safaricom MPesa

Tanzania: Vodacom MPesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money

Nigeria: Any bank account

Mexico: Any bank account

India: Any bank account.

Why Use Branch Emergency Loan App? 

No paperwork, collateral or office visits needed

* Use your money the way you want to -- for home or business

* No late charges or rollover fees 

* Get access to bigger loans, lower fees, and flexible payment terms as you repay

* Loans are approved and in your account fast

Plus! Branch gives you world-class personal finance and credit services. Get access to credit to build the life you want -- for your business, your home, your family, your life. 

Download Branch Loan App

Top Website That Offers Instant Quick Loan In Nigeria.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Best Airtime To Cash Websites And Apps 2019/2020

You can easily convert your airtime to cash in Nigeria with easy to use guide, 

• Do you want to convert your MTN airtime to cash? 

• Convert your Glo airtime to cash? 

• Convert your 9mobile/Etisalat airtime to cash?

• Convert your airtel credit airtime to cash? 

It's true, you can convert your recharge card to cash and got it transferred to your bank account in Nigeria. 

Most of these airtime to cash apps are known as airtime to cash converter that exchange your airtime to cash and you get paid through bank transfer.

Top Website And Apps That Converts Your GLO/MTN/AIRTEL/ETISALAT Airtime To Cash In Nigeria.

1. Aimtoget Airtime To Cash App And Website

Accumulated airtime?, mistakenly over-recharged?, accepting airtime as payment from customers? Aimtoget got you covered. 

You can easily convert your airtime to cash with Amitoget instantly.

Aimtoget lets you convert airtime of all networks to cash in less than 5 minutes.

With aimtoget you can easily convert MTN, 9mobile, Glo and Airtel airtime to cash in less than 5 minutes to any bank account in Nigeria

Exchanging your recharge card for money isn’t a problem anymore as you can quickly transfer to your bank account using aimtoget in Nigeria.

How To Use Aimtoget To Convert Your Airtime To Cash.

• Register or Login aimtoget mobile app or website. Registration is very simple and straight-forward.

• Fund your Aimtoget wallet with airtime of any network.

• Withdraw into any bank account in Nigeria. Withdrawals on aimtoget are processed instantly

Receive Payment On Your Website/App With Airtime.

Aimtoget has provided a solution to Receive payments with Airtime in Real-time using Airtime PIN (MTN and Airtel), Aimtoget E-PIN and Aimtoget QR Scan. Payments are processed and value awarded instantly.

Easy steps on how to quickly transact...

• Register or login using aimtoget app or web

• Go to “Fund wallet” select airtime option.

• Select Network, input Amount and Phone number you are transferring from.

• Transfer the airtime to the displayed number.

• And lastly, Confirm transfer. Your wallet will be credited in less than 5 minutes.

Few steps to withdraw to your bank account?

• Go to Withdraw on the mobile app or the website.

• Input Amount to withdraw.

• Select the bank you want to withdraw to or input bank details if you haven’t added any bank before

Finally, Complete withdrawal

If you have any questions, kindly contact us at:

2. Airtimeflip Airtime To Cash 

AirtimeFlip makes it possible for you to convert airtime to money deposited into your bank account. 

It boasts as one of the fastest airtime converter in Nigeria with 99% automated transaction.

• AirtimeFlip now accepts accepts all networks, which includes MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile.

• you can convert your airtime on airtimeflip Using their online converter, it is very easy.

3. Zoranga Converts Airtime To Cash 

Zoranga helps you convert excess MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and GLO airtime to cash. You can convert airtime pin or airtime loaded on your mobile phone to cash.

Faster Payouts

Sending money from your Zoranga account is free and is usually completed with 5 mins. There is no withdrawal limit and you can withdraw anytime of the day.


4. IPayairtime Airtime To Cash In Nigeria 

iPayAirtime makes it possible for you and your friends to convert airtime to cash and pay for things online with airtime. 

It is operated by IBK Information Technology, an IT organization duely registered in Nigeria.

5. Cheetahpay Airtime To Cash 

Cheetahpay is the cheapest, fastest and the most reliable way to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria.

There are 2 different ways to use Cheetahpay. 

The Dashboard method and The "Quick Cash" method

• With a Cheetahpay user account, you can recharge multiple airtime cards, receive payments and donations from people.

All transactions will be recorded and you can grow your balance. This system attracts cheaper charge rate than the "Quick Cash" method and it's relatively more convenient over time.

• Quick Cash

Quich cash lets you monetize your airtime without creating account with Cheetahpay.

All you have to do is click on this link, supply the airtime and bank details. Your money will be processed and delivered to your bank account within 5 mins.

These Airtime to cash apps and website are known as the best recharge card to cash converter that exchange your airtime and transfer money to your bank account.
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Friday, September 20, 2019

Loan In Pakistan Without Interest

Loans In Pakistan Without Interest 

Do you want to get a Loan in Pakistan without interest, it's easy, fast, safe and reliable getting loans from this companies.

Best Loan In Pakistan Without Interest For Small Business 

We have researched on the best free interest loans in Pakistan 2019:

1. Standard Chartered Loan In Pakistan 

Whether you need cash to design your dream home, give your children the best education, make your daughter's wedding the talk of town, or take that dream vacation with your loved ones; you can make this possible with a Standard Chartered Personal Loans.

Why SC Loan 

• Featuring exciting schemes, 

• easy repayment options and competitive interest rates,

• The Standard Chartered Personal Loan is a hassle free way to fulfil your financial needs.

Key features of the Standard Chartered Personal Loan:

• Loans available with range of repayment options from 1-5 years

• Borrow up to PKR 2 mn

• Competitive interest rates

• No security, collateral or guarantors required

• Easy documentation and quick processing

Top up facility on existing Personal Loans with Standard Chartered.

Documents Needed To Be Eligible For SC Loans. 

• Copy of Valid CNIC
• Salary Slip.

What are the minimum and maximum loan amounts?

You can avail of loans ranging from PKR 30,000 to PKR 2 mn depending on your eligibility, income and repayment capacity.

What are the loan tenure options?

The loan can be repaid over a period of 12 to 60 months.

How much time will it take for my loan to be approved?

Your loan will be disbursed within 10 working days post receipt of the all required documents.

Are there any additional charges?

A processing fee will be charged on the loan amount as follows:

2. Mawazna Loan provides an impartial comparison service matching with your all personal loan needs. 

The service is 100% free for consumers. Their aim to help you by providing a wide range of personal loan offers along with comprehensive information that can help you to choose the best product of your choice. 

You can contact them and they can work on your behalf to arrange a best personal loan offer for you that will save your time and money with no interest in Pakistan.

3. Meezanbank Islamic Loan Without Interest 

Easy Home is a completely interest (Riba) free solution to your home financing needs. Unlike a conventional house loan, 

Meezan Bank’s Easy Home works through the Diminishing Musharakah where you participate with Meezan Bank in joint ownership of your property. 

The nature of the contract is co-ownership and not a loan. This is because the transaction is not based on lending and borrowing of money but on joint ownership of a house. 

Meezan Bank, thus shares the cost of the house being purchased. Creating joint ownership and then gradually transferring ownership to the consumer instead of simply lending money is the major factor that makes Easy Home Shariah-compliant

With Easy Home you participate with Meezan Bank in joint ownership of your property, where the Bank will provide a certain amount of financing. 

You agree to a monthly payment to the Bank of which one component is rent for the home, and another for your equity share. 

In fact, the total monthly payment is reduced regularly as your share in the property grows. 

When you have made the full investment, which had been agreed upon, you become the sole owner with a clear title to the property

Why Taking A Personal Loan In Pakistan Without Interest?

If you decide that a personal loan is for you then it will make it possible to purchase what you need quickly. 

This could be an emergency repair to your home or paying for a new car. Whatever it may be, you can be sure that a personal loan will help you to cover the cost. 

There is a lot of information available that explains all you need to know about a personal loan, so spend time getting to know more about this product.

There are many reasons why you might need to take out a personal loan. When the time comes to apply for a loan, you will need to meet specific criteria in order to have your loan request accepted.

Personal loans are an ideal option for many but they have to used responsibly in order to avoid finding yourself in debt or impacting your credit rating.
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