Monday, January 27, 2020

Bayport Loans | How To Apply | Interest Rates

Bayport loan is an online loan in South Africa offering personal loans of up to R250,000 with Bayportsa simple online loan application process and personalised service.

About Bayport Loan 

Bayport Financial Services provides financial solutions that enable the positive in their customers’ lives. 

Established in 2004, Bayport has rapidly become one of the largest non-bank providers of unsecured credit and allied products in South Africa.

Bayport is about building lasting relationships with our clients, communities and stakeholders based on trust and an understanding of their overall expectations. 

Utilising a combination of their far reaching branch infrastructure, their mobile consultants and call centres, 

Bayport’s role as a responsible member of society is to provide services of the highest standard. 

Wherever a Bayport branch is found, it signifies their determination to promote access to unsecured credit and make it a reality for their clients.

Bayport Personal Loan And How To Apply 

It is easy to apply for a Bayport personal loan of up to R250,000 with their simple online loan application process and personalised service.

Once you have registered, all it takes is a minute, to find out if you qualify for a Bayport personal loan. Their application process allows you to also upload all the documents required to complete your application.

Requirements For Getting A Personal Loan From Bayportsa 

1. Your last three months bank statements that have to be stamped by your bank – alternatively we can retrieve this information on your behalf when you apply, saving you time.

2. Your most recent payslip from your employer

3. A clear copy of your ID document or a clear copy of both sides of your Smart ID Card

4. A Proof of residence (not more than three months old).

Why Bayportsa Loan 

Bayport offer personal loans with affordable structured repayments and a fixed interest rate throughout your loan term.

It’s a simple and easy process to apply for a loan online with Bayport.

All you need to do is to click on apply now, register on their portal, 

verify your account and then you are minutes away from getting approval on your requested loan.

Once an offer has been generated, you can then continue with the steps in the loan application process and complete the required information and upload the documents required.

To Apply For Bayportsa Loan Register Here And Fill In Your Details Correctly.

Bayport Loan App 

Bayport app is available for apple and android users kindly download from here.

Bayport Contact 

Open weekdays: 08h00 to 17h00
Saturdays: 08h00 to 13h00

Sales: 087 287 4001
Collections: 087 287 4002
Client Services: 087 287 4003
Debt Review: 087 287 4004
Email: or our Help Portal
Fax: +27 (0) 86 624 3289

Tel: +27 (0) 87 287 4000
Fax: +27 (0) 115801146
GPS: -26°06’18.6″S 28°03’11.5″E

3 Alice Lane
South Africa.

So whether you need a loan for starting your own business, paying off debt or even funding a special family event, we’re here to help. Bayport’s personal loans can make all the difference to your cash flow.
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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Bet9ja Whatsapp Group Links | Sure Bet9ja Whatsapp Group Link

Bet9ja Whatsapp Group Link In Nigeria 

I have been dropping booking codes across all our groups, so don't hesitate to join our bet9ja Whatsapp group link where 2 - 100+ odds are giving out on a daily basis.

Sure Bet9ja Whatsapp Group Link 2019/2020

If you are the type that searches on Google Bet9ja fixed match Whatsapp group, sure bet9ja Whatsapp group link, bet9ja prediction Whatsapp group link, free fixed match Whatsapp group link, then I will advise to stop searching and stick to this post.

You can agree with me that getting a fixed match Whatsapp group link is very hard to find, moreover it's not for free at least you will be paying thousands of Naira to get your hands on one fixed match.

But with our free bet9ja prediction in our Whatsapp group, here are things you can benefit from:

1. Free bet9ja prediction. 
2. Sure bet9ja odds only in our Whatsapp group.
3. You receive 2 - 100+ odds daily for instant rollover.
4. Enjoy constant fixed match on our bet9ja Whatsapp group.
5. Play sure bets with big cash outs Etc..

Why Make Our Bet9ja Whatsapp Group Link Free To Join 

I have recieved this type of questions over and over again, not everyone is financially stable, both parents, students and every other person you can count, so I created our bet9ja Whatsapp group where you can start with as low as 100N and earned 10k as a starter.

How To Join Our Sure Bet9ja Whatsapp Group Link 

Ever since we created our Whatsapp group for fixed matches and heard people complaining that they were unable to join the group due to the maximum of people that can join a Whatsapp group, so we transferred the group to Telegram channel.

You can join our telegram group bet link from here and do me a favor to share this post.

You can also check out our previos post on bet9ja prediction
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How To Cash Out On Bet9ja Slip | Bet9ja Cash Out Icon

How You Can Cash Out On Bet9ja Instantly 

For the past few years that I have been trading with bet9ja sports company in Nigeria, making bet9ja cash out has been my greatest secret. 

Whether you play it online or offline in any bet9ja shop, you can make instant cash out on your bet9ja slip.

Bet9ja Prediction: 30k with 100N
Keystone Bank Ussd Code
How To Make 1000N Daily 

Why I Prefer Cashing Out My Bet9ja Slip / Ticket 

1. Being On A Safer Side

Making cash out on bet9ja before your game finishes on bet9ja helps keeps you on a safer side of not loosing all the money involved.

2. Accept Cash Out Changes

Mainly it's better to make cash out when the bet9ja cash out icon appears and avoid the stress of accepting a new cash out changes.

Cons Of Cashing Out On Bet9ja 

Well the only cons you can face in cashing out your bet9ja slip is, if after making the cash out,  then all the tickets appears green and won.

Only then can you not receive your full cash on bet9ja.

How To Know If Your Bet9ja Slip Is Ready For Cash out

Normally bet9ja has it's own bet9ja cash out icon, once you see the icon appears with your bet9ja cash out value, then it's ready for cash out. 

How To Cash Out On Bet9ja Even With A Running Ticket 

It's obvious bet9ja don't display their cash out icon on a running ticket unless it's winning but here is a tip I normally use:

• Seperate your games and time of playing, assuming you predicted and played on bet9ja, you can can cash out if the last game has about 30mins to start.

• Monitor your tickets: not everyone does that but I will advise you do if you want to start cashing out on your bet9ja slip.

Your ticket might be winning on 87mins for the match to end, but everything can change in the last 3mins.

So the best option is to monitor your bet slip and be ready for cash out.
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Friday, January 24, 2020

Keystone Bank Ussd Code | Keystone Bank Transfer Code | Keystone Bank Code

Get started with keystone bank ussd code when you dial *7111# on your registered line.

Keystone mobile banking gets a lot easier with *7111# as you can do more with keystone bank transfer code 2018/2019/2020, check your keystone Bank balance, Buy airtime, transfer money, pay bills, check BVN Etc...

Polaris Bank Code 
Sterling Bank Code
Ecobank Ussd Code 

How To Transact With Keystone Bank Ussd Code 

1. To check your keystone Bank account balance dial *7111*1# and you will receive a message alert from keystone bank of your balance.

2. To recharge airtime from your keystone Bank account dial code *7111*2# and select airtime amount.

3. Keystone Bank transfer code from keystone bank to another keystone bank 2019/2020 dial *7111*3# then enter account number.

4. Keystone Bank transfer code to another bank simply dial *7111*4# then enter the receiver account number.

5. To pay bills with keystone bank ussd code dial *7111*5# then follow the prompts options on your screen.

6. You can also check your BVN with keystone bank ussd code when you dial *7111*6#

How To Make Fast Transaction With Keystone Bank Ussd Code 

For airtime and money transfer on your phone with keystone Bank code *7111*option*pin# you are good to go.

• To recharge airtime from your keystone Bank account dial *7111*airtime amount# with your registered keystone bank number.

• To recharge a third party dial code *7111*airtime amount*phone number# then enter your transfer pin.

• Use code for money transfer on keystone bank *7111*amount*account number# then input your transfer pin.

With keystone bank Ussd code, mobile banking just got easier and faster.
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Ecobank Transfer Code | Ecobank Mobile Money Transfer Code

Ecobank Transfer Code And How To Activate 

Ecobank *326# Ussd code for mobile banking has saved a lot of people from stressing themselves visiting any Ecobank branch for transactions.

Now you can make transfer, buy airtime and also pay bills with Ecobank Mobile money transfer code, dial *326# and get started.

How To Get Started With Ecobank Mobile Money Code 

Simply dial *326# with your mobile number linked with your Ecobank account then follow the menu options.

You can also open an Ecobank xpress account if you don't have one on Ecobank when you dial *326#.

Sterling Bank Code 
Polaris Bank Code 
Referral Programs In Nigeria 

How Ecobank Mobile Banking Works

1. Dial the Ecobank ussd code *326*1# to get details of your account when ever you need it. 

2. For Ecobank transfer code dial *326*2# then proceed with the options

3. Do more transaction with your Ecobank xpress cash account when you dial *326*3# 

4. Use Ecobank code *326*4# to buy airtime and also recharge your friends.

5. Need to pay any bills with your Ecobank account dial *326*5#

6. You can easily pay merchants from anywhere when you dial code *326*6#

7. To get a Loan from Ecobank now can be done easily when you dial *326*7# and get started.

Fast Way To Use Ecobank Ussd Code For Mobile Banking 

Most of the times you may need to transact on a one time Ecobank Ussd code, either with Ecobank transfer code or Ecobank recharge code, here is how to get it done easily.

How To Transfer Money With Ecobank Transfer Code 

On your registered linked number with Ecobank, Dial *326*amount*account number# then enter your Ecobank transfer pin.

How To Make Recharge With Ecobank Recharge Code 

Either for your friends or for personal use, with your mobile phone dial *326* recharge amount# to recharge your line.

To recharge your friends / family dial *326*airtime amount*phone number# then input your pin to proceed.

How To Check Your Ecobank Account Balance With Code

Mainly checking my account balance with code has been easy by dialing the Ecobank ussd code *326*1*1# I get details of it. 

How To Borrow Loan From Ecobank Bank 

Getting a loan when you run out of cash from Ecobank is good as a salary account customer, you can borrow an instant online loan with Ecobank loan code when you dial *326*7# and proceed with the options. Read more on Ecobank Loan 

Wrapping Up On Ecobank Code 

The Ecobank Ussd code for mobile banking saves stress and time, allowing you to manage your Ecobank account anywhere you are. 
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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Polaris Bank Code | Transfer Code, Airtime Code, Balance Code

Polaris Bank Ussd Code For Transfer,Airtime,Balance Etc

Skye Bank now known as Polaris bank Is a way easier and better through their Mobile banking system.

With the Polaris Bank ussd code *833#, you can open a Polaris bank account, Make bill payments with your phone, Transfer from one Polaris bank to another, Check your hotlist card, make inquiry on your BVN, check your Polaris bank balance, airtime top up Etc.... All with Polaris bank *833# ussd code.

How Does Polaris Bank Ussd Code Works?

Works like every other bank code used for transaction, Dial *833# on your registered bank number and proceed with the options listed. 

Five Transaction To Perform With Polaris Bank Ussd Code:

1. With *833# you can open a new Polaris bank account without visiting the bank,

2. With *833# you can check your Polaris bank account balance, saves you time to go to the bank,

3. Transfer money to your loved ones, family and friends with the Polaris code *833#, no need to stand in the queue.

4. Make inquiries on your Polaris bank BVN, easily with *833#

5. Recharge and top up your line and friends network with Polaris bank code *833#.

Polaris Bank Ussd Code For Mobile Banking 

1. For account opening with Polaris bank dial code *833*1#

2. For Bill payments through Polaris bank dial code *833*2# 

3. For Polaris bank transfer code dial *833*3# and proceed with the prompt option

4. Make A hotlist check on your ATM card with *833*4#

5. Check your BVN and get updated with the Polaris Bank code *833*5#

6. Check your Polaris bank account balance with *833*6#

7. Recharge your phone through Polaris bank when you dial *833*8#

For more info / transactions on the Polaris Bank ussd code with *833# you are good to go.

Best And Fast Way To Transact On Polaris Bank Ussd Code 

Most of the times transacting on a one time ussd code seems the best, you needed to send / transfer money or recharge your line, maybe pay bills, here is a quick way to do it.

1. For money transfers on Polaris bank dial *833*amount*account number# then input your transfer pin 

2. For airtime recharge through Polaris bank dial code *833*airtime amount#

3. To recharge your friends with Polaris ussd code dial *833*airtime amount*phone number#.

With Polaris Mobile banking code for transfer of money, buying of airtime and paying bills, everything got easier when you dial Polaris bank code *833#
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Sterling Bank Code | Transfer Money, Buy Airtime, Nuban Check Etc.

Sterling Bank Ussd Code For Transaction.

Sterling Bank mobile banking just got easier in Nigeria, with the sterling ussd bank code, you can transfer money from your sterling bank account to another bank, recharge your line and top up your loved ones network, check your account balance, get details of your sterling bank statements of account and also check your account number.

How Does Sterling Bank Code Works? 

To start your Mobile banking on sterling bank, simply dial on your phone the sterling bank ussd code *822# with the registered sterling bank Number.

How To Open A Sterling Bank Student With Code

To create / open a Newly bank account in Sterling bank from your phone without visiting any of their branch then dial *822*1# and follow the prompt option.

Sterling Bank Code To Recharge / Top Up Your Line

It's easier when you want to recharge your line with sterling bank simply dial *822*Amount# or dial *822*2# then select amount to recharge on your phone.

Sterling Bank Code To Recharge Others 

Yes you can recharge your families and friends on the sterling mobile banking code easily just dial *822*3*amount*phone# or simply dial *822*3# then follow the prompts.

Sterling Bank Transfer Code

Transfer money to any bank in Nigeria with sterling bank transfer code, a lot easier and your customer, family or friends Recieves cash immediately its debited.

To transfer money with sterling bank ussd code dial * 822# then select 4 if you wish to transfer to another sterling bank account or select 5 if you wish to transfer to other banks account.

Select bank and type in their account number then input your transfer pin, immediately the transaction appears successful it's done. 

How To Check Your Sterling Bank Account Balance 

Most times there might be a delay in server network giving you a credit alert when someone transfer money to your account, but don't worry as you can check your sterling bank account balance on your phone without waiting any longer.

Simply dial *822*6# and quickly you will receive your sterling bank account balance details immediately.

Sterling Bank Loan 

Sterling Bank offers online loan and instant approval in Nigeria with Specta Loan Read my complete review on Specta Loan 
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